Credit card knife deal unpublished

I noticed that today, a credit card folding knife deal was unpublished as "illegal", for the second time (that I've seen). I'm just wondering how it's any less legal than a Victorinox SwissCard or the "card tool" that I'm carrying right now.


  • I am copying out Ace's comment in the unpublished deal:

    (6) Any article or device that:
    (a) due to its appearance is capable of being mistaken for something else that is not a weapon, and
    (b) disguises and conceals within it a single-edged or multi-edged blade or spike of any length or of any material.

    Similar laws apply to all states so this knife is not only illegal to carry outside of the house, but is also illegal to possess.

    So Swiss Army Knife looks like a weapon, but a credit card shaped one doesn't.

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    So the dolphin knife was okay, phew that thing changed my life

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    I understand that it's your website, and it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Just to clarify, the comments about a Swiss Army knife looking like a weapon was why I specifically said SwissCard, not Swiss Army knife:

    I have to admit that the posted knife does look more offensive when "unsheathed", though.


      It's not only that, it would also fall under the term as a "concealed knife", where a SwissCard is most likely translucent to show that it's not "concealed"


    I must say the knife laws are stupid. A sharp pencil could do more damage then a Swiss card not to mention all the fiddling to get the knife out.

    Swiss knives are tools not weapons.


      Swiss cards are allowed, they're not exactly "Concealed"

      Australia's laws while are a bit restrictive and overkill, are for your protection.

      Victorinox Swiss Army knives are definitely not for shanking - maybe for slashing, but they can easily fold into your hand if the stab doesn't go into the material.


        If some one was planning on attacking me do you think some silly law will stop them? All this law has done is stop law abiding citizens carrying multi tools.

        "Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws."
        or in this case just ignore the laws.

        If you cut your self with Swiss army knife by hitting something or trying to cut material and it folds back then you do not know how to use a knife and thats your fault. No law is going to protect you, you will hurt your self some other way.


    Steel-capped cowboy boots and a 1" thick neck chain.

    Come at me credit card knife brah!

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