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[eBay Plus] New Balance Sneakers: M413V2 $44.10/$49, Fresh Foam X 860v12 $80.50 Delivered @ New Balance eBay

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    FYI colour white/black $44.10 black/black for $49 just FYI

    • Thanks, updated.

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    Bought these (the $44 ones) last year, never again. Fell apart after 2 months and that is not even running, just walking. Don't waste your money!

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      thanks for the report, i'll hold off then.

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      I second that. Purchased a pair of this early this year.

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      Wow, these sound like the crappy $30 adidas cloud foam runners then. Hoped NB wouldn't stoop that low - but think I'll skip this!

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        "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"

        All the major brands seem to have at least one of these budget price point models, and they're never ever worth buying.

        I have no doubt that you'd get more wear per dollar from something like the 860v12 posted in the OP

    • Damn son!
      Thanks for the warning

    • Same here.

      The soles on mine were pretty much dead after a couple of hundred k's (used them only for walking), they wore down very quickly.

      The material on the top of the toe box also started getting holes pretty early on.

      They were light though, and for the super cheap price I paid at the time it wasn't the worst decision i've ever made.

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    860v12 are great for overpronators! If you're going to use a different insole that's a bit chunky (scholl inbalance was recommended by my podiatrist and it's worked out great), I'd suggest going up a size and width.

  • 990s Made in USA were on special for $179 yesterday at Highs and Lows. Really regret not getting a pair!

    • WHAT? which one and where?

      • Highs & Lows. They’re in WA but ship Australia wide. Grey and black colours were both on sale. I’m devo I didn’t jump when I saw them last night. Tried calling today but they wouldn’t honour the sale

        • they wouldn’t honour the sale

          dog act haha

        • Which version? 990v5 is going on sale around that price more often lately, should happen again Boxing Day or end of season

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    been on 860v12 recommended by podiatrist about a year ago due to heel pain and achilles
    60 (Stability): Designs that offer industry-leading stability to reduce pronation while also providing unparalleled cushioning and comfort (e.g., 860).

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    Any Fresh Foam 1080v12 or v13 on sale? They are the ones that really worth it

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      i have v12 and hell yes i can recommend. comfort but got drip

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        Yeah it's one of the most comfortable shoes I have.

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      Looking for same

  • Grabbed 2 of the 860 plus some clothes.
    Good deal

  • If your looking for running shoes, these aren't it.

    • even 1080 i just use as a casual street shoe, if you wanted running it should be hoka ..or MAYBE asics kayano (i personally cannot recommend asics anymore after a crap experience with the kayano 18's many years ago)

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        The new 1080 (v13) is actually a very good every day runner. Even the 1080 v12 is still a good option if you like plush comfort in a daily.

        Hoka have been stagnant for several years now and been overtaken at their own game (high stack, plush comfort daily trainers) by most other brands IMO. Clifton 9 is not bad but 1080 v13 apparently rates much better. From Hoka only Mach 5 I'd take over either but not really the same type of shoe.

  • Totally different shoe but the Hierro v7 is the best shoe I've ever owned (am a trail runner). Highly recommend at $124 if anyone is keen on the trails. To me it feels like the v6 but quite a bit lighter with a more aggressive stud that handles tougher terrain a bit better.

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