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Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel for PS3 / PS4 & PC $325 ($295 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Logitechshop via eBay


Mainly posting for the eBay plus deal (code BFSNS for $30 off) even though it's been cheaper in the past still a good price for $295 if you need to get your hands on a sim wheel asap.

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    Finally a Wheel for my PS3 :D

  • I'll wait for the $220 mark.

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      I ended up picking up a 2nd hand one for $200 yesterday but it still had most of the plastic on it and it's super clean must have been barely used. Lots of fun for $200.

      • Even more fun in VR.

        • Yeah I need a new rig and will eventually get quest 3 but that won't be for a while, would you recommend getting a cheap psvr just for GT7 in the mean time? Been having lots of fun with it and it's been a good entry level sim for me.

          • @lookingforadeal7: I still need to set mine up, still waiting for good g29 deal and a frame haha.

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              @Damonator84: Yeah I desperately need a frame my setup is atrocious right now. I'll look out for deals and post one here if I see one. I can probably get a PSVR1 used for about $100 so I may as well do it. Then I just need a cheap frame for under $200 for a nice $500 budget VR setup.

              • @lookingforadeal7: Above posters are right, you'd need PSVR2 for GT7. GT Sport had a limited VR mode on PSVR1 but not worth buying a headset for that alone, GT7 on PSVR2 with a racing rig is amazing though.

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            @lookingforadeal7: GT7 isn't a game on PSVR1. Only on PSVR2.

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            @lookingforadeal7: I think you’d need a PSVR2, the first one won’t work I believe.

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        The second hand ones are often like that. People use them a few times, novelty wears off and they find it takes up too much space so they get rid of it.

        • Yeah definitely seemed that way when I was browsing on marketplace, either that or they've got tape on the sides due to using it so much lol. This guy was in a share house so definitely was trying to get rid of it quick for space.

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      You can buy them from amazon warehouse semi-regularly in "very good" or "like new" condition for 220-250.

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    Also the wheel is compatible with PS5 I just copy pasted the eBay title

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    Waiting for around $200 too. Or a G923 in this price

    PS5 - ready
    PSVR2 - ready
    GT7 - ready
    G29 - not ready

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      They are basically the same wheel on the inside and out, but there are some differences with the G923
      - different\improved feel to the brake
      - 2 x twin paddles on the wheel (G29 has 2 x single one each side)
      - Additional vibration added to the outer wheel (can't say it does a lot, but you do notice it)

      Note: Bigger differences compared to the G920 (XBox version of the G29), above is comparing G29 with G923

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    I recommend trying to grab a second hand one, they’re everywhere on MP and you can usually grab one with a stand/frame etc. I have a Playseat and this wheel and I’m in $200 so far.

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    A lot of people say this is crap, but I have had mine for years and enjoy it. Should last, as long as you don't abuse it.
    I have used friends prosumer rigs and yes there is a major difference in quality and feel, but to have some fun it's still a lot better for racing games than a controller.
    Works fine with PS5, this model is better than the XBox for PC as it has the lights (but that is preference only).
    Price is good, cheaper than the $299 I paid, many many years back.

  • I want to try entry PC level sim racing but not looking to drop this kind of cash yet.

    Mate said to get an old Logitech Driving Force GT for under $100 off gumtree first.

    • Just check if there's any nearby sim racing stores or conventions that will/do have some you can try out.
      Or borrow one.

      Don't buy something cheap to try it out unless you have to

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