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Win a Share of $115,000 in eBay Gift Cards from eBay Australia



Closing Date 12/12/2023


Description 50 x $2,000 eBay voucher, 1 x $5,000 eBay voucher, 1 x $10,000 eBay voucher
No. of Prizes 52
Total Prize Pool $115,000.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Limited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership
Add items to your Watchlist from 1-12 Dec to enter.

10 entries per person (add 10 things to your watchlist to enter 10 times). 5 winners per day.

Everyone who participates will score a $10 voucher.

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    Eligible items added to your watchlist must be:

    • Buy it now format
    • $2000 or less
    • Not in the following categories:

    Websites & Businesses for Sale (11759), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Flights (3253), Tickets (1305), Travel (3252), Gift Cards (172009), Coins (11116), Other Tickets, Travel (123416), Services (316), Gift Cards & Vouchers (184609), Coins, Bullion (178078), Emerging NFTs (262050), Art NFTs (262051), Non-Sport Trading Card NFTs (262052), Movie NFTs (262053), Music NFTs (262054), Sporting Trading Card NFTs (262055), CCG NFTs (262056), Software, Loops & Samples (177027).

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    Also this:

    ^$10 voucher T&Cs needed

    I guess they're waiting to see how many participants there are, then they'll decide how much of a minimum spend for the $10 voucher?

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    If you only get 10 entries, is it best to be disciplined and add only one item to your watch list every day and so get to be in the draw every day, rather than add 10 and use them all up on the first day and not get to be in the following draws?

    Or, is it best to add 10 on the first day because it will then give you 10 entries every day from then on (but no more than 10)?

    I've read through the terms and it's not clear at all how it works with these 10 entries.

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      I think point 8 indicates that you can enter on day 1 with 10 entries and be included in every draw. If you're in SA you can also win multiple times.

      Each Eligible Entrant will receive a maximum of ten (10) entries using their eBay account, and are not permitted to use multiple eBay accounts to increase their entries. Use of multiple accounts will exclude a participant from being eligible for this Promotion. In the event an Eligible Entrant has won a prize in a previous Prize Draw, they will not be included in any further Prize Draws during the Promotion Period (excluding entrants from SA)

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    they really don't want to give any money away

    The coupon will be attached to the winner’s eBay account from which their entry was drawn and will be valid for five (5) days from the date the winner is notified of their winning entry.

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