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Samsung Galaxy Buds FE Wireless Earbuds $130.80 Delivered @ Amazon AU / $133.20 ($125.80 Plus) @ The Good Guys eBay (Expired)

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32% off RRP$199, cheaper at TGG only for C&C, not delivery which is very expensive showing the bulky items price. $127.78 after PB at OW.

(eBay coupon has expired)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Not a good deal. You can get buds 2 in white for 139 and price match to 133 at Officeworks

  • +1

    Only thing it’s Samsung. Their customer service is literally non-existent if their is problem.
    Or you need warranty. Easier to get blood donations from dead corpse. Than help from them.

    NSW fair trading has received more complaints about Samsung than any other company in 2023


    • I also have a complaint against them that I have yet to file.

  • Those got discounted pretty quickly.. at RRP, it's hard to justify over the Pro 2 which was often around $200 on sale (or less) not counting grey imports.

    But at this discounted price, the question is whether to go FE over Buds 2.

    I'm still rocking my Buds+ with the wingtips so the FE is the natural upgrade but I actually use the wireless charging so I'm reluctant to upgrade given I'll lose this in exchange for ANC.

    • How do you like the wing tips? I've never had earphones with them before

      • +1

        I tuck the wing tips inside my ear by turning the buds slightly anti-clockwise of centre. The wing tips grip the inside of my lobes. That makes them virtually impossible to fall out when walking or running or bike riding. I find them not uncomfortable and quite good idea

        As they hook inside your ear. Also seems improve the sound as pushes them more into the ear. However could be the shape of my ears. Never lent too anyone else find that too disgusting 🤮 .

    • +1

      I had the same apprehension with wireless charging, but the FE has nearly three times the effective capacity of the buds+. Plugging it in once is likely less effort than than using the wireless charger three times.

  • These are one of the best buds ive gotten and a must for samsung owners.

  • As a galaxy buds plus user I'm not a fan of those removable wing tips. Mine get stretched easy, and they don't sit in their spot and becomes uncomfortable.

  • Tough call between these and the buds 2. I opted for the much better noise cancellation and fit of the FE. Buds 2 should sound better if you can get the fit right, but I won't be using them in a silent environment so it's unlikely to be significant even with noise cancellation.

    Buds 2 for a quiet home environment.
    FE for being outside, at work or moving around a lot.

    I've grabbed the amazon deal. Buds 2 are also $140-150 on amazon.

    Ebay good guys is effectively out of stock in all major cities for click and collect. Shipping is $55 for me.

  • Buds2 at $139.99 on Amazon is a better buy IMO

  • Called up my local office works to price match, they said they cant price match because its sold by "dealmastersAU" on amazon not amazon itself. Anyone got OW to price match?

  • now down to $132 on amazon
    officeworks PB is $125.43

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