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Up to 69% Magic the Gathering Sealed Products: (e.g. The Brothers War Draft Booster Box $79) + Delivery @ The Gamesmen eBay


Friend of mine pointed this out to me.
Bigger discounts than were seen during Black Friday sales, if you're into cracking packs there are some pretty good deals.
Deals on Collector booster boxes, Set booster boxes, and Draft booster boxes.

There is also $10-40 off that can be applied in cart to make it just a little bit sweeter with code TCGNOV

Example deals;
The Brothers War Draft Booster Box $79 ($289MSRP)
Commander Legends Battle for Baldurs Gate Draft Booster Box $109 ($239 MSRP)
Commander Masters Set Booster Box $259 ($Stupid MSRP)

Note: Unsure if this should be under 'Gaming' or 'Toys'.

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    up to 69%

    They understood the assignment

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      Dang was hoping to see some commander pre-cons on sale, but no :(

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        Sadly, no.
        I think the best deals on precons is buying the 4 pack on launch, I get mine from Gameology when there is a 4 pack I'm into.

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  • Any recommendation?

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      Depends what you're looking for, I guess.

      Personally I bought a Battle for Baldur's Gate box because it has the bond-lands (Comes in untapped with 2 or more opponents) and the Ancient Dragons, all of which I want for decks.

      However from a crack packs to maybe get your money's worth, I'd say Commander Masters Set booster is probably the go to?
      On launch I bought 3 boxes of Commander Masters DRAFT boosters for $300 each and I pulled that much value out in cards, so getting SET boosters for $259 seems sick. Just me personally I don't really have that much spare cashola for cardboard at the mo.

      If you wanna do a big risk, reasonable reward, the Dominaria Remastered boxes contain Sheldrod who is worth $85USD by herself, but the rest of the set isn't big money :P

      If you just wanna buy boxes to resell, no idea, but I'd check with /r/mtgfinance.

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      If you're looking to resell, it's unlikely you'd make much as these sets are overprinted (hence the clearance).

      If you're looking to play and you've got a regular group, the draft boxes look solid for a couple nights entertainment. That's been my reason for buying, aside from a box of MoM Aftermath collector boosters - cos at $6.30ea it seems like a laugh even though I won't come out ahead lol

      Edit: Oh, just saw they increased the Aftermath collectors from $89 to $129… guess that was too cheap!

      • I mean $89 is the only price I would even consider buying Aftermath at, haha

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    TCGNOV code is $40 off for $250+ spend which can work out better if you plan on getting a few boxes. eg: 3x Brother's War works out to $227 or $75.67ea, so close to $2/booster!

  • This looks awesome, shame i dont play physical magic anymore. I wish MTG Arena was half the price as physical editions :(, its too expensive for what it is.

    • MTG arena can be f2p if you grind enough of the dailies and be decent at drafting. Didn't spend a single cent on arena. It's great, MTG on demand from your house for free with better graphics than mtgo. Only prob is the matchmaker and shuffler😂

  • Great find OP, my wallet is hurting though.

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      All credit to my mate who doesn't use OzBargain for telling me about this sale and then telling me off for buying booster boxes instead of singles. He a real one.

      • Nothing better than tearing into a fresh box, you just don't get that feeling with singles haha!

  • Nice.

  • Getting a gift for a friend to plays commander. What’s the diff between Legends vs. Masters?

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      Commander Masters was fully reprinted cards and contained a lot of cards that hadn't been reprinted much, and thus were very expensive. As a commander player, this would be a top tier gift.
      Commander Legends Battle for Baldur's Gate is a D&D themed set with cards designed for commander, some new, some reprints. Still good, but nowhere near the financal pull possibilities of Masters.

      Basically, masters sets are always expensive because they contain a lot of cards most people want.
      Battle for Baldur's gate was a not standard release, so may have less overall useful cards for general commander players.

  • Would any of these be good boxes to buy and hold?

    • Ehh maybe Commander Masters if you hold it for 5 years and they don't do reprint everything from it a billion times.

      Speccing on sealed is betting on WOTC not reprinting stuff, I wouldn't recommend it unless you've got money to throw away.

  • Thanks, I was typing a long post about how the market is flooded with garbage.

    But $139 for Dominaria Collectors is pretty insane. I ended up buying 6 Collectors for $824

    That's the one with the old Legends cards in it… Might be a Tabernacle in it :D

    Looks at the value of the Legends Cards https://mtg.dawnglare.com/?p=viz&s=LE

    • Yeah I was considering that as well, price wise it is pretty nuts. In the end decided against as it's probably not going to be a Tabernacle even if any Legends are opened… and there's no play value in them.

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    69 dude.

  • thanks, picked up a few double masters and commander masters collector's.

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    I just picked up the last The Brothers War Draft Booster Box. Thank you OP.

    • Beat me to it. Let me know if you open a cityscape leveler, that’s really the only card I want.

      • And let me know if you get a Wurmcoil Engine, because that's what I want from Brother's War.

      • Just thought I’ll share what I pulled from my commander master booster box. Borderless Jeweled lotus, deadly rollick, fierce gaurdianship, commandeer, razaketh. Great pulls overall

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