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[Switch] Heave Ho $6.00 @ Nintendo eShop


Price dropped to $6.00 (60% off) - highly-rated party game to play with friends and family.
All time low previously $6.00 - according to Deku Deals

Developer: Le Cartel Studio
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Genre: Arcade / Action / Strategy / Platformer
Number of Players 1 - 4
Download size: 819 MB

Heave Ho tasks up to four players with a simple goal – don’t fall to your death! Players will use their own two hands and the outstretched grip of their friends to grapple across each level on their way to victory. Grab one another’s hands, climb across dangling bodies, and swing your pals to safety in a wobbly, dangly mass of limbs. Customize your character with all manner of stylish accessories and zany accouterment in a vain attempt to remember who you are and which of your hands is the only thing between you and the plummet of doom.

This was last posted in April this year, so another chance for those who missed out. I've just played this for hours with a few mates, it's an absolute riot. If you're a fan of Runbow, Speedrunners, Boomerang Fu, Flat Heroes, etc, you'll want to add this one to your party game playlist.

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    Sale ends 3/12/2023

    • Thank you, have added this! I grabbed it straight away as I didn't see when the sale ended.

      • I did the same, have seen it posted a couple times and not bothered but looks like such a fun party game.

  • Great party game this one is. It's usually the first one we boot up when we have people over.

  • Great game!

  • Great game

  • Throwing other players to their death never gets old.

  • The best party game! This and TowerFall are still my favourite couch co-op games.

    • +1

      Try clusterpuck and hidden in plain sight. Both those are great for multiplayer. We also like song pop party too.

      • I've got Hidden in Plain Sight. Have to check out Clusterpuck.

        • It's such a good game! Looks pretty simple but man it's super fun once you get the hang of it.

      • Hadn't seen Hidden in Plain Sight but have enjoyed Unspottable which sounds very similar, has been cheap and up to 6 players at a time.

  • Fantastic game for 4 people

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