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Assorted Paw Patrol Plushies $9.99 (13/12), Lenovo Legion Gaming Monitor 24.5” FHD 240hz $249 (16/12) @ ALDI


From the upcoming ALDI catalogue.

Seems to be good value for the Paw Patrol items as BIG W seem to be selling them for $12.80. However I’m unsure about the measurement of these ones at ALDI.

Catalogue scan


On sale from Saturday the 16th is the Lenovo Gaming Monitor.

24.5" FHD 1920 x 1080 resolution
• Up to 280Hz refresh rate (base 240Hz) • AMD Freesync Premium
• 0.5m response rate • Naturallow blue light • Ergonomic full function stand • HDMI 2.1 for console gaming
• 2x speakers

Catalogue Scan


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    Wow under a dollar a hertz!

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    Unpublished my previous comment - upon closer inspection it looks like the monitor Aldi is offering is the R25f-30 (VA panel), and not the Y25-30 (IPS) I had initially assumed.

    Arguably it's still decent value and an OK deal as Mwave have the R25f-30 for $349 (again, assuming that's the correct model).

    Sadly I can't find any detailed reviews of the R25f-30, so no idea if it's any good or not. Apparently the panel it uses is the CSOT SG2451B01-4, which is potentially the same as the AOC 24.5" 25G3ZM, but again I can't say for sure :/

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      I bought that ALDI display today and yes it is indeed the R25f-30 as listed on MWAVE, nice research / searching…
      The 280Hz mode appears to be a bit of a gimmick, as you enable it via the monitor menu and it then warns you that it can only run at 280Hz for 30minutes, it does indeed enable me to run it at 280Hz via my RTX 3090, but like it says after about 30mins it suddenly flicks back to 240hz only and you have to then go into the display menu and turn the 280Hz overclock back on again.
      I have never heard of such an unusual feature as a time limited feature on a monitor.

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        How do you find its performance? Not much info on this monitor out there yet and I'm super curious, almost grabbed one just to test it out but couldn't quite justify it.

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          I normally play PC video games via my 65inch LG OLED CX display via my RTX 3090 at 120Hz at different resolutions including full 4K HDR mode.
          As someone who normally only uses 4K OLED display, the R25f-30 definitely lacks in colour quality as does everything compared with OLED, but in terms of "smooth gaming" the R25f-30 at 240/280Hz definitely provides it, for playing fast motion FPS games (where you can get the FPS to go to ~240fps or 280fps) it is definitely enjoyable and very smooth motion experience.

          I have my PC sitting in the middle of a home theatre setup for the LG OLED 65inch and then I now have a normal PC desktop setup with the R25f-30 so I can use the PC in either different mode use cases, I just turn on either monitor depending on what I am going to do or sometimes use both at the same time.

          I do feel a bit ripped off on the 280Hz mode though, this 30 minute only 280Hz mode isn't practical option IMO, as it really does just auto flick back to 240Hz after ~30minutes of usage, and I think unless it can be permanently enabled at 280Hz mode then I think it is worthy of being classed as false advertisement of 280Hz ability.

          To use the 280Hz mode, you have to fist enable it in the R25f-30 monitor menu and then go to your MS Windows RTX 3090/Display settings and switch to 280Hz mode which will only show up after enabling it in the R25f-30 monitor menu and then go play your game, and then after 30minutes of playing a game at 280Hz it will suddenly flick blank for a few seconds and revert back to the standard base mode of 240Hz.
          ^photo of the menu option you need to enable and the 30minutes only warning.
          And if you want to go back to 280Hz, then you have to again go through the whole process as described above…

          That said at 240Hz I can't say I can notice the difference between 240Hz mode and 280Hz mode, but I did enable the NVIDIA performance overlay and set the game mode to "vertical sync" and I observed seeing the "render latency" in ms notably lower when using it in full 280Hz mode rather than 240hz mode
          So it is annoying to buy this monitor assuming it could do 280Hz like basically ether other gaming display ever made and then not practically being able to use it for more than 30minutes without going to an arduous process of re-enabling the 280Hz mode every 30minutes just to play a game…

          ^Here is a photo of the outside of the R25f-30 box with all it's numbers etc for completeness.

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