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[PC, Steam] Metro Saga Bundle ($13.69 / -89%) @ Steam


Contains: Metro Exodus + Season pass, Metro Last Light and Metro 2033. It is a proper bundle so the price will be reduces if you already own 1 or more of the games. The earlier games separately are $2.99 (90% off): https://store.steampowered.com/sale/MetroFranchiseSaleDec202…

Personally I would recommend reading the books first (at least 2033) or listening to an audiobook version, before playing the games. Games set in Russia are rare.

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  • Not sure if it's a bargain or if there's many left that don't already own them but they are worth playing

  • +1

    Heads up that 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux have both been free on Epic (and the latter has also been free on GOG!). If you dutifully redeem free games so that you can not play them, odds are you already own half of this bundle off-platform.

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