Looking to Buy a CPAP Machine and Wanting Recommendation

Just got my sleep study results back and doctor suggests I need to go on CPAP. My BMI is 35 and I don't think I can actually loose any more weight.

Have been looking around for CPAP Machine and ResMed Seems to be the top dog but just wanting recommendations. This ebay seller seems to be selling the 11 for pretty cheap ($1600) compared to other ($2000) so thinking about getting it.

Is the 11 worth the price over the 10 or should I just get the 10?



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    My BMI is 35 and I don't think I can actually loose any more weight.

    Sure you can…

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        Have you tried Keto for a while?

        It gives you an energy boost after a week or two.

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          I have tried Keto but have not been able to last more than a week. Maybe I'll give it a go again.

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            @StationNation93: It gets easier after a week…

            First thing to do is get rid of all bread, rice and pasta from you place…. Then start.

            There are a few good facebook groups with great recipes to keep you motivated and not hungry….

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              @jv: Yeah, after a few weeks on CPAP I'll give this a go for sure. Just feel like I need to do something NOW.

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            @StationNation93: Curious, what is hard about keto?

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              @ATTS: Low energy levels, craving sweets, also get acid reflux due to high fats at the start. Also Im used to high volume of food and when I went on Keto I would also track Calories which does help with 1g fats is 9cal

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                @StationNation93: I see thanks!

              • @StationNation93:

                craving sweets

                lots of Keto options for sweets

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                @StationNation93: Go carnivore over Keto, far far harder to over eat as protein is more satiating than fat …

                Levitate towards eating just once per day … due to the protein content you will feel satiated for much longer (to the point after about 2 weeks your cravings will be gone)!

                Acid reflux is not due to high fat, it's due to high stomach pH (if you eat a lot of fibre it soaks up stomach acid thus increasing stomach pH) … easy to sort out when only eating once per day (give the stomach 24 hours to heal and reset for next meal) …

                All my GORD, cravings, weight, diabetes and inflamation went with carnivore > keto (I put on weight initially with Keto due to unrestricted fats)

                It takes at least 2 weeks to become fat adapted, and for older people that can be 4+ weeks (because it involves invoking gene expression to change the whole energy system of every cell in the body)

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                @StationNation93: Possibilities. Low energy from lack of quality sleep. Are you using a cpap yet?
                Also if you have cravings for sweets etc, the I doubt that you ever actually got into ketosis, let alone fat adapted to burn as fuel. It is imperative that you test your blood frequently to see if you are actually in ketosis and how deeply you are in. It fluctuates throughout the day. Also need to check blood sugar at same time to help work out if you’re blood sugar is too high. Even if blood sugar is slightly elevated, that will hinder ketosis. One in ketosis, you will feel empty but not actually hungry. This is when you will lose weight by burning your body fat. Spend 50 bucks on blood glucose monitor and keto and glucose test strips and test constantly throughout the day before and after meals and mornings. Otherwise you are doing it by guessing.

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                @StationNation93: Eat more meat in your meals, don't worry about the calories. Its the carbs you are trying to avoid. Things that I find quite nice are cauliflower bake with a lot of hard cheese, and cheese cake (Uses stevia or something as sweetener and a almond meal base) with blueberries or strawberries as a dessert. If you keep your carbs under 60g a day over the first week it gets easier and then slowly try to work it under 30g. With this method I went from 162.7kg down to 107.8kg in about 8 months (Though I also was doing OMAD after I got into fasting)

                Tried many diets before hand, failed on them all. When you're hungry, drink water first. Try to get at least a couple cups down and wait a bit, most of the time "hunger" is your body actually asking for water. animal sourced fats aren't the enemy, the USA decided to make it so after Eisenhower had a heart attack and obviously couldn't afford to tarnish the hugely profitable sugar or cigarette industries (Which Eisenhower was a avid 2 pack a day smoker).

                Try to look after yourself, Brush your teeth regularly and do you hair. It's easier to "see" the changes happen when you look you best.

                The carb withdrawal is what make the first week to hard, it gets easier and you could feel better than ever once you minimize them.

              • @StationNation93: Keto isn't for everyone, but I'd give it a few weeks at least. It takes some time to switch over to mostly using ketones for energy.
                Once you're adapted and electrolytes are balanced again, ghrelin levels drop (and your cravings should go down).

                As you said, you're used to high volume food - your stomach actually stretches / becomes bigger when you keep doing this. But if you keep eating the more calorie dense foods at lower volumes, your stomach will shrink down again, and you'll start feeling more satiated.

                All that being said, (for me personally) I found carnivore more beneficial.

                P.S. Since you're at BMI-35, if you're taking anything like metformin or insulin to control blood sugar, you'll need to be careful about doing keto at the same time.

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            @StationNation93: IMO go with low carb and calorie counting first. Keto is a really difficult state to get into and maintain and is renowned for brain fog and things like that.

            low carb there's a whole CSIRO diet to work from.

            Personally I liked the 5 and 2 diet, but apparently I get hangry (according to my staff during the last time I tried it). Easiest diet I've ever done though and lost a pile of weight.

            Anyway, on CPAP, the hardest part is getting a mask that fits and you like. Fortunately the masks are mostly interchangeable. I have a resmed machine and it has worked great for years - they're the go to for a reason. They'll replace stuff pretty quickly too, their margins are massive on this stuff.

            Make sure to do a trial though, a lot of cpap places do a bunch of trials so you can try different machines and masks at a really low price.

            • @freefall101: Will research the 5 and 2 diet and see if its feasible for me.

              Yeah the place I did a study in gave me an option to rent a machine for $100 a month but I didn't feel too comfortable using a machine and potentially a mask used by someone else.

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                @StationNation93: @StationNation93 Agree with the comments around keto/fasting to lose weight. I used to be over 160kg, dropped down to under 100kg, currently hovering around 120kg (I blame comfort eating over COVID lockdown plus general life stress since then), but it can be done and I will get back on the horse soon.

                I upgraded to a new Airsense 11 Autoset recently for under $1,700 delivered including mask of choice and an extra cushion. Will PM you about where from as I don't think the supplier wanted it advertised that they were doing that price.

                EDIT: Cannot seem to message me. Send me a PM and I'll respond.

                • @Yapapi: Hi. Are you ok with sharing it with me too? I want to get the 11 and it's too expensive at the price ResMed are selling it at.

                  • @Kay Elle: @Kay Elle, I'd be happy to. Send me a PM and I'll reply (tried to message you too, but I'm guessing your settings don't allow you to receive PMs).

              • @StationNation93: You could rent the machine and buy a new mask of your own

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                @StationNation93: you will constantly be hungry by trying going low carb. the only way to stop the hunger is full keto, which is very hard to achieve and will take many attempts to get it right. but once you get it right, you will no longer feel hungry. when you do eat it will be smaller amounts and the food will not bloat you. the food will be more satiating than eating carbs. intermittent fasting is very easy on keto and that will turbo charge your weight also. brain fog is temporary. the easiest way to keto is carnivore. fatty meats, with cheese eggs butter. zero carbs. a lot of people finds that it gives them more concentration, energy, and stabilizes moods. only downside can be loose and i mean very loose stools, which is how the body disposes of excess fat. eating fat does not make you fat. eating carbs does. ALL carbs turn immediately to glucose, which is sugar and what you don't burn, gets stored as fat, where ever the body can find a place to put it. you can live your whole life without eating carbs. but you can not survive without fat and protein.

                • @hueylewis:

                  you will constantly be hungry by trying going low carb.

                  exact opposite happened to me when I started… It took about a week though.

                  • @jv: depends on a person's definition of low carb. eliminating carbs virtually entirely, say less than 30 grams per day, the point at which they become negligible, enables you to use fat as energy instead of carbs (glucose). unless you become totally fat adapted, you will still crave carbs, and hunger for them and eventually increase them again. yo yo dieting.

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            @StationNation93: Go to your GP and get a 3 mth script for duromine. You will loose weight and should keep it off. I was 111kg down to 93kg and have been there for almost 5 yrs now.

          • @StationNation93: There are keto style breads.

            Woolworths home brand has a 65% less carbs wrap - that actually tastes like a normal wrap - 5g carbs per wrap
            There are also Mission low-carb wraps, which I think are around 11g per wrap.

            You can also get Alpine bread loafs which is 7g per 2 slices.

            There are also lots of keto style foods that are really tasty:
            * Thick name-branded sausages - check the carbs per sausage are under 10-11. The cheaper and thin styles are usually loaded with breadcrumbs, so skip those.
            * Don skinless franks
            * Steak
            * Eggs
            * Cheese

            Also, mayo, mustard, ranch sauce and a few others are good.

            So grab a few sausages, cover them in cheese, drizzle them with mayo, and you'll find the dinners are really tasty.

            For snacks, nuts are great, or a spoonful of no-sugar peanut butter (you'll get used to the taste).

            For pasta - Shirataki Noodles are zero carb and take on the flavour or whatever you cook them in. Or can use broc/cauli rice which you can find in frozen section.

            Also, it generally takes 14+ days to get into ketosis. So try to hold out if you can. You'll find you'll get a funny taste in your mouth, pee might smell. But you'll become less hungry and the brain fog/headaches will disappear and you'll feel more energy, less tiredness. The longer you stay on it, the better it will be.

            If you do slip up, don't go crazy. Just return to keto next meal.

          • @StationNation93: Gym rat weighing in/

            Diets like Keto don't ultimately do anything additional for fat loss when you look at it from a calorie standpoint. The satiety, along with some people just feeling better mentally in ketosis works really well for some and not too well for others.

            Same goes for things like intermittent fasting, ultimately there is next to no benefit in terms of more energy expenditure causing you to lose weight quicker - but the eating patterns and what that does to you from a satiety standpoint can be beneficial. On the flip side I know people who feel like thjey don't wake up properly if they don't eat breakfast, so it's definitely not for everyone.

            You can give yourself all sorts of insane restrictions, follow strict diet plans etc but I find that what ultimately works best is slow weight loss based on building good eating habits both surrounding the foods you eat, the portion sizes and an overall reduction in calories.

            My recommendation when people feel they can't lose weight is always to simply track your calories, don't change anything. Get yourself a couple weeks of solid, objective data and look at where you can cut back on some calories. If you're not already meticulously tracking things, I bet you'll find a few things in there that you can cut out or substitute with little effort that will easily drop your calorie intake 25%.

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            @StationNation93: I haven’t read the comments but ozempic seems to work. If not diabetic than probably won’t get it prescribed

            So I was prescribed durominie and lost 7kg in 3 months. That’s enough time to change my eating habits too. That’s without any exercise.

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        I know the feels. Get a few weeks of good sleep with a CPAP machine and you will feel a lot better. You can then find the motivation easier.

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        Just start going for walks every day and eat less. Energy levels will return in no time. Force yourself to do it if you have to. You'll thank yourself later.

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        Sleep apnea will do that to you. Hopefully once you're on it, you'll get that energy back.
        Took a few weeks for me to get used to my CPAP but you'll get that energy back. Once you start keep at it. It works!

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        If you literally do nothing (eating), you will lose weight

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        My wife lost 40kg on the Total Wellbeing Diet. I have followed it and am now down to 12% body fat and an active runner.
        Give it a go, if you lose weight over the program you get your money back. You need a healthy balance of all food groups.

      • First 3 months is not easy. Then you get used to it. It’s mind game and keep pushing.

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      We believe in you OP.

    • Easy to say, hard to do.
      Someone like Oprah the billlionaire, with resources to the best cooks, nutritionists, personal trainers and near unlimited resources, cannot lose weight.
      What hope mere mortals.

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    Yeah I don't trust that eBay seller at all. Member since 2014 but only has 11 ratings, and only selling 2 items. One of which is a CPAP machine that is going for $400 cheaper than genuine sellers, that's before eBay's cut. Way too cheap.

    I recommend a Resmed Airsense 10, I have one and it just works. 11 just has some extra reporting stuff which I don't see a benefit for. OSCAR tells me more anyway.

    The 10 is a tried and trusted machine, plus a lot cheaper.

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      Thanks for this and yeah looked a bit scary, think I'll just go with the 10 for now.

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        I'd recommend the 10 as well as it is the one that i've been using.

        Who have you been going through? Res sleep? I went through them and they let me rent out a machine and try out different masks for a bit to figure out what works for me. They were also willing to come to the table and lower the price for the airsense 10 and offer me some initial support, but this isn't really that necessary since there are lots of YouTube videos online. I dial in my settings myself nowadays and I have a cheap Xiaomi smartband to monitor my spO2 levels as the CPAP machine doesn't check them.

        On a side note, check what's covered in your private health. I'm with HBF and they cover sleep apnea stuff with certain tiers.

        Oh and don't fuss too much over BMI. It doesn't factor in body shape and muscle mass. If you used BMI on someone like the rock it would say he's morbidly obese. If you have a nintendo switch, try ring fit adventure. I lost 18kg over 6 months.

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      Agree completely, hubby upgraded to 11 due to age of the 10. Get newish 10

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      I agree as well. Been using 10 for many years now and it never miss a beat.

    • I looked into the 11 as I have the 10, there was no point upgrading to the 11 after I asked my cpap supplier.

      But the big difference with the 11 over the 10, the 11 has the same motor that’s in the Airsense Mini so it works harder as it’s smaller than the motor in the 10. Therefore there’s a concern that the longevity won’t be the same with the 11 that you get with the 10.

      I’d just buy the Airsense 10 AutoSet which was around $1300 with a mask as a package.

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    • This OP. Don't buy off ebay, you miss out on the warranty. I've got the F&P Sleepstyle and Resmed 10, which are both great machines. The 10 with package is what I'd recommend $1330 - comes with a mask etc

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    Just get the 10 if it's cheaper. Pretty sure it's the same motor in both.

    The 11 is pointlessly overpriced.

    • You're right, it's just a few extra smarts and one or two more features but nothing that will materially change the treatment.

    • Agreed!

      Some people may find the extra features and reporting of 11 more engaging and helps them keep up with treatment, but for most people just getting that good nights sleep is motivation enough.

      The air sense 10 is already a great CPAP

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    Mate, dont buy CPAP from ebay.
    1- You might need help to configure your CPAP settings which the seller wont be qualified to do.
    2- If you need your regular sleep reports like AHI, air leakage , I doubt the seller will even know about it

    I did a trial from Resmed for a month and then bought Airsense 10 in April from NSW CPAP in Parramatta (NSW). They have a small store in Westfield.
    I reach out to them every 3 months for a free report and the technician has even helped me adjust my air pressure for my machine. All they need is the serial id as the machine can be configured remotely.
    If you need any additional info, please feel free to ask.

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      I wouldn't buy it off eBay but not for the reason stated. If they can work out how to get on Ozbargain then they can work out how to watch YouTube which has a plethora of content on CPAP setup and usage. To be honest I found advice on YouTube more useful than the specialist shop I got mine from.

      The mask though is something which I would definitely recommend going through a shop for so you can work out what works best for you.

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    +1 Resmed Airsense 10. I have two, one with 20,000 hours for home use and one with a few hundred hours for travel (don't want to get stuck 2,000 km from anywhere with a dead CPAP). Great machines.

    • How noisy are they? Anything louder than a cats fart and it would wake me up.

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        It's the only machine I've ever used so nothing to compare it with. My wife is a VERY light sleeper and no complaints. Also bear in mind that if you are a light sleeper and have sleep apnea then the sleep apnea is highly likely to be a cause of you being easily rousable. Treat sleep apnea and you become less easily rousable.

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          OK thanks. :)

        • This is spot on. I was a very light sleeper, any slight noise would wake me. My machine doesn't bother me at all and I'm less sensitive to other noises now too now that I can actually get into a deep state of sleep.

      • machine itself is whisper quiet, the noisiest part is if you get a leak on your mask through the night, one size does not fit all and is probably the most annoying part to find the one that works with you.

    • I should have mentioned it's the Autoset model. I have no experience with the Elite.

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    Agree re resmed airsense 10 (autoset model, not elite).

    Re your BMI, have a look at the CSIRO total wellbeing diet.

    The food is good and plenty of it, although maybe different proportions of good versus bad from what you’re used to. 😉

    Unlike other diets you don’t rebound from extreme choices as the idea is the food becomes your ongoing diet.

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    Did your doc specifically say weight was the cause of your sleep apnea? For some, its not about being overweight.

    Anyways, what's most important is buying the mask you're going to be comfortable with. No point in buying the best machine if you're not comfortable wearing the mask.

    Do you heaps of research on this, because due to hygiene, mask trials are highly unlikely. You may even go through a few sets until you find the one you like. So set aside some extra budget on this.

    • He didn't really say that it was due to weight but that it was a possible factor. My apnoea seems to be crazy on my back and non existent on my side. I also had issues with my nose and got surgery done last year so that has opened my airways a bit but I'm fed up with feeling tired every single day.

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        Another reason for tiredness is carbs. That crap makes everyone tired and sleepy. Just eat protein and fat and you will have more energy.

        • That's a pretty watershed statement mate.

          I think it has a lot to do with your genetics and build types. I'm an ectomorph and I need carbs to keep weight on/relieve hunger. I struggle with high fat, it puts me to sleep exactly how you have described carbs for you.

          I doubt that it applies to OP (assuming endomorph) but just flagging that carbs are not the devil in every situation. It's like most things in life… Moderation and basing it on what works for your body.

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            @borrisz0r: all carbs get converted into glucose and the liver will store some for use to burned for energy when needed. any excess glucose is turned into fat and stored where ever the body can put it. the lies of the food pyramid is what has turned society obese and diabetes into a health epidemic. here is another watershed for you, sugar (carbs) is poison in this day and age.

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              @hueylewis: Yep, the EXCESS does get converted and stored. If you eat an appropriate amount (at an appropriate time) for your metabolism, it never reaches the fat storage process. This was exactly my point… Thanks for supporting it.

              I completely agree with the food pyramid, it's highly inaccurate in outlining nutritional needs in most cases. But again, you make another broad and incorrect statement about carbs(sugar). Refined and highly processed sugars are a major problem in our society, does that mean that the simple sugars in fruit and vegetables are really bad for you? No, the sugar is absorbed slowly due to the fibre content in it and have significant benefits for our overall health.

              Just because one carb is crap, doesn't mean they all are. I'd suggest adjusting your thinking from such a rigid mindset.

              It would be like me saying fats are bad because of saturated fat being linked to serious health issues. No person in their right mind would suggest this, we need fat to survive. We should just try and avoid the bad ones as much as possible.

              Are you seriously suggesting that the obesity epidemic is completely the food pyramids fault? Get real mate.

              The complete blame for obesity cannot be placed at the food pyramid. It is certainly part of the problem but not completely. I would argue that most people who are obese have a combination of one or more of the following:

              -Lack of portion control based on physical activity
              -Lack of exercise (which is outlined as something everyone should do by the food pyramid by the way)
              -eating disproportionate amounts of the wrong types of food, e.g. processed sugar, high fat, excessive carbs

              People like to have a scapegoat for their poor lifestyle choices/apathy, blaming the food pyramid is exactly this. Everyone should take responsibility for their own health and take the individual steps (including any reuqired customisations) to ensure you are fit and healthy for your particular situation

              • -1

                @borrisz0r: ha ha ha, you actually believe the lies that one carb is better than another? your body turns them all into sugar, just because 'complex' carbs are some how lauded, the only difference is that they are turned into sugar more slowly. it is still all sugar, fast or slow. the only advantage of eating sugar slowly is that it does not spike you blood level all at once. the outcome is the same, you are storing it it all as fat, unless you do some serious f45 training daily, and that is a very small amount of the population, you seriously expect people to eat the correct amount of carbs when they hardly have enough time to think. people will get the easiest, fastest, cheapest and tastiest food they can get most of the time. pizza? ok, but lets get the deal that comes with garlic bread, yep, have some more bread with your pizza made of bread, but hey, eat a salad with it and it will all be fine. haha. people dont drink a coffee any more, they drink a bucket of coffee flavored lactose sugar and corn syrup sugar the size of a milk shake. maybe eat a balanced meal once in a blue moon. where is the wonderful utopia where people get to spend time FINDING, let along making balanced meals? yeah, if we were walking everywhere and working in manual labor you may work off some of the carbs/sugar, but most of the population is transported from one meal to the next. they are offered huge portions loaded with cheap carbs and they eat it all. and fructose is the worst sugar when combined with other sugars which the industry turbo charges the poison into hi fructose corn syrup, in virtually every product. for hundreds of thousands of years fruit was a scarce and seasonal treat, now it is all gmo garbage. the governments supported the multinationals from the 1950s to push cheap grain and cereal based products, all based on the food pyramid marketing lies. and guess when everyone started to get fat and sick? not hard to join the dots.

                • @hueylewis:

                  your body turns them all into sugar, just because 'complex' carbs are some how lauded, the only difference is that they are turned into sugar more slowly.

                  That is so far from true. Complex carbs made up of complex carbohydrate chains, which means it takes your body more effort to break it down before it can be absorbed and utilised, both in time and kj/Calorie requirements. Do you think this magically happens and there is no energy debt for the breakdown process? Furthermore, the release is gradual, rather than a huge dump of sugar into the system, that is where it gets converted into fat and stored. You need to do more research on how the body works if for nothing but your own health and well-being.

                  the outcome is the same, you are storing it it all as fat

                  No, you are not. You are storing the excess as fat. You even stated this in your previous post….

                  people will get the easiest, fastest, cheapest and tastiest food they can get most of the time.

                  Is that what all people do is it? Wow, there must be a significant amount of us that are another species…

                  ok, but lets get the deal that comes with garlic bread, yep, have some more bread with your pizza made of bread, but hey, eat a salad with it and it will all be fine. haha. people dont drink a coffee any more, they drink a bucket of coffee flavored lactose sugar and corn syrup sugar the size of a milk shake. maybe eat a balanced meal once in a blue moon.

                  I fail to see two key things here:

                  1. How any of the avalanche of text you posted counters what I have said, it mostly supports my points
                  2. How it's the food pyramid's fault that people eat a disproportionate amount of crap food because of lifestyle choices. I don't see anything in the food pyramid that says 'each the cheapest tasiest food', or 'each a balanced meal every blue moon' - This is more excuses.

                  Corporations are here to make money, if people stop buying products, they stop being produced, it's fairly simple. But you keep blaming that bad food pyramid for ruining everyone and everything in the world. People need to wake up, stop blaming the government and others for things and start making good decisions for nutrition and health. Critial thinking is everyone's responsibility

                  • -1

                    @borrisz0r: "People need to wake up, stop blaming the government and others for things and start making good decisions for nutrition and health. Critial thinking is everyone's responsibility" That is not going to happen. And the trajectory is getting even worse as time goes on. The majority of people will not do what is good for them, they will do what is cheapest, expedient and sweet tasting. "You don't see anything the the food pyramid that says… " the fact that the big portion of the bottom is all grains, says it all. "you need to do more research blah, etc. Maybe you should exchange all of your ideal senario theory for actual reality, and that reality is, even to this day, that b.s. theory is still pushed. the food pyramid has been worshiped as science for years, and every message downstream is based on it. Most people are not going to just stop buying products when they have been conditioned their whole lives, even when they know that their lives are threatened. just.won't.happen. Your are talking about a utopia. the 'research' shows that exercise hardly makes any difference to weight, the majority of the problem is with the food, ie carbs. fast or slow. people eat too much and they love it. the fast and slow release of sugar is a fake argument, NO SUGAR IS NEEDED AT ALL. as far as research goes, I did more than that. I tried all that theoretical crap all my life, and all it does is make you hungry for more carbs. Most people could not tell a complex carb from a simple carb anyway, they just don't care and it is over their heads. So you can wag your finger at them all you want about different carbs, they are all poison, fast or slow. And if you eat too much 'slow' carbs you will store it. Ask someone how much slow carbs is ok, they have no idea. After decades of b.s. balanced eating calorie counting, all that low fat (super high sugar) junk etc etc I cut them out completely and have only eaten protein and fat for years. no thinking or effort involved at all and I am healthier now than i ever have been, i have no hunger ever, i eat a couple of small meals of fat and protein a day and can fast effortlessly for autophagy, save a ton of money, sleep better, have lower cholesterol and ac13 than my g.p. my skin and mental health is perfect now. I followed the 'research' for decades and it nearly killed me, just like it is killing the population right now. people can not control themselves and no amount of education about lifestyle will help them. it has not so far and it will not.

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    I had used a CPAP for about 3 months to treat my sever sleep apnoea and hated using it. I switched to using positional sleep therapy, focusing on sleeping on my sides and stomach, and I'm now managing my sleep apnoea well and the CPAP hasn't been used for over 4 years. There are devices to help train your positional sleep if you wanted to go down that road.

    • I was thinking about getting a positional sleep device too but I am a light sleeper and feel like I would get annoyed easily if something kept poking me in the back or zapping me.

      • With your sleep test you should find if you had apnea episodes on your back vs sides. If you had them while side sleeping positions aren’t going to help much.

      • I switched to side sleeping using a small pillow between knees and hugging another pillow. Hardly ever roll onto back now

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    I got an aeonmed cpap machine from their official aliexpress store. It's half the price of the big name brands and after sale customer service has been amazing. Less than $700 today

    It's as good as the trial machine I got resi from memory.

    [Mod: republished after expanding app-sharing link]

  • Try this comment again…
    I got an aeonmed from Ali from the official store. I'd link you but it keeps deleting my comment. It's less than $700. After sales support has been amazing, even sending me the wifi attachment free so I can see the data and control from my phone.

    I trialed the resi ones and they're fine too, at twice the price.

    • +1

      Thank you but I'm not too confident with Ali Express products

      • CPAP machines aside, most products are AliExpress products more or less. Obviously some things are cheap junk, but others are single buy products of equivalent bulk Alibaba products that an importer might badge as their own.

        Research on each product in particular is needed, rather than writing off everything based on junk mentality. Eg I got Xiaomi massager for $80 equivalent to $500+ brand name theragun or something.

      • I too went with Ali but I went with BMC which seems to be a more reputable brand and sold here locally.

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    recommend AirSense 10 (Elite).I had it for 4 years now.

    • Thank you, going to get mine today.

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    You're on the right track. My understanding is that Resmed make the best units and Ficher and Paykel make the best masks. Make sure you get one that covers the nose and mouth for obvious reasons.There is no mask that looks good and probably never will be.

    The S10 is the coca cola of the CPAP world and the S11 is the successor. You do not need an S11, it is a minor upgrade only.

    Be sure to have it configured by a CPAP Nurse, there are two or three critical settings and getting them wrong can trigger a new type of apnea (central something from having too much oxygen while sleeping - essentially your brain starts to think your body doesn't have to breathe normally). And obviously their assessment is more important than anything you read or figure out yourself, everyone is different and qualified personal advice is essential.

    Fun fact - Resmed units are (or were) shipped from Australia to the US where that country always sold them cheaper than what you can get here. Just make sure the nurse you see is ok setting up a unit they didn't supply. It should be fine but just a heads up.

  • +1

    Have been an AirSense 10 Auto user for three years - it has lowered my blood pressure as well as given me far better sleep (I was a 40-50 apneas/hr in my sleep trials - now down to 1-2 /hr).
    If you need a full face mask (mouth breather) then I rate the F30i very highly.
    It is far less constricting than the older styles and the "top of head" hose connection makes it far more convenient to roll over etc.
    But - as others have said - speak with the assistants at one of the shops - they will help you fit to suit you.


  • I've always had ResMed as their products last and are easy to use. The biggest difference between the 10 and 11 is the size. You'll need to refill the humidifer every night instead of every 2 days. If you can get the 11 at a good price then go for it…just make sure you get an Australian version, as it has built in 4G to upload your sleep data to ResMed and your sleep specialist.

  • +1

    Airsense 10 goes well for me. I looked at the 11 and functionality wise it’s the same.

    You’ll have a better chance with weight if you can managed your apnea, I’ve noticed from some of the comments re keto that some won’t be able to understand the fatigue.

  • +1

    I recommend a Resmed Airsense 10. I have been very happy with mine for three years. And so quiet. No noise at all. Make sure that you get a 4G version. If you get a 3G version, you will not be able to get reports on your mobile phone once the Vodafone 3G Network shuts down around Christmas.

  • Resmed has created a monopoly as a local sales & service and high markup with sleep clinics and hence highly recommended and giving false hope that none is better than Resmed.

    All machine fails after the time between 5-7 years and they are out of warranty.

    I sourced my first machine from F&P USA and I got under A$ 600 when Aud was parity used it for 8 years and one day it decided to die. It was top of the range with sleep awareness so the machine reduced pressure once it realised you were getting awake.

    Thereafter I went to the sleep clinic and just told them I needed you to replace my F&P and this is the deal I am getting from the US, would like to support Australian local supplier what price you can give me best.

    You will be surprised they said we would match the price almost to US off by $ 70 and I said OK and took the new machine with all parameter setup.

    I bought from Hurstville in Sydney South, F&P sales & service recommended me to go there.

  • +1

    Visit your GP and do a sleep study.

  • +5

    I started CPAP in 2012. ALSO former RN.

    DO NOT DO THIS IN THIS WAY. No reputable dealer would sell a CPAP machine to you
    You need a prescription that first time. Even if purchasing an auto machine, there are parameters that need to be set. These are obtained from your sleep study.

    Any decent service will follow through with advice to you on what suits you best (eg nasal mask V full face mask) They should also give you a trial with their suggested machine, mask etc. Some people have to go through a few options before finding the right one for them: Especially the mask.

    It isn't matter of what is the best machine or the best value machine. It is what is the best option for you.

    Nowadays there are also other options available. Are you dealing with your GP who has been sent the results. Actually.speaking with a Sleep Specialist (there are a few who are actually qualified) or at least the Sleep Technician would be far more helpful. They should also be the ones explaining your results - not your GP.

    • any dire consequences to doing it yourself ?
      i mean you can read data off the machine yourself if you have tracking on your phone and adjust settings.
      i'm just curious (and havent been able to find a good GP)

  • +3

    Hi OP, I'm on my second Resmed 10 - first one lasted more than 5 years. Seriously, you really can't go wrong with this model (in my experience, so far!). Maybe not exactly the cheapest available, but its rugged, flexible, and does everything you need. Also, now that the 11 is out, there are lots of special deals available on the 10. I would say maybe preferably go with a more established retail player - rather than an online-only seller. There's a bunch you'll see if you Google search - and you can spot the special deals. Other than that, if you use a bricks and mortar mob, you can usually borrow/hire a machine to try out AND - most importantly (even more than machine choice) - you can try out different mask types (full-face, nose-only, silicone seal, fancy rubber etc etc). Masks are consumable, and expensive, so you need to know what works for you. Personally, I use a local mob here in Perth to buy the machine and some consumable (when on special), and some consumables from over east (…on special!).
    I'm a full-face mask person - which is probably a bit more unusual. Anyway, you need to find out what works best for you, and that requires some home-testing first. Pay attention to cleaning everything….and don't ignore the fact that you can buy sterilising tablets that are specifically used to keep baby bottles hygienic - so keeping your non-baby CPAP equipment sterile should be a doddle and a lot cheaper than some weirdo expensive CPAP-specific "special" sterilising set-up!
    Finally, consider joining/viewing https://www.apneaboard.com/....there's software for looking at your own CPAP results off your machine, and lots of discussion, advice etc.
    The CPAP made a HUGE difference to my life, so best of luck with yours.

  • Resmed - a new one if you can afford one.

  • don't leave pressures at their default 5 - 20. increase minimum pressure to 6 or 7. get the resmed 10, the 'for her' version. there's an open source app for data analysis. sit with the mask on in the evening while awake to get used to it.


  • +2

    Hey mate,

    Not sure about your whole clinical picture but if you were diagnosed with osa via a sleep physician and a proper sleep study then have a look to see if you're eligible for a subsidised machine under the enable nsw program:

    All the best!

  • +2

    Most private health insurance will do a partial rebate for a new CPAP

  • +1

    CPAP Direct

  • +1

    I use to buy everything cpap related from the United States at a third to a quarter the price with frieght included but thats several years as i dont need cpap anymore i haven't kept up to date.

    The cpaps your looking at are only a few hundred cheaper in the U.S so your probably better to buy in Australia but definitely check out replacement masks down the track and other consumables a mask i liked was just over $220 in Australia but landed from the U.S just $55.

    A big tip regarding cpap use is consistent cleaning. I never had ear infections until i started using a cpap machine i found backing off pressure by 1 or 2 stopped that happening (advice from a cpap forum helped me there) the specialist i had didnt believe in the connection of ear infections and cpap use.

  • +2

    Recently went down the CPAP rabbit hole. Here is my thoughts:

    1. There is no question about the machine, just get the airsense 10 autoset from Resmed store, you can rent or buy. They price match any other store. Get the machine plus a mask.
    2. Correct mask is the key. Try every single mask in every single including every single size. Resmed allow free trial of mask as long as you need. I tried for about 1 months with various combination. I was convinced I needed a full face mask as I breath through my mouth, so I got the F30i with my machine purchase (but didn't open it). After a month of trial, my ideal mask was air p10 a nose musk. I initially used it with mouth tape, but then I realised I didn't need that either. For me P10 was superior because:
      a) less contact area so there are less parts that could wake me up during the night (now CPAP no longer wakes me up, the first 2 weeks were horrible);
      b) a lower pressure average than F30i;
      c) a much lower air leak (1L/min vs 6L/min);
      d) a much lower event per hour (0.5 vs 4);
      e) had no visible mark on my face the second day and no messed up hair.
      So in the end I exchanged the unopened F30i with a P10.
      Also resmed help you adjust your machine remotely, but you could just as easily watch youtube and do it yourself.
  • +2

    Just get the airsense 10, it is a reliable unit and has been around for a while. I have been using it 2 years now, no issues. I am not sure what extra reporting the airsense 11 does, but the report from Airsense 10 is good enough, it rates your sleep quality based on the sleep hours and events per hour, which is what you need. Save some bucks and get the airsense 10. If you want to get the airsense 11, get it from a Resmed authorised seller. I got mine from Cpap Specialists

  • +3

    OP at a BMI of 35 I'd imagine you're close to/are pre-diabetic if not already diabetic, I'd strongly suggest you speak to your doctor about Semaglutide (Ozempic) or Tirzepatide (Mounjaro), these drugs are game changers for weight loss - of course for best results they are to be used in combination with diet and exercise.

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