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$2.50 Back in Shping Rewards on Golden Gaytime 4pk (Currently $5.00 at Coles) @ Shping (Activation Required)


Your Shping rewards are immediately transferrable to your Australian bank account straight from the app. No 3 month wait periods here… Withdrawal fee may apply.

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  • +19

    Sorry rep. But with the new restrictions, this project is failing. Gonna have to neg this as rewards are decreasing and difficulty increasing

    • +7

      Yes, agreed. This 'Shping thing' has now been eroded to the point where it is a real chore to keep up with all the changes/requirements, for virtually no reward.

    • -2 quick the shills turn.
      Just buy em another coffee.

        • few months ago

          Yet you were still extolling the shping platform virtues a few weeks ago 🤔

          Who said anything about bribes for silence?

          • +1

            @randomusername2017: Shping changes (worsens) their terms weekly, if not even more often than that; hence this somewhat rapid yet pronounced backlash.

    • I signed up and was meant to get money for a free peanut butter but the terms to withdraw are ridiculous. Keep it simple.

  • -3

    i am glad they still can call them gaytime after other poor products had change name due all karens complaining.

    • Oh how horrible, the names of products changed.
      How will you ever survive!!!!

      • Doubt it will be on wits. Some people (three and counting so far) are constantly on edge over things they have no understanding of, even on something as straight forward as an ice cream deal. The irony is palpable.

      • -3

        It's more the fact that this is just one small example of the extreme wokeism that is pervading numerous areas of consumerism, pop-culture, the arts more broadly, and academia in this country.

        Retrospectively rewriting Dr Seuss books because a loud minority of kooks thinks that is a good idea/acceptable thing to do is one example. 'Baba rainbow sheep' is another. Totally ridiculous stuff, creeping in in a semi-clandestine/underhand sort of way without any real consultation, mainly because normal people have busy lives and just assume (incorrectly, sadly) that pinko kooks would not be able to get away with things like rewriting other people's books without their consent, or rewording the traditional nursery rhymes we all grew up with to give them a lefty twist.

        What's next?

        A revised version of 'Humpty Dumpty' wherein he does not sit on a wall, because that would be dangerous, and instead sits comfortably in an ergonomically sound chair? This would be perfect, because it would also circumvent the uncomfortable implication that no women were deemed capable of attempting to put Humpty back together again.

        All blackboards and all whiteboards could be abolished from all schools, and replaced with culturally sensitive 'rainbow-coloured' boards. They would of course be hard to read from, but such considerations are generally deemed of little importance by those engaged in the seemingly boundless crusade that is wokeism.

        Spurred on by their apparently unopposed success in desecrating Dr Seuss books, nursery rhymes, traditional food products named after their creators, etc., perhaps historical negationism will be the next thing these woke idiots turn their hands at. Perhaps they could demand that Australian kids be taught in schools that in fact, Don Bradman was a wheel-chair-bound lesbian of Indian descent? Because, "you can't be it if you can't see it" …

        • The infamous "it's a slippery slope".

          It's a name and maybe logo change. There is no slope and it's not "extreme wokeism".

          The whole "what's next" / "slippery slope" logic can be applied to anything. Because it relies on outlandish/extreme assumptions.
          If we dont change the names that are associated with racist/homophobic things, what's next? We platform nazis and let them run the country?
          See how ridiculous it is in perspective..

          • @[Deactivated]: Rewriting Dr Seuss books without his consent (because he's long dead), and rewording traditional nursery rhymes are not 'a name and maybe logo change'. It is an undeniable fact that over-the-top wokeism is becoming more and more prevalent and severe here in Australia, and that is the very definition of a 'slippery slope'. We are now sliding down that slippery slope, at a growing pace.

            • @GnarlyKnuckles: Yeah, first they change some shitty nursery rhymes that you haven't sung in 30 years, next they're going to make you dye your hair blue and force you onto HRT….

              Also, didn't they just stop publishing the books because they were literally racist?
              God forbid publishers don't want to be associated with racism.

              It's also kinda funny how people that throw the term "woke" around like it's some kind of insult, always use lines like "THINK OF THE KIDS!" or "THEYRE A BAD INFLUENCE ON KIDS", but when racist books or nursery rhymes are changed or stop being produced, you act like its the worse thing in the world.

              You just want someone to hate, and for whatever reason, you can't focus that hate on genuinely terrible people like racists.

              • @[Deactivated]: Only two things in your post are worth commenting on:

                1. No they didn't 'just stop publishing the books'; they literally changed the text in them. That would be considered an outrage by any living author, so why should it be deemed acceptable after an author's death?

                2. What is 'racist' about Baba Black Sheep?

                • @GnarlyKnuckles:


                  2. If you can't see how it would be interpreted as racist and whats wrong with that…I've got news for you!
                    Again, who the (profanity) cares. Stuff changes all the time.
                    It's not like you can't access any of the originals.. same with the dr seuss books. You can still access the originals.

                  The conversation ends here if you're not going to address the absurd hypocrisy you show.

                  Goodbye. Enjoy crying over shit you didn't care about before.

                  • @[Deactivated]: 'Before' when?

                    Before I was born? Before I was aged 5? Before I read a Dr Seuss book? Before I was exposed to your drivel?

                    I have no idea what your cryptic attempt at an 'ultimatum' even means …

                    Please do enlighten me.

                    Now, getting on to the link you supplied. As indicated there those 6 books were 'woked out of print'/discontinued due to things such as:

                    Referring to a Chinese man who 'ate with sticks' (to this day they still do—as do I—they're called chopsticks)
                    Picturing Africans with large lips and living in grass huts. Many Africans do in fact have large lips, and historically many did in fact live in grass huts; and to this day many still do. How is alluding to these facts 'racist'?
                    Acknowledging the fact that inuits have evolved eyes that are at a slant/not as wide as the eyes of most other races; obviously as an evolutionary adaptation to avoid snow glare.
                    Referring to a 'Rajah, with rubies'.

                    That last one is so ridiculous that I rest my case at this point. Anyone interested can refer to the link that has been helpfully supplied above by b-jcob, and you will see exactly what I mean.

                    • -1

                      @GnarlyKnuckles: The least you can do before giving us the pleasure of your fabulous opinion is to learn the background to issues, and why/who made certain decisions. There's PLENTY of discussion about on the Dr Seuss and Coon cheese decisions, most of which shows that you and your mates' "wokeism" generalisations are largely a figment of your overactive (and invariably similar) ideologies. This might help in regard to Dr Seuss, although I doubt it will prevent you spreading misinformed bs about "wokeism" :…

                      For anyone whose nuance gene is malfunctioning, or who doesn't have the capacity to make rational and balanced adult judgements on social issues, there is a relatively simple solution. Educate yourself on the issues you're commenting on, and stop believing that your opinion/wisdom is as valid or as meritorious as people who are actually well-informed, or involved/affected.

              • @[Deactivated]:

                You just want someone to hate, and for whatever reason, you can't focus that hate on genuinely terrible people like racists.

                That's the nub of it. I'd be more convinced if he also mentioned ultra conservatives banning books based on nothing other than their own extreme prejudices, teaching ludicrous beliefs like creation in place of science, following and praising Trump etc. In this case the bloke with the very apt nic has a history of rw reactionary comments.

                • @Igaf: Yo gaff-man, re:

                  '… ultra conservatives banning books'

                  For the sake of conciseness, I have restrictied myself to discussing things that have happened relatively recently (in the last few decades) and are happening now, here in Australia; not worldwide 'ancient history'. I hope that clarifies the matter for you.

                  • @GnarlyKnuckles: Now though, if you want to 'go back a ways', consider these words penned by the man himself in 1952:

                    'If your father said a man named Herbert Hoover was an ass, and asses should be laughed at, you laughed at Herbert Hoover. Or, if you were born across the street, you laughed at Franklin Roosevelt. Who they were, you didn’t know. But the local ground rules said you were to laugh at them. In the same way, you were supposed to guffaw when someone told a story which proved that Swedes are stupid, Scots are tight, Englishmen are stuffy and the Mexicans never wash.

                    Your laughs were beginning to sound a little tinny. Then you learned it was socially advantageous to laugh at Protestants and/or Catholics …'

                    I hope you are smart enough to understand the point he was trying to make.

                  • @GnarlyKnuckles: You're apparently oblivious to, or at the very least uninterested in, things which are obvious to anyone with two functioning eyes and an at least moderately serviceable anterior insular (ironic that eh?) cortex. Missed the news about shop staff being threatened and books being withdrawn from sale in Australia because of credulous, ignorant (the real cause of extremism), reactionary "karens" did you?

                    Even though I understand the position of some who want to see popular books, ditties and traditions - eg the Dutch Zwarte Piet - changed (something you ignorantly label "wokeism"), for the most part I disagree with the principle because they reflect knowledge, standards and mores of the time. We (humans) can, and with some exceptions have, learn a lot from that. We can rail against similar things in our own times but I see no point in attempting to rewrite history when it's just as easy to explain to kids how and why attitudes have changed. Unlike you and other reactionaries though I'll at least try to listen to both sides of the argument before forming an opinion on the worth of a change. Again, unlike your demographic, even then I won't assume my opinion is worth the same as scholars and those directly involved/affected.

                    Your dissing of "academia" is quite typical of your demographic. Such generalisations are invariably based on nothing but personal prejudices. I now recall that you previously restricted your broad-brush insults to the humanities. What changed in the last year or so? No-one capable of adult reason has ever suggested that any sector or segment of this country is perfect. Nor would anyone with even basic level critical thinking abilities suggest any of them is homogenous wrt standards, beliefs, opinions, or the way they act, speak or write. That's primary school stuff.

                    • @Igaf: Yo gaffer, re:

                      'Your dissing of "academia" …'

                      When did I 'dis academia'? I myself am an academic.

                      • @GnarlyKnuckles: Cut the childish intros, you're long past that, or ought to be.

                        In your own words:

                        "It's more the fact that this is just one small example of the extreme wokeism that is pervading numerous areas of consumerism, pop-culture, the arts more broadly, and academia in this country."

                        It's a common trait in certain demographics (and elements of the conservative media in particular) for people to ascribe a trait to a group based primarily on their own obvious contrary biases, or at best a few isolated cases which come to their attention because they're consistently seeking to confirm their own ever present biases. It's also far from rare that, like you. they exclude themselves from the group (eg 'wokeism is extreme in academia'.(clearly a wild exaggeration); subtext: 'I'm an academic but of course I'm different'). Indeed you are in many ways, as is every single one of those academics you've ignorantly lumped in your ludicrous statement above.

                        Some people are easily led, some are easily offended. You appear to have a foot firmly entrenched in both camps.

                        • @Igaf: I suggest that you learn to read properly, and that you do not deliberately misquote people in order to push your own biased agenda. I never said 'wokeism is extreme in academia', and I certainly never even loosely implied that anything I was saying applied to 'every single academic'. Your assertions to the contrary are laughable. You are clearly incapable of reading anything that you don't like the sound of without misinterpreting it as a result of your own ideology.

                          Some people are simply incapable of objectivity, and thus project their own version of reality onto just about everything that they encounter. Some doggedly ignore self evident truths to the point where they paint themselves into a corner. You clearly have a foot in both camps.

                          • @GnarlyKnuckles: That 'I never said' line is also a common trait of a particular demographic. Most often it's an attempt (most invariably unsuccessful) to divert after they've either intentionally or through their ignorance made a statement with a clear implication which has been soundly refuted. In your case the statement didn't imply, it SAID. Not sure who you think you're convincing but I'm not the credulous type so you can take me off your list of easy marks.

                            Your denial doesn't change the facts. We can all read and comprehend what you wrote. It's now highlighted for posterity. If you meant something different - eg "occasionally a few people in academia engage in what you consider extreme wokeism' and gave examples then readers might form a different view of your position. As it stands there is no interpretation required. Generalisations like yours are in my experience not common in academia, for obvious reasons. An Ozbargain nupty might be excused. What's your excuse?

                            • @Igaf: Persist with your incessant nattering if you must gaffer tape, it is amusing, but do try to avoid misquoting people in the future. This is a fundamental tenet of academia. The mistake is usually made by high school students who have not yet learned that when you ascribe a direct quote to someone, using quotation marks, you must actually use the exact words that they did; you can't make up self-serving stuff and pretend it is what they said. Are you a high school student gaffer? If not, then what's your excuse?

                              • @GnarlyKnuckles: Obviously you were dragging those knuckles way back when you should have been paying attention in English class. I suspect even junior high school students know that there is more than one use for double quotation marks. A couple of minutes googling might help yopu fill in the gaps in your education.

                                The important thing here is not so much the fact that you've ascribed fault - without evidence or any attempt to define what you think (NB) is "extreme wokeism" is - to "academia", but that clearly you haven't bothered to inform yourself about the cases of "extreme wokeism" most often raised by ideologists and juveniles. Learn anything from the Dr Seuss link did you? Rhetorical question.

                                Don't know about you but I can't recall a single instance of egregious "wokeism" in Australian academics in the disciplines of economics/finance, science (huge field there), medicine, engineering, international affairs, maths, computing, linguistics, archaeology, LAW etc etc etc. There must have been many dozens if we're to believe your opinion. Can you help me out?

        • +2

          Next time someone in person hits me with wokeism Imma just gunna turn round and give em a chinese burn.

        • +1

          Worry less about what things are called, you'll live longer.

        • +1

          You do know that Humpty Dumpty wasn’t originally an egg, right?
          Also, in the original story, Pinocchio disagreed with Jiminy Cricket and killed him with a hammer.
          And the mother of Hansel and Gretel is the one who abandoned her kids in the forest, but without any food because she wanted them to starve to death.

          These stories have been changed LONG before “woke” was deemed a word and not a grammatical error by idiots

  • +4

    The feedback looks terrible on previous deals to be honest.

  • +10

    not worth it. i have so many coins, and the withdrawal restrictions are ridiculous.

    give me a reason to use the app again

    • +8

      How about another halving of rewards or limiting to 1 reciept per day sound good lol

      • +6

        if i could get my coins out i'd be happy… these guys are becoming as much of a joke as Socialgood (which i apparently have $600 of too LOL)

    • Re:

      'not worth it. i have so many coins, and the withdrawal restrictions are ridiculous.'

      Yes this, totally.

      The brief 'honeymoon' period tricks new users into a false reality, then once they start to accumulate an amount of 'coins' that might actually be useful, the goalposts are shifted such that an absolute maximum of only a couple of hundred bucks a year can be realistically achieved, and even that requires a substantial amount of work.

      Personally I suspect less than 1% or 2% of users are actually wasting enough of their valuable time to 'climb through the tiers', and keep performing the onerous tasks required every month to remain on that tier. If they had enough of an income to enable them to do that, their time would be more valuable. The whole 'deal' makes zero sense in terms of remaining engaged with this app after the 3-week honey-moon period (or has that been shortened now?).

  • What is the quickest way to increase karma ?

    The only way shown for me is using loyalty cards


    • -4

      Join the FB community, link up with 'buddies' from the community and they will 'like' your reviews - bumping up your karma.
      You just need to create a few well written reviews to get them in the 'buddies' timelines

      • +3



        'You just need to create a few well written reviews …'

        Every month you need to do that (and numerous other things), for a payoff of less than $20? Perhaps you are unacquainted with the minimum hourly wage here in Australia …

      • +6

        @TeamShping it's not a great look to only reply to the one positive comment in the thread while seemingly ignoring the dozen raising concerns.

    • +7

      Whats the point.

      • Each month, the difficulty to bump up to next level increases.
      • Each few month , the amount of shping decreases for tasks, used to take few weeks to accumilate your monthly withdrawal target, now it takes over a month.

      The amount of shping for time consumed to get the rewards is not worth it now. Maybe a few bucks an hour of effort.

      The project should reward more , not remove rewards

      • It's pretty standard behaviour to have a higher level of rewards at the beginning as a PR push and then reduce them to an affordable level as time goes on.

        You said you've earnt hundreds of dollars from the app, you can't possibly believe you've actually provided that much value to them?

        • Yo callmum999, that is not the point at all.

          The point is that Shping is suddenly and rapidly increasing all the requirements needed to earn anything via their app, and apparently hoping we won't really notice (?!?wtf?!?).

          Nice try, Shping. Bye, Shping.

          • @GnarlyKnuckles: The person I was talking to made exactly that point…

            I couldn't care less whether you want to spend your time using this app that's likely going to fail anyway, but they're paying out hundreds of dollars for people to do stuff that clearly isn't generating them anywhere near that amount of revenue. That's obviously not remotely sustainable so obviously they're going to have to reduce that amount to try and remain solvent and not "reward more".

            • +1

              @callum9999: Good points callmum. Shping should reduce the 'honeymoon perks', in favour of better looking after the longer-term users they have actually successfully acquired; who are now all leaving because they keep getting kicked. It seems to me that unless they do that, they will experience an inevitable rapid downward spiral that culminates in total failure.

              • +1

                @GnarlyKnuckles: I think you're right, but that doesn't change whether handing out hundreds of dollars for effectively nothing is sustainable or not.

                I don't think the typical person on here is remotely representative of their target customer. The most vocal people on here are typically adept at taking advantage of, or abusing, things like this whereas a more casual user would generally use it as intended (uploading a handful of receipts a week and maybe buying the products promoted as boosts). Them getting angry about their gravy train derailing doesn't mean the rest of the public will react the same way.

                My opinion on the cause of their inevitable downfall is the use of a stupid, pointless, erratic and completely unknown cryptocoin in conjunction with punitive fees to convert into useable cash (they regularly counter the erratic nature of the coin by suggesting you convert to cash straight away, but the withdrawal fee prevents realistically doing that). The majority have zero interest in the hugely well known coins like bitcoin, let alone have any desire to trade "Shping coins" in exchange for small grocery discounts!

  • Half the time you buy one of these promos after activation, its recognized on receipt and it doesnt track
    Shping is OK though

  • +6

    Adding to @easternculture 's comment, I noticed a halving of the receipt rewards and then with although an upgrade in technology to process receipts automatically, they've reduced the incentives to be rewarded for receipt uploads.

    Isn't that the main point of the app?? The incentive isn't there now and with the new limitations, it has made the app less incentivising to use

  • +2

    Yeah, this is not going well.
    I wasn't a fan at the start and now the difficulty and effort is crazy.

    • I was not a fan either. Gave them benefit of the doubt. Should have stuck with my instinct but im a few hundred dollars richer so all good.

  • +2

    Unsubscribed from emails, still getting them
    I’ve gotten more emails after unsubscribing than cents from receipt uploads

    • I am also having this problem. Unsubscribed from Shping emails, yet I continue to get them.

      • -2

        hey, DM us your email and we will investigate - should not be happening. Thanks!

    • -2

      hey, DM us your email and we will investigate - should not be happening. Thanks!

  • +5

    Lmao @TeamShping selective replying at its best 🤣

  • +3

    Was looking at apps to delete and glad I found this thread.

    As others have noted, pathetic effort by the rep to ignore and not address these issues.

  • NAh

  • Hey everyone, we wanted to address a few points here

    As we've expanded the receipts we accept and reward, we've had to make adjustments to the amount we pay out per receipt.

    The reason we implemented restrictions on number of receipts per store per day is that we noticed a number of users checking out one item at a time to 'game' the rewards.
    This is not the intended purpose of the app.

    We want our system to be sustainable for the long term and available for the mass market.
    These changes help us continue to bring new Booster offers and more rewards every week

    We'll also be offering 'one free withdrawal' per month early next year too.

    Feel free to DM us with any questions on this.

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