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Hario Cold Brew Pot 1L - $29.90 (was $34.90) + $9.95 Shipping ($0 BNE C&C) @ Alternative Brewing


Christmas Sale Price Reduction, Final Week - Hario Cold Brew Pot reduced from $34.9 to $29.90 + $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping

Brew simple, strong, low acidic cold brew coffee with ease. Store for up to a week and drink with ease.

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    A litre is a little small though unless you are going to be brewing every other day. Toddy is more expensive ($60ish) but you can make heaps.

    • If you brew for 15 hours, it's quite a strong concentrate which you can use as a base concentrate and top up with water. This way it makes quite a few cups of coffee from the 1L. Video here: https://youtu.be/P_t_l_7k958?si=hUy0rEns4ckxrVP2

      • Yeah we make a concentrate around 400g of coffee with 1.6-1.7L of water depending on how accurate my pouring is haha.

  • +7

    Not that good a deal.

    Amazon JP has these for $19 a few months back


    • +2

      Yep got mine for $18.65 delivered

    • +6

      Not a valid reason for a negative vote, its $42 on Amazon now.

    • Oh I bought this! Its still in the box.. somewhere…

  • im curious do you remove the coffee after the brewing period or is it fine to leave in much longer? (ive seen ppl comment to leave it in between 8-24hours)

    • I leave mine in for 24 hours. I grind coffee to size 54 on Breville grinder.
      I was lucky enough to get one during to Amazon Japan deal. Have the smaller 600 ml one . It fits nicely in the door or top shelf of normal fridge , or I take it on holidays and it still fits easily in bar sized fridge door.
      The instructions were written in Japanese with pictures.

  • +1

    Thanks, reminded me I have one of these in a cupboard somewhere. Time to make some concentrate for iced coffee!

  • saw how they do it, its exactly like the one for my tea. sweet, saved me some money, i will just dual purpose the one for my tea.

    • Just check the mesh design. Cold brew with a load of sediment isn't very nice - need to watch your grind settings in any case.

      • +1

        thanks mate, my tea filter is a tight weave and looks similar to this hario by the pictures. i usually make espresso and i have a grinder, what do you recommend for the grind settings? this freaking hot summer is hard to drink hot ass coffee on a hot ass day, lol.

        • I just do really coarse and let it brew, let it brew! I go for up to a day (someone here above does the same) before carefully removing the 'exhausted' grounds. I also make a small (300ml) bottle of 'liquid' sugar to keep in the fridge for easy sweetening.

  • Not exactly a deal if shipping is included.


    • Ordinarily, I'd agree… and for me, shipping kills this deal. In saying that, the Amazon listing is more expensive even with free shipping.

      • Coz last one on speical was sold so quickly LOL

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