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Roasted Cashews 750g $10 @ Woolworths


Edit: Were also on special at Coles, no longer. Woolies still have them at the reduced price. Third week running!

Woolies have cashews for $10. Perhaps a good gift for someone you want to give a small present to, for Christmas? But think before you act, don't give them to someone who could choke on them, like great-grandpa.

Coles only have salted, they don't sell unsalted in this weight. Link: https://www.coles.com.au/product/coles-roasted-and-salted-cashews-750g-5259350

Woolies have both salted and unsalted, click the "Go to Deal" link to see those.

Allergy warning: these have multiple allergy warnings, not only for other nut types, but wheat and gluten are also listed on the Coles ones, and sesame seeds on the Woolies ones.

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    Woolies and Coles at the same time?! This deal is nuts

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      Yeah, previously they used to do sales on the same thing on alternate weeks to avoid accusations of collusion monopoly and manipulation. Looks like they don’t give a shit anymore after they got invited to explain things to the senate 😂. Guilty as charged!

      • stop care in covid just keep put price up it meat been by Primo the Brazilian butchers if own it all why not make killing

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    I would be very happy if I were given this as a gift.

    • +12

      Postage to Jupiter is a bit expensive…

      • +2

        No problem. I will use this deal to buy a packet tomorrow with the 2000 pts I am getting from my ER account.

        • +1

          Earth Repatriation? Extraterrestrial Recreation?

          • @tharlow: Everyday rewards but i like your take on it.

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    Anyone know why Coles don't sell unsalted? Just curious

    • not enough profits from them¿

    • +1

      Probably same reason why Woolies don't sell Fanta Zero

    • +3

      Cuz they’re salty

  • These ColesWorths make me laugh tbh.

    This is their home brand and yet they still are highly priced.

    Aldi yesterday: Salted/Unsalted cashews $15/kg nOrMaL pRiCe

    Cadburys family choc block:
    Woolworths normal price: $6
    Fresh and save normal price: $2.89

    I could go on about things like their tinned biscuits, their cadbury family favourites, their roast chocks, etc.. but no.. lets just stay comfortable and shop at colesworth.

    rant over.

    • +1

      I dont know if Aldi cashews are the same quality/taste. I tried the Aldi almonds once and did not buy them again.

      • Are there likely to be many different places these are packed from?
        Also. Just because on this was not to your standard ma I’m not sure you can judge all like this.

      • @ techno2000
        I been buying Aldi almonds lately, they seem ok to me
        I bought some from woolies a week or so ago and like … I was that pissed I actually went through the rubbish bin found the receipt and returned them … they were absolutely horrible.

        • Not to dismiss your experience but coudl this be a one off or a bad batch¿

      • Ime Coles cashews >> ALDI > Ww. Ymmv.
        Last two batches of Ww cashews were pretty poor, now off the list permanently. Local ALDI hasn't had the $15.49 kg packs for yonks.

        • Local ALDI hasn't had the $15.49 kg packs for yonks.

          I was shopping in Aldi today, and they're at that price right now. Pic here:

          They're in the specials section, not in the nuts section.

          Aldi has a stock checker for specials, and only the salted ones show up for me when I search for "cashews":

          • @Russ: Thanks Russ. Assumed from comments that this was an everyday price which I'd missed. Obviously not.

            Could be a useful link although how reliable it is would be questionable. Check on this product came up empty

            Local ALDI stock mgt is poor, has been for a long time. Asked one of the mgrs a few years ago and he said while they do inventory orders what they receive is out of their hands.

            • @Igaf:

              Assumed from comments that this was an everyday price

              $15.99 per 1kg bag is the everyday price.

              how reliable it is would be questionable

              I reckon the computer just calculates the number that were shipped to the store, less the number scanned at the register. I doubt Aldi will have their staff counting stock, except they probably do a daily sweep of the store to note items that have zero stock.

              • @Russ: Not at my ALDI. The $15.49 price mentioned appears in Special Buys and are "rare" 1 kg packs. Perhaps there's a Canberra tax? Everyday packs are 700/750g iirc and more than $20/kg. I look regularly because I know Colesworth will eventually have a sub $14/kg special - not that I'll be buying Ww cashews anytime soon.

                Yes, obviously stock availability is an automated process. As with most supermarkets it will be hit and miss because of THEFT (euphemistically called "shoplifting"), stock damage (unlikely in the case of cashews), use-by dates etc.

                • @Igaf:

                  Perhaps there's a Canberra tax? Everyday packs are 700/750g iirc and more than $20/kg.

                  I have always wondered if Aldi's reluctance to show pricing online, is so they can have different prices in different stores. Maybe they do!

                  Here's a photo of the 750g packs in a Brisbane store, taken on 15/12/2023:


                  They weren't signed as being on special, so I assume $11.99/750g (= $15.99/kg) is the normal price.

                  I'll check again, next time I'm in Aldi, and report back if I see a different price.

    • +2

      roast chocks

      Wonder how they fare against roast chooks.

    • +2

      These are less than $15/kg though?

      • -1

        Also on special.
        Not normal price like the examples given

        • +3

          Ozbargain is about specials.

          • -1

            @RSmith: thank you for that captain obvious, but you do realise that people also regularly comment here about how a so called discount isnt really a discount.

            So not sure why you felt the need to comment tbh.

            • @FredAstair: Why are you comparing a normal price with a discounted price?

              Ozbargain is about the cheapest price you can get for the product.

              You shouldn't have published your first comment tbh.

              • @RSmith: maybe search comments for camelcamelcamel.

                You might see lots of other ozbargainers commenting on how a special really isnt a special.

                Then we can talk.

                • -1


                  maybe search comments for camelcamelcamel.

                  Did. Nothing I can find about cashews.

                  If you are so worked up, maybe neg the deal.

                  • -1

                    @RSmith: Seriously dude.

                    Put the pipe down and get some sleep.

                    You appear to have lost the plot here.

    • I avoid them as more as I can now. But when I go to buy milk they are always packed so we'll never win

      • Not with that attitude you won’t

    • Have you checked Costco's?

    • +1

      What the f is Fresh and Save?

      • Not sure you necessarily needed to ask in that way, but all the same, they are A Queensland supermarket group.

        Not many of them but they have food as prices youd expect them to to.
        Rather than what the duopoly tell you they should be.

        A bit like how Bilo used to be (before being bought out by one of the duopolies) or for thise here from places like Toowoomba, like the old Jack the Slashers.

    • +2

      Aldi yesterday: Salted/Unsalted cashews $15/kg nOrMaL pRiCe

      My Aldi says $15.99/kg, not $15/kg. Pic here, taken today:

      Neither price beats the ones in this deal, at $13.33/kg. And you can stock up on them during specials, so you never have to buy them at normal price. On a per-kg basis, stocking up on cashews at Coles and Woolies when they're on special, will save you money compared to Aldi.

      I like Aldi, and do most of my grocery shopping there. But for cashews, I prefer to save money by buying at Coles and WW.

      • -3

        It's a shame you couldnt just answer civily instesd of with such attitude as I can see your logic to a degree.

        Never said it price beat this deal.

        But did state how their normal price is over inflated and tomput in perspective that this deal ofmtheirs isnt as impressive as it appears to be.

        Yes stocking up on things is what most of us here do. As it is ozbargains.

        But the irony lies in the amount of spite some of you have for some replies here but are virtually silent with others of similar calibre.

        Honestly. Sometime i feel im dealing with hormonal teens here than just other average people trying to save a dime.

        btw.. make sure you check the best by date on things like nuts as I must say that off their track record i doubt theyre giving these as fresh from the factory.
        Maybe they are but as far as nuts go eating old ones is not a good idea if you like your health.

    • -1

      Cadburys family choc block:
      Woolworths normal price: $6
      Fresh and save normal price: $2.89

      That's great, except they only have stores in Queesland.

      ColesWorth stores are nationwide and in abundance.

      • -1

        That is true.
        I often see similar posts like that for other places like Sydney or Melbourne for places that don’t exist in QLD.

        Have already stated that here about them being only in QLD after someone so politely asked:

        What the f is Fresh and Save?

        But I’m sorry that you felt the need to ask the same Question even though there is probably similar examples of other stores in other states that also have every day ideas listed cheaper than ColesWorth do.

        But hey.. you just be one of those people looking to fault someone’s post rather that take it in the intended vein of how we tolerate the Duopoly setting these prices so that they can fool the general public in thinking that they’re so wonderful when they offer an over priced item at a discount which isn’t much different than the regular price elsewhere.

        Now see here’s a further irony for you:
        A small supermarket chain like this one here, with an obvious smaller buying power, can somehow provide cheaper prices that a huge supermarket with massive buying powers.

        Ironic huh.

        • +1

          But I’m sorry that you felt the need to ask the same Question even though there is probably similar examples of other stores in other states that also have every day ideas listed cheaper than ColesWorth do.

          Possibly, but I (among most other people) mainly shop at ColesWorth because it's convinient.

          Independant grocers simply do not have the same range, and I'm not going to travel between multiple different stores just to get items for the same or a slightly cheaper price, my time is worth more than a couple of bucks.

  • Which one is taste better? Woolies or coles ?

    • +2

      I like the unsalted and roasted ones from Woolies.

    • Tastes can differ markedly but for salted, Coles by a long way based on my last two buys at Ww (2023). Ww is on the never again list. Not sure what happened, previously they were good enough for supermarket nuts.

    • That depends on your favourite colour.

    • Coles are way better. Had Woolies peanuts & cashews a couple weeks ago and they were underroasted and barely salted.

  • -2

    I love salty nuts in my mouth :)

  • Wish they'd do raw

    • +1

      Except you are not suppose to eat them raw.

      • works the other way for me a failsafe diet

    • +1

      Cashews are poisonous when raw.

      Quote: Even cashews sold as raw have been roasted once after being carefully harvested and shelled to remove any toxic oil residue.

      From https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/are-cashews-poisonous

      After the first roasting, they may appear to be raw, but they're not. In "roasted" cashews, it's the second or third roasting that develops the colour you expect to see.

      • interesting but i'm on a failsafe diet where raosted actually creates more of the problem chemicals for me at least

        • +1

          Packaged cashews sold as "raw" are very likely to have been steamed to get rid of any possible poison contamination. Wouldn't be permitted to sell them otherwise.

  • +2

    Bought the woolies ones yesterday, like eating not so fresh veggies. I forgot that I had decided long time ago not to buy nuts from Woolies.
    Coles is slightly better imo

    • I also bought the Woolworths ones, roasted and salted. Mine were like a mixed bag of roasted and under-roasted nuts. Lacked a satisfying crunch, like eating stale rice crackers.

      At my local Woolies, the veggie discounts come with a cost too. Whenever the broccoli is cheap in that week's cycle (<$3.50) it nearly always has already begun to yellow.

  • the residue from the shell, generally found on raw cashews, is believed to assist people with (potentially lethal) polyps in their bowel

    • Link?

  • +1

    I like your commentary both for humour and truth, and i guess those two things are never that far apart :D

    • +1

      Thanks, I just thought it was a good idea to add the warning, so there are no unintended consequences. And adding a little bit of humour makes people think, so they remember the warning!

      Although I'm not sure "humour" is the correct word here. Perhaps "irony" is a better fit?

  • Walnuts + Almonds >>

    • I can see walnuts on special, but perhaps the special on almonds just expired?

      I think hardly anyone will see this post now, as it's more than two weeks old. I recommend you create a new deal for the walnuts.

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