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Laphroaig Quarter Cask 700ml - $84.99 - Nick's Wine Merchants (Melb)


Not for the faint hearted…
I don't think you will find a better price at the moment.
Great price for pick up. (doncaster)
Free delivery if you spend over $200 - Australia Wide

In melbourne - delivery $10 for 1 or 2 bottles (total)
In Sydney - delivery $15 for 1 or 2 bottles (total)
In perth - $22 (as above)

here are the rest of their delivery prices

99 bucks at dan murphy's - if you wanted to price match

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Nicks Wine Merchants
Nicks Wine Merchants

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    here are the tasting notes….

    Tasting note: Bright gold colour. First passing reeks of choc fudge and vanilla laced peat. After aeration, the bouquet loses a little of its perfume and becomes more seaweedy and oceanic. A subtle peppermint note combines with a touch of bandaid - outstanding aromatic complexity. Soft slightly oily entry builds into a typically robust, mouthfilling Laphroaig experience as waves of sweet smoke, salt, pepper, iodine and vanilla are delivered with a creamy, warming mouthfeel and a gentle spirit tingle. Finishes refreshingly dry and long with cocoa, peat and subtle baked citrus notes lingering. Impressive. 48% Alc./Vol.

    Other reviews… “Nose: Burning embers of peat in a crofter’s fireplace; sweet intense malt and lovely, refreshing citrus as well; Taste: mouthwatering, mouthfilling and mouth-astounding: the perfect weight of the smoke has no problems filling every crevice of the palate. , builds towards a sensationally sweet maltiness in the middle; Finish: really long and dries appropriately with smoke and spice. Classic Laphroaig. Balance: a great distillery back to its awesome, if a little sweet, self. Layer upon layer of sexed up peatiness, this is the closest to how I remember it some thirty years ago!” Rating: 95 - Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2006

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      lol, some other tasting notes: "Candied jerky creeps up behind and put its arms around you, whilst nightingales lick you with Mars Bar tongues…. A hint of post-structuralism lends a pleasing tang to the smooth bass notes of a semi-retired pastry-chef's apron strings… After a time, droplets of nirvana and complete understanding will cling to the roof of your mouth, with a lemon-peanut-butter-sandalwood build and some peppery, toffee-like, galangal qualities… Finishes on an unmistakeable note of poached chicken breast and miniature Sequoia, leaving the drinker exhausted, yet curious about the sport of curling.

      • my tasting notes
        great peaty single malt
        (sorry for being so unsophistocated)


      • Ha-ha, I suspect some of these 'experts' must be laughing their heads off when they saw how some people taking their gibberish so seriously as to quote them other than for marketing purposes.

      • Where's that one from Paddy? That's a fantastic description. Totally useless, but still fantastic.

        • +3

          lol, my head.

        • Hah, sorry for the 'useless' comment then! Love the review though, keep up the good work : ).

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    Really only cheaper than Dan's in Melb Metro. Anywhere delivery is $15+ it's same price as Dan's or more expensive due to free delivery: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/82086

    • indeed this is true …. unless you buy 2+ bottles
      (I did put "melb" in the title)

      • +1

        Just alerting (not alarming) people to the other deal in case the delivery here does not work out for them. :)

  • Does anyone know why decent whisky is so overpriced in Oz?

    On a strict conversion the usual price should be ~$48. Now you can understand some markup for the journey, but even so, this 'bargain' price is well up on what it should be.

    • I agree - its crazy

      but what isn't overpriced in Australia….

    • we should really start a website called "single malts on sale" that tracks scotches on sale throughout australia.

      we could even be tricky and create a group buying service where members help other members who aren't in that city out etc….


  • Ive had this before, tastes and smells like old school bandaids or antiseptic. Good for that last minute amputation….

    • Islay malts are an acquired taste - if this is too peaty or has too much iodine smell for you, try one from further up the island, where its less aggressive.

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