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20% off Selected Liquor (Min Order $50, Max Discount $50) @ Coles Online (Excludes QLD, TAS, NT)


Grab 20% off selected Liquor on Coles Online, last minute gifting sorted, happy shopping!

T&C's apply

Recommended Picks to stack with offer!

Mayfair Gin range
Ovation Sparkling
Winton Road Range
Tinnies Beer
Smithy's Beer
Canard Champagne

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  • +5

    *selected items being the key. These deals used to be off all liquor…

    • Very true not worth it anymore it used to be 20%off on all products now its limited to only coles liquor varieties not on Bomabay gin or Tanquery gin.

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed a slab of Tinnies Hazy

  • Getting an error. Have spent more than the minimum. I am in Vic.
    “You have not qualified for this promotion“

    • +1

      Because its only for selected products. The product you want to purchase might not on their 20%0ff discount list.

      • That’s a first with this promotion.
        Wish they had a list of what is included. Impossible to guess. 🤣

        • Follow the deal link and it will take you to the products included in the 20% off deal?

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    Grab 20% off selected Liquor on Coles Online, last minute gifting sorted, happy shopping!


  • +1

    Why did they change it to selected. Makes the selection pretty dismal

    • +2

      It's like having a sale on the vegan menu at a bbq joint

  • +1

    Limited to fake Coles brands that already have 200% markup

  • Man I've been trying to get a few slabs of the Brewmanity beer on this for 2 weeks now! It keeps letting me order it, but it's been out of stock the whole time. On the plus side, I've scored a free bottle of whisky, a free bottle of gin, and 6 free bottles of wine. Merry Xmas everyone!

    PS you can stack this code with the $15 off for $170+ one. It just has to be $170 after the 20% discount.

  • Coles online is pretty shit service, arranged to pick up twice and both failed due to stocks were not available, refund was very slowly done…look elsewhere if you can

    • Yeah they're abysmal

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