Katana Brushless Line Trimmer Head Stuck

Hi All

I recently bought the Katana line trimmer from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/823192

Having no experience in setting the line trimmer head, I suspect I made a silly mistake of not adding the mounting disc before attaching the line trimmer head. Once the setup was complete, I tried to use but the head felt stuck/jammed.

Now I can't remove the trimmer head.
So if you bought the same then don't do this mistake.

I called kincrome support and they requested me to email as their technician team left early (understood for the long weekend) and they will revert on Tuesday to see if anything could be done.

In the meantime, If anyone have any thoughts/ideas to remove the head, then please shoot.



Though I feel the instructions could be better then just saying "mounting accessories" and leave it to the user guess work


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    words & illustrations arent enough for you?

    • Agree, should be enough for most users and as I said, I made a silly mistake. But if you look at the instructions it says mounting accessories and I assumed that they are not separate (but one could also argue this too)
      Didn't neg you though…

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    Lock the shaft by pressing the spindle lock button. Screw the line spool off the shaft by turning it clockwise.

    If you can't do it, find someone stronger.

    • Thanks for your reply.
      I did try that and what I can see is that the screw on the shaft is also rotating clockwise with the head. Looks like somehow the head is pushed beyond it should be on the shaft screw and somehow I can't detach it now.
      I also tried some wd40 silicon based to see if it helps but no luck.

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        If it is still rotating then the spindle lock button is not pushed far enough in. May need a screwdriver or similar to get under the head enough to push the lock in fully.

  • I assume the disc is used to lock the shaft so without it the shaft will rotate. You may have to remove the geared head of the trimmer and use the spline inside there to lock the shaft.

    • I think you may be right, because the shaft lock button is not clicking, so assuming it is not locking the shaft.
      I will get some pictures to share on how I feel to open the geared head.
      Been busy with kids, but will try this option too.

      • Did you solve the problem yet?

        • Not yet mate and looks like I broke it :)
          So left it for now.. awaiting call from Kincrome customer support. They were helpful in understanding the problem but need someone from technician team to call and consult before next steps

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    Not sure about the Katana but most Gear Heads just slip off after the bolts are undone.

    • Hi mate

      With the pictures below, would you be able to make a guess which bolts will need to be undone?
      I think the 1st one marked with arrows need to be undone?

      Or these marked on box need to be undone?

      I know it would be a guess.

      • Not sure what the arrowed ones are for. Undo the bolts circled. There may also be another screw or bolt that aligns the gear head with the shaft. If so remove that as well. Once you do that the gear head should slide off the shaft. Inside there will probably be a spline that you can use to stop rotation using a flat blade screwdrive that fits between two splines.

      • I can now see a third screw in the gear head so remove that. It's probably the one that locates the shaft in the correct position.The other two clamp the gear head to the shaft.

  • Update:
    After contacting Katana support, they requested couple of videos of the problem. Sending the details were bit of a hoop, using online form, facebook etc.
    But after recording the videos as requested by the tech team, the trimmer is deemed faulty and they will be sending the replacement out.
    Assembly etc seemed fine to them.

    Thanks all for your inputs.

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