This was posted 5 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bulla Creamy Classics Varieties 2 Lt $5.50 (Was $11), Peters Maxibon $4.75 (Was $9.50) Paddle Pops $4.50 (Was $9) @ Woolworths


Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream Varieties 2 Litre… $5.50 (was $11.00)

Peters Maxibon… $4.75 (Was $9.50)

Paddle Pops 8 pack $4.50 (Was $9)

Made in Australia.

Woolworths - Full Catalogue

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    maxibon….. double whammy of a price increase and size reduction

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      Speaking of shrinkflation I've stopped buying Cottees jams, they used to be 500g for $2.50 but are now 375g for $2.80.

      And Woolworths are calling that a Low Price. How dare they!!!

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        Neighbours apricot tree dumped a heap of fruit on the ground. Blended, added sugar and boiled. Poured into jar. Was super easy. Tatses way better. Cost is around 20 cents a jar.

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    I swear the rrp of 2L icecream were around $6-8, now they are $11 LOL! What a joke, SCAMFLATION!

    • You get to eat less icecream, how lucky are you!

    • I can't agree more!

      I don't know it will change anything but we heavily reduced buying those ridiculously price-inflated and non-essential products (just because they can).

      Instead, we support local resturants / shops struggling to survive but still maintain same price tag and quality. Sadly, there aren't many of them left.

    • They were. Me and my mate used to ritually grab a tub on Fridays after school and order a pizza together. 6 bucks full price. It's almost doubled in price in the span of about 3 years.


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    from next Wednesday I assume?

    • +1

      This Wednesday i.e tomorrow

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    Does anyone remember when Coles or Woolworths or both in store advertised the bulla new price as $6 that lasted all of a month or 2 then bang right up again. This was like 6months ago

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      it was $4.25 half price ~ 2yr ago.
      then jumped to $4.50 around April 2022, then $5 Nov 2022, now $5.50.

      been many years since it was $3.75 half price.

      But this is really gouging.

  • +3

    Every year increased $1 after Covid-19…
    Early last year, I paid $5(RRP $10). After that, I didn't buy ice cream anymore.

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    Lifes too short too complain about the price of icecream

  • +2

    Buy the bulla and use the tub for the home made ice cream from Aldi machine

  • Bulla prices up again I stopped buying it long time ago because of the price increases there's always something cheaper & better out there just got to find it .

    • Let us know when you find it please?

      • Woolies sell both the Golden North and Norco brand 2lt+ sized ice cream ranges.

        They are both actually ice cream as compared to the aerated garbage that most brands produce these days (Bulla are a primary offender of this), neither company have changed their ice-cream recipe in over 50 years. Both companies are Australian made. The RRP for these two brands haven't changed in 3 years. Bulla used to be half the price of both, now they are $1 more than them. Total joke.

  • Great for Australians health >prices to the moon.
    Same with chocolate, better off saving money and treating yourself to gourmet/ premium chocolate.

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    yea… the $4 a tub for bulla stuck for awhile.. now its just insane.. in terms of % increase.

    the shampoo is another culprit. its $10 a bottle now after 1/2 price.. was like $7 bucks a bottle of pantene bfr covid.

  • +1

    1/2 price Paddle Pops as well

    • Thanks, added to the post.

  • What I want to know is who the hell is paying $11 for 2 litres of ice cream or $9 for a box of paddle pops (544ml)?

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