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50% off Sitewide + Delivery ($0 with $75 Order) @ EXIE Studio


Premium seamless women's activewear and loungewear. Shop 50% Off Storewide for a limited time only. Free shipping on orders over $75.

  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Seamless design.
  • Designed in Australia.

Sale ending midnight 22/1/2024.

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    Bonds could learn a thing or two from these guys…

  • +9

    It's not 50% off because you just expired the last post (60% off) at 1.25pm today & posted this one which means it's actually 10% more.

    Price hikes aren't a bargain.

    • -3

      The last deal was "up to 60% off", this one is "50% off sitewide". So more things might be discounted and more things might be cheaper.

      • +6

        The description says… Everything is up to 60% Off. So the rep can't have it both ways.

        I didn't neg you by the way.

        • Exactly - "up to" being the important term.

          I'm not sure why I'm being negged so heavily - the wording on this deal is "50% off site wide" (ie: everything is 50% off), the last deal was "up to 60% off" (ie: most things might only be 10% off, with a couple of things at 60% off).

          Hence this is probably a better deal, and not the same or worse than the last one.

          • +2

            @Flying Ace: Up to OP to prove it's a better deal….they didn't

    • +1

      nice pick up my dude.

  • +2

    Good pickup @watchnerd
    Please don’t post anymore non bargains as all you’re going to do is damage your brand and no one will shop with you.

  • +2

    Price increase is not a bargain

  • +2

    As pointed out, this is not a bargain when it was potentially a higher % off in the expired deal and still there are no specific bargains listed in this most recent deal.

  • +2

    one could argue no example of an 'actual bargain' has been listed. at least highlight ONE item - its not hard, and increases potential sales?
    this seems like plain old oz-advertising to me.

    also as per rep conduct guidelines:

    Expected Behaviour

    All members are expected to conduct themselves in line with the commenting guidelines and deal posting guidelines. Anyone that posts on OzBargain as a rep, is considered to be representing their company, and must follow those guidelines in addition to conducting themselves professionally at all times.

    It is recommended that reps respond to comments and reasonable enquiries about their deal, product or service. To assist with this, reps are automatically subscribed their deal posts.

    No replies from rep last deal, and none this deal.

  • +2

    Price increase as discovered by WN. OP has done the usual post and run.

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