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Peloton Apparel up to 70% off Sale + Extra 50% off at Checkout + Delivery (Free over $50) @ Peloton Online


Peloton retail prices are inflated but if you look at the 70% off sale category & add to checkout you get to stack an extra 50% off on top on sale items. Some decent deals & a good mix of sizes at the moment. Have purchased previously and quality is good. Free shipping over $50 as well.

Peloton yoga towel from $62 to $9.50
Peloton ladies daydreamer hoodie from $136 to $20.50 Price went up
Peloton men’s dreamblend hoodie from $146 to $22 Price went up

Ladies 70% off sale category direct linkCategory grouping broken on website
Mens 70% off sale category direct linkCategory grouping broken on website

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  • Cheers ordered 4 tshirts $12.50 each free shipping.

  • Thanks OP, bought few tees and crewnecks.

  • Snatched up a new wardrobe. Not sure on quality but should be fine at this price.

  • That covers Valentines day

    Thanks OP

  • Nice. Was looking for some new gym clothes

  • +2

    Great deals, would be better quality than most of the other stuff out there at this price, esp. considering the brand.

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    They have new partnership with Lululemon, which may explain this clearance.

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      Or that the company is going bankrupt post covid

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    Anyone know if I should go true to size?

    • They have normal sizes for the models used on the description so I went by that, looks to be what I usually order.

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        Yes I also look like the models so I just order what they wear and it fits fine.

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    Decent - 3 sets of shorts and a shirt for $51 delivered. Thanks OP.

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    Thanks for posting! I've bought some outfits so now to see if it will actually result in me getting off my butt and exercising… lol

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    Thanks OP! Thought I'd give this a try since the prices are decent

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    Peloton likely getting bought by Apple and thus naming and past merchandise will become cheaper as time progresses.

    • +2

      Likely not

  • Thanks OP, I love my peloton apparel items I bought previously. Have been waiting for another good sale.
    This is a great sale!

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    great deal, i put so much stuff in my cart, i got too carried away.

    had a hard time deciding what i wanted to keep, then realised i probably won't even wear these clothes. :(

    • +1

      your username says you will have a hard time with everything. lol

      • +1

        lol, #facts
        i would really love to buy more crap, but looked at my closet and see a bunch of workout clothes still with tags on them that i haven't worn.
        i keep donating stuff so i don't have so much to clean, but deals like this make me buy more crap. its like i donate 10 things, then buy 15 things. i need to stop the madness, lol.

  • thanks

  • Stuff is still expensive and you are a walking billboard for an over hyped water of money

  • sale looks great. free shipping with $50 is good too. i would like to know from anyone who's purchased before from peloton… is their apparel very good quality stuff or average quality which is overpriced and discounted stuff made to look really cheap?

  • +1

    Filters are broken on the website it keeps showing me womens wear.

    • Yeah the filers are faulty and the site is generally slow to load. Has always been like that in my experience. Seems like they don’t want to invest in the apparel website as the user experience is better on the one peloton website which is all about the peloton equipment and membership.

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    I can confirm Peloton clothes are generally really good quality especially at discounted prices.

    They are generally true to size,otherwise runs a bit large.

    Items I especially like for their quality - hoodies, sweats, anything cadent fabric are really value for money.

    Wash very well and don’t stretch out of shape.

    I have quite a lot of their active wear and some has been with me for a couple of years. I wear them exercising and around home so regularly washed and no issues

    For those who loves Lululemon’s align leggings, peloton’s cadent is the same design but imo the fabric is better. Thicker and stretch/hold in the right places without any discomfort. I have a pair of align after I have been wearing cadent for a while and honestly don’t understand the fuss around aligns. Cadent wash and hold their shape much better.

    Now I have a few non cadent range items. I don’t like them as much (e.g. WITH) basically very polyester based, stretchy nylon feel. For bra tops I am ok with them but for leggings I don’t like the feel because of sweat. They are usually the ones with very cute design however so while they aren’t my favourite they are nice looking on. These ones they run a bit large so generally I can take a size down.

    The feeture socks are amazing (I think features are actually a brand itself but partner with peloton for socks) again wash very well and amazing to wear for exercising. But I only buy when they are on sale because they are quite pricey

    Hope this helps someone

  • Looking for a Men's bottom. Any nice ones there?

  • +2


    I had heaps of stuff in my cart, they were all cheaper in the morning. My cart $ doubled when I tried to go back to checkout just now. They effectively removed/cancelled out the additional 50% off by doubling the sale price of everything I had in my cart.

    No longer feel it's a a deal at these price tbh after the prices all these clothes were showing earlier.

  • +1

    Prices increased, rip.

  • So cheap, I wonder if they will cancel my order, will update.

    • Got my order if anyone cares to know.

  • -3

    Not expired. 50% off in basket. Got hat shirt and shorts for $71 delivered

    • +1

      Sale prices before 50% have for the most part increased overnight so yes you still get 50% off in basket, however, for most things you are paying more now than you would yesterday. Not everything though. Some of the men’s short sleeved tshirts were and are still $42 before the 50% discount.

  • The products that were 12 yesterday in my cart that I forgot to check out are now 22…..

  • Anyone had their order ship yet?

    • Nope

    • I harassed them on live chat and they were less then helpful giving me a delivery date of today to next Wednesday. When I asked how they were going to deliver it today when they haven't actually sent it yet they disconnected the chat. I suspect I was chatting to overseas support as their grasp of English was not great.

    • had a couple of items out of an order today, but no notifcation or anything

    • The plot thickens - as if by coincidence, less than an hour after I harassed them, my order has been "shipped". YMMV :)

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    Just got my order delivered. Damn, the quality is pretty good. Perfect for the gym and jogging. Should have ordered more haha.

  • Mine just shipped

  • +1

    Received in Sydney yesterday - great quality, particularly the shorts. Still feeling like the branding is too heavy/prominent.

    • Agreed, shorts are excellent, branding is meh but, I'm loving the quality

  • Still hadn't received and chased it up this morning. Chat disconnected and sent this email.

    Thank you for contacting Peloton.

    We apologize your chat was dropped earlier, but we’d be happy to help you out!

    We do have ongoing issues with the tracking information of the orders, so as of now we can't provide any information yet, but rest assured that I will keep an eye to this and will keep you posted.

    Thank you for being the best part of Peloton. We wish you the best of luck with your fitness goals!

    Please feel free to respond to this email if you’d like further assistance.

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    Reconnected to try and get some clarification. The response was the same that they had no idea where my order was or what the status is. They mentioned the system showed the payment was only made on the 30th on their side even though the order was made on the 25th with my credit card charged the same day.

    But they're going to keep me updated…

  • So followed up on order today as had previously been advised (after following up the first time) that some items were out of stock.. now it appears all items out of stock, and now after 2 weeks they would cancel the whole order, and provide a full refund. They have also provided a $100 gift voucher for the inconvenience… but going on to the website now, I see at least 1 of the items I had ordered, still on stock, but at $50 vs what I bought it for for $15!

    Surely this is not right (withstanding the gift voucher they’ve provided.).. ? Can they just cancel orders because they’ve figured out maybe they didn’t want to sell at that price?

    It all feels a little bait and switch to me?

    Anyone thoughts on this? Poor form in any case for a company of this size to have an online platform they don’t know stock quantities of.. and don’t tell me everyone had something in their cart at the same time and ordered at exactly the same time also?

    • This sounds familiar. Had the same experience today. They said no stock for the items I wanted and didn't know when they'll get more. They offered me the $100 as well. (I spent $55) Tried to get me to buy stuff straight away via the chat with the voucher (things I didn't want in sizes that wouldn't have fit me). I declined and said I'll wait until they get stock. They then said they don't know if they will get stock or not.

      I've got the distinct feeling they won't get anymore stock. But in the end, its worth the gamble. Worst case, I get my money back.

      I reckon you should hop on the chat again and push for that item if you want it. Did you take the voucher? I thought they had an in-stock item I bought too but it turns out it was the wrong size and 4 times the price now anyway.

      • My original order was (at RRP) close to $1000, discounted to $144… which I admit was a solidly good discount.. I think one of the items I ordered is (still) showing as in stock, but now more than 3x the previously discounted price… I appreciate the gesture of the voucher, but this all screams to me of bait advertising.. In my mind, they should offer to replace the items to the same RRP, or provide a similar $ discount on a future purchase!

        I ordered items which their website showed were in stock, they accepted my payment, and if not for the chasing up would still be holding my $$, and would probably not have cancelled the order until much later had I not called up to enquire today after receiving another email from them TODAY which said they could not provide an update on stock!?

        I get if a mum and pop internet business gets overwhelmed by customers racing to a sale they have put on.. but a multinational Nasdaq listed company???

        • Its odd. The extra 50% had to have been a pricing error which looks to have been honoured for some. I reckon if I contacted them last week, the order would have been sent. Lesson for next time.

        • My order has shipped. Only 3 items so they must still be getting stock back in. I guess in your case, they'll probably wait until all items are in stock before dispatching.

          • @oMavericko: They cancelled my order and gave me a $100 gift voucher, which cannot be applied to sale stock?!?

            So annoying..

  • Just got my delivery… quality was disappointing. Has a 30 day return policy but there are no instructions on how to do so!

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