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Cygnett MagCharge Magnetic Wireless Charger $14.95 (RRP $49.95) + Delivery (Standard $6.99, Express $9.99) @ Pop Phones


Cygnett MagCharge Magnetic Wireless Charging Cable (2M) – White

-Compatible with MagSafe
-Up to 15W fast charging
-One ring to charge them all
-Go the distance
-Meet our Magnetic family

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    For the easily confused like me.
    Yes, this is a cable.
    Yes, this cable wirelessly charges.
    No, I have no idea why they called it a cable instead of a wireless charger.

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      No, I have no idea why they called it a cable instead of a wireless charger.

      Because it's not a charger either. You still need a charger to plug this into. "Wireless charging cable" is a more accurate name.

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    Website states Invalid coupon code!

    • code IS ACTIVE NOW

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      Thank you. It's always worth reading comments on expired deal posts

      • I found that too

  • I can’t figure out why my iPhone 14 charges fast using cable and 20w charger but when I use 15w MagSafe it’s so slow

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      Double check the case, maybe it is too thick or if you have something in there in between, it will be slow and hot.

      • Thanks I’ll check it out

    • Do you mean the genuine Apple 20W charger with Apple MagSafe 15W cable? Because not all third party wireless chargers can do 15W with iPhones: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/do-no-3rd-party-magsafe…

      • Ahhh you’re right! I’m using this Belkin BoostCharge
        Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand 7.5W I got from JB for $20.

        I don’t get if it’s $59 normally why is it shitty specs like 7.5w

        I also have this cygnet magdesk in my bedroom:

        These are the specs:
        Input / Output

        USB-C Input: 5.0V⎓3.0A (15.0W), 9.0V⎓3.0A (27.0W), 12.0V⎓3.0A (36.0W Max)
        Wireless Output: 5.0W/7.5W/10.0W/15.0W (15.0W Max)
        Wireless AirPods Output: 5.0W (Max)
        Wireless Watch Output: 5.0W (Max)
        Total Output: 25.0W Max

        So this one would be 15w MagSafe charge ay?

        • Read the product page:

          MagDesk will hold your phone in perfect charging and viewing position and supporting 7.5W wireless charging for iPhone 8-14 and up to 15W fast wireless charging for other Qi wireless charging phones.

          The Cygnett in this deal is the same:

          iPhone 8 onwards: up to 7.5W

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            @bio: Ahhh k I didn’t see that bit. Thanks so much for you help

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