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LEGO Flowers (Roses, Sunflowers, Daffodils, Lotus Flowers, Cherry Blossoms) $17 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store/OnePass) @ Kmart


Daffodils (These are the same as the 2023 Daffodils, just different packaging)
Lotus Flowers
Cherry Blossoms - just released!

RRP $22.99. Spotted these in my local Kmart today. Put them in little vases around the house, or add them to your Flower Bouquet!

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    These are the same as the 2023 Daffodils, just different packaging

    I believe the building age also went from 18+ to 8+.

    IMO, the Botanical Collection packaging (#40646) looks more premium compared to the Creator Edition (#40747)

    • Did they change the actual lego blocks though? Or did they just change the age on the packaging?

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        I believe it's just a packaging change.

        • Thanks
          So they orginal 18+ was just a marketing thing then?
          It seems wrong for lego to use a safety feature as a marketing ploy!

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            @bargain huntress: I believe all the LEGO Botanical Collections are marketed towards adults, hence the 18+ age rating.

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            @bargain huntress: The age rating on Lego sets is always marketing. At best, it's a loose guideline.
            But the 18+ ratings are pure marketing.

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      40646 & 40747 are the same product in box, only the box it self differs.

      Source: I went to Lego.com, searched it and found the same promo pictures of how they look on a coffee table.

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    I love Lego and even I'm struggling to put $17 value on these

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      Yeah but beats paying $23 ha

    • Cheaper than buying flowers each week

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    when will 40460 roses retire? :(:(

  • Good find @kerfuffle thanks

  • Is doing these like doing a puzzle, or are they easier than that?

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      It's like making Lego

      • So more like making something with instructions than solving a puzzle?

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          Yeah, step by step non-lingual based instructions for all steps designed for people 8yo+

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          Wait, have you never built your own LEGO sets??

          I feel like it's a rite of passage for all kids. If you missed out then you should definitely get some!

          • +3

            @Switchblade88: I have seen lego and probably played with it? but i havent assembled a kit like this

            Naw, thats sweet of you to suggest
            Maybe i will

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              @bargain huntress: You absolutely should. Even as an adult it's still lots of fun! I personally love the advanced sets with lots of moving parts, but my wife loves these organic flowers and all our kids love the Star Wars and City sets.

              Everything gets built and rebuilt and lots of my (and my dad's!) blocks are still in circulation in our LEGO tubs, regularly played with almost every day.

    • More like flatpack furniture imo

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    Thanks OP!

    Valentine’s Day is sorted!


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    Sad to think how many of these will be put in water then tossed out a couple of weeks after Valentine's Day

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      I can't believe how much ABS they import internationally, instead of growing our own LEGO sets.

  • Thanks OP! The cherry blossoms would look good with the lotus flowers but not sure I can justify the former lol.

  • Cherry blossom (which look similar to peach blossom) just in time for CNY!!!

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    Valentine's sorted for life.

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    So ugly

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    Thanks OP bought these for the wife and now I’m homeless.

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      Should have bought for your own wife , these other women I tell ya mate !

  • I don't get it.

    LEGO = complexity, flexibility and creativity

    But this? This is like Minecraft without crafting and mining

    • I don't get it.
      Have you never seen a Lego set before?

      • Maybe I'm just seeing something else in Lego than others. For me it was always the learning and creativity that came with these blocks, and the flexibility to turn them into anything I wanted - whether it's just slightly customising a build, or making your whole own creations. I never thought of Lego as being aesthetic or pretty in any way. Heck, it's oddly shaped plastic. Do people actually find stuff like these flowers pretty? Because I can not imagine them being fun to play with…

        • There are artists and there are art collectors. Adult sets are bought to build and display. I haven't created anything out of Lego in a long time.

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