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$2.25 Cashback as Shping Rewards on Tim Tam Classic 200g (Currently $2.25 at Coles) @ Shping (Activation Required)


Your Shping rewards are immediately transferrable to your Australian bank account straight from the app. No 3 month wait periods here… 1 free withdrawal per month.

Download the app
Activate your favourite offers
Shop as normal
Upload your receipt

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Open referral link with mobile device. Referrer (only) receives $0.50 worth of points.

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    Have a read on the previous users comments first before proceeding

  • 1 free withdrawal per month

    At least they've changed the terms to allow for this instead of $1.50 withdrawal fee. However, why not put this as a good news story in an email to let more of your user base know?

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    Receipts rarely scanned properly, offers like this never recorded, got more emails from them after unsubscribing than cents in my account - had to block the address to stop them

    All round mostly negative reviews, even with the withdrawal terms I’d avoid

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    Feed back from me, yeah it was good when it started… then on Tuedays or before the boosters end I try and scan the reciepts and they arent registered so I miss out on the item boosters. Litterally the whole reciept was just for the booster items.

    Didnt get them… I forgot about it.. Oh well takes too much time…. better priorities…

    For the small little time you have to scan or click buttons it's ok but worth it? Depends on your situation.

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    Your Shping rewards are immediately transferrable to your Australian bank

    Lol they locked my $50 because i refuse to scan anymore.

    Turned out to be a scam like social good, wouldnt be suprised if they are associated some how.

    • Is Receipt Jar any good or better? Downloaded the app but haven't gotten about using it yet.

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        I use both daily. Have been using Receipt Jar for about 2 years and have cashed out $100 and have about $15 worth more. Have been using Shping for about 9 months and have cashed out about $1090

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          Agreed in terms of rewards - I had $180 in roughly 2 months with Shping. Since they introduced the limits, you can barely make it to $20 unless you forcefully purchase Booster items which I do not want to.

          You've answered my question in that Receipt Jar is probably NOT worth the time either - I'll still to my day job and throw receipts away.

    • Turned out to be a scam like social good

      Funny you should say that because I withdrew $200 worth of SG coins the other day. Only one withdrawal every 30 days and costs 37c 😠

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        They manipulate the value of SG.
        SHPING was doing the same i am convinced last year to increase it value, massive pump and dump campaigns

        • Yeah I'm willing to take a 37c gamble to see how much I can get at the end.

      • How did you withdraw? My withdrawals on Social Good always seem to be blocked :( I should look into that tho

        • Need to have had referrals currently or in the past, US$50 spend in the last 30 days, watch a 5 minute video and then you can withdraw "$200" worth. In other words…. basically a scam.

          • @Clear: I allegedly have $550 there to withdraw - I need to get that out of there

            • @isthisreallife22: It takes more than a week for the withdrawal to go through. I did it on Sunday and it hasn't arrived to MetaMask yet. Hopefully soon I'll find out how much Ethereum I can really make out of it.

    • They've locked my $2,000 because I don't scan anymore.

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    The $1.50 payout fee is terrible, especially when the payout limit is only $20 per month. Also, on some receipts, they gave me the credits, then 2 or 3 days later, they removed the credits without any explanation. This is horrible customer service and constitutes misleading and deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law. I stopped using it after the first month, not worth my time.

    • lol, safe to say Shping is gonna go into administration soon! @easternculture - either push for your withdrawal now or just write it off as bad debts.

    • This is horrible customer service and constitutes misleading and deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law.

      That's my experience too. Hit the road, 'Shping'.

  • Not worth the effort

  • Strange - I have quite good experience. I've put on dark table surface to scan and receipts always get processed straight away. Every month can get probs approx $90 which is a whole year's worth of Receipt Jar. I had issues with boosters about 3-4 months ago but I would say the system has dramatically improved recently. Withdrawal is quick and free. I would recommend the bargainers give it a go first and see if you like it. I find it more $$ than hunting for gift card cashbacks lol.

    • -6

      Every month can get probs approx $90

      So your the guy whos been collecting random reciepts in shopping carts and scanning them

      Well if you have the time to waste to do that good for you. Not worth the hassle and time for $90, rather spend that time with my kids

      • No i linked my flybuys, ikea, myer etc. and scan my receipts only. You scan product barcodes too on your receipts. Sure you can scan random receipts i suppose but not my default thought to scam businesses. Not that desperate for money.

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          You would have to buy 1800 items at 5c rewards each to get $90 a month, maybe less cause a reciept attracts some money too but you got the drill. Thats not taking in account the 25% app scanning error where it does not identify items and the one rewards per item if you buy multiple of it.

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            @easternculture: Maybe bother reading how it works first…Seriously if you dont want to participate fine. Im not affliated. Go spend time with your kids rather than attacking me.

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              @Rachadeal: I know how it works, used it for 4 months.

              Your $90 is unrealistic IMHO by using only your own reciepts , unless your buying every booster item (including unnecessary ones - in which you are overspending for a reward) and the margin of error of the AI is less than 5% which i believe its not.

              • +1

                @easternculture: You really read how it works?? Reviewing items rewards heaps than just scanning a receipt. Anyways, have a good night.

    • Wow, $90, that is great Rachadeal :) I joined in good faith despite all the negative comments. Did you get $90 by increasing your level, because the $20 withdrawal limit for new members was very frustrating. Also, did Shping ever give you coins and then suddenly remove your coins without explanation? This was extremely unfair and made me delete the App. Any tips you can share would be much appreciated. I may give it another chance ;). Thank you for your time in advance. Cheers.

      Suggestion to Shping: you should set up your IT systems so that members receive an automatic email explaining why any coins have been removed.

      • I have been a member for years :) I cant attach screenshot but got hundreds in balance still unfortunately cant withdraw but such is life. I dont have coins removed randomly etc. but encounter every now and then boosters not recognised. Not a big deal for me as all I do is sending an email. Customer service is prompt and never had problem resolving my issue. It's a long game, not making anyone rich overnight.

        • I noticed that theyve added a live chat option in the hamburger menu now which makes it easier to get things resolved

          • @isthisreallife22: I tried once. 1st in the queue but didnt get anyone for 10 mins lol. Not sure if it's active yet.

        • Oh, I see, thank you very much for taking the time to respond Rachadeal. Much appreciated :) Yes, I agree, it is not a get rich quick game, though an additional $90 a month is pretty good.

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    Signed up to one of these previously in good faith and I can't get my money.

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