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Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Mesh Office Chair $599 + Postage @ Temple & Webster


First post, hope it is correct.
Just ordered two. Wife needs a new chair and also decided to get myself off of a gaming chair, these seem well regarded only the deals are not as good as previous, much like most of everything these days.
I think there is referral links on previous deals and a $20 first time purchase voucher. Shipping was about $125 for two which sucks. This code was in receipt email… $20 OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER
Use code: 317434953284 might be useful to someone.

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    Not sure why, but when reading "Wife needs a new chair and also decided to get myself off of a gaming chair,…", i have a feeling that your chair needs a new wife…

  • Apparently the headrest isn’t tilt adjustable. But can move up and down only.

    Don’t know if this a deal breaker for some. IMO seems like Sihoo m57 would be more bang for buck

  • My only dig at this is the seat being a mesh than a cushion means a whole lot of dust begins to build up under the seat itself.
    I love the seat but if i had to go again i wouldn't go the mesh style cause its just a pain to clean often, Maybe in a room without carpet it would be much better.

    • I’ve the chair. I agree on the dust side but it keeps it cool in summer.

    • It is a pain to clean often but it's not really noticeable if you forget for a while either.

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    This or the $9 Kogan chair ?

  • You could pick up a Steelcase series 1 with code STUDY25 for $645.15 at the moment if select pick up. Series 2 is a bit of a price jump at $840.65 currently.

    • Nice! Pick up is pretty far up the northern beaches though! And only during office hours

    • Any idea if the Steelcase series 1 is better than this? Pretty hard to find a showroom with either of these. For one, the series 1 looks a bit more basic.

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    I have this chair for 4 years now. You can buy the leg rest from ergohuman directly. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade

    • Oh wow, I had no idea you could attach a leg rest. My chair is 11 years old now so I doubt it's compatible with the leg rest but if I ever decide I need to replace the chair, I'm getting that.

  • Chairs good, i dont like the high sides of the seats. The seat base is not wide enough to be able to sit cross legged or in other random positions, I'm one to fidget and move around alot. Chair has been passed on to the missus and now in search for my next. Firm cushioned wide seat is the first priority.

    • What'd you end up landing on?

      • Nothing yet :( it has gotten quite uncomfortable, feeling like the mesh is giving way. 73kg since owning the chair, doesnt do well for my boney ass…

  • Thanks OP, just ordered mine. While going through the order process I selected Paypal, got to the confirmation page and then hit cancel. The website then generated a code for $25 off shipping bringing down to $629.95. - Bargain!

  • Interesting that the chair is listed is as a "Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Mesh", looking at the Ergohuman website and comparing images and features it looks like it's actually a "Ergohuman 2 Ultra Mesh" which is a lesser model.

    Can anyone who's received one from this list listing chime in and specify whether they received a chair with a black metal undercarriage (ultra) or a polished metal undercarriage (elite)?

    • From the ergohuman au site; The Ergohuman 2 Ultra Chair is the latest from Ergohuman and supersedes the Elite V2 Plus…

      Another link which shows more detail on how all works…

      Initially seeing your comment I was a little disappointed but with a bit research I'm happy. The chair is fantastic both my wife and I are pleased with ours.

      • The ultra supersedes the elite v2 in that the ultra replaces the elite as the the bottom spec chair, the elite 2 has been bumped up to the middle spec chair, if you check the comparison table here: https://www.ergohuman.com.au/ergohuman-2-office-chair-model-…

        Of note the ultra is missing the "New Elastomeric Mesh" and "forearm support" on the armrests, probably not a big deal and most likely still a great chair, but it is slightly misleading of temple and webster to list the chair as an elite if its you're actually going to be shipped an ultra.

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