Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) Vs Eero Pro 6 (Wi-Fi 6)

Upgrading from an old Nest system where I've found the Google eco-system unreliable.

We'll likely become an Amazon/Alexa primary house over Matter/zigbee when we renovate someday.

Ideally I'd like to get the Eero Pro 6E to future-proof + materially faster wifi. But Australia only has the Pro 6.

So, the Nest Pro is a 6E enabled router. But I'm not that excited about another Nest system.

Not really convinced on TP-Link / Netgear stuff (family likes the simplicity, and that the pucks are small and not too computer looking).

Don't think I can wait to Eero Pro 6E (no timeline to Australia?)

What do others think?

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    I would get Nest Pro because 6E better than 6
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    I would get Eero Pro 6 because 6E isn't that much better
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    I would get something else because bikies, I hate Amazon and Google, I'm nerdy, or something else
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    Buy the Eero Pro 6E overseas and deal with the plugs
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    Don't spend the money you idiot - be an ozbargainer.
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    Wait for Wifi 7 - pay through the nose, but it's worth it!
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    Running 3-unit eero 6 mesh on 100mbit and it's flawless throughout house and front/back garden. Would recommend.

    eero Secure subscription is a bit crap and unnecessary though (free inlusion on Superloop), especially the "ad blocker".

    • Thanks - Mac household so don't need malware. And on HFC wanting to run 1000/50 but clearly not getting max benefit from that…

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    Wait for WiFi 7. There is about to be a barrage on the market and it's a lot better than 6.

    6e is useless in aus as it's restricted to a really short range.

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    I'm running four eero 6 units in our double story, double brick house. 4th unit was needed to ensure connectivity to the back shed as need connectivity in there. Easier solution than trying to ethernet backhaul it into the shed (bad access).

    Running on cable HFC - routinely maxes out at 800/40 on the NAS thats connected via ethernet to the eero router. Otherwise run wirelessly across the other three eeros - never noticed or needed a faster wifi connection than the eero 60 provides.

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    proper bikies

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