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Saucony Ride 16 Mens Shoes $59.95 (RRP $219.95) + Shipping @ Brand House Direct


Saucony Ride 16 Mens Athletic Shoes $59.95 (RRP $219.95) + Shipping @ Brand House Direct

$59.95 + shipping when you apply coupon code: RIDE16 at checkout

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  • +3

    Reviews well. Good price ($100 at athlete’s foot). $20 shipping is ROUGH though.

    • Hi standard shipping for 1 pair is $12.95 to most locations in Australia, $20 for some locations.

    • +1

      Yep - I got $20 shipping too - to Perth.
      I'd buy at $59.95. The shipping kills the deal for me.

      • +3

        I'd probably even buy at the $12.95 shipping. Just think $20 to ship a pair of shoes is ridiculous.

    • Good one, so the RRP (in general, not just this store) is bs?

      • +1

        Ride 17 is launched and costs the RRP everywhere

  • 9.5 and up sizes only.

    • 10 bucks off for signing up
    • Minimum $80 spend

      • Agree Ride for 80 bucks is a bit meh.

        This same item was posted at end of Dec, a month ago at same price.

    • .. and only up to size 11.5!!

  • Anyone here over 80, that recommends them? 🤣

    • +2

      As I approach that age, I find myself deeply troubled by the widespread age discrimination prevalent in today’s society.

    • +1

      not 80, but in chronic pain - I love my Saucony's

  • +1

    was excited thought these were cycling shoes lol, got to try clipless at some point just got to be careful not to die from a fall

  • Hi OP, how do these stack up against the Triumph?

    • +2

      It's one tier (or two?) Down from Triumph from my previous research…good bang for buck but it depends on how much you value max cushion. Personally I would rather pick up a Triumph at $90 or so even if it was ladies size but I missed out on the deals around new years due to size.

      One side of me feels like…you wouldn't know the difference since you don't have Triumph to compare to. The other wants best bang for buck…

      Plenty of reviews online and YouTube to make up your own decision.

    • +1

      I walk in my Ride 16s. I run in my Triumph 21s. That’s how they’re best used.

      • Seems I'll stick to my Triumphs then as I only use them for running. Thanks.

  • +1

    anyone got a deal for mens triumph 20/21?

    • +1

      No sale ATM. I have been watching since new year's. $180 from running warehouse.

      There's the $80 ones from AliExpress but when I asked seller for photo of actual item they go quiet.

      I gave up and bought a pair of New Balance Arashi V4 half price from Amazon delivered (prime for free delivery) at $70. Loving it.

      Don't be afraid to look outside the box. New Balance, Brooks, ASICS even Mizuno. I truely believe in buying the best bang buck you can afford. No point buying flagship when I am a sub 9min per km walker…as an example. You won't need the carbon plate.

    • You can buy women's if you find right size, they are same shoes

  • Need them but no way I'm paying so much for shipping.

  • Hi OP, any chance you have coupon for Omni 21?

  • I just retired a pair of Ride 15s. Started falling apart at 600km. I found them great value.

  • Shame that the wide variant isnt included.

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