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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 Black & White Electric Toothbrush 2-Pack HX9914/60 $339.99 Shipped @ Costco (Membership Req)


Costco membership required.
Was looking to get the Diamond clean and came across this. Shaver Shop selling 1 brush for over $300.

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  • @ilsan0 price and store in title please

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    updated thanks

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    These last roughly a year. So don't throw away the receipt, and when time comes, claim a replacement under warranty.

    • how so?

      • We had this model, both brushes lasted a year and broke down within a month of each other. Then we got a set of replacement brushes, which also lasted a year, also broke down within a month of each other.
        Now we're using the 9900 series. One brush broke down within a few months, was replaced. But the other one is close to 2 years, fingers crossed.

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    Just a heads up for anyone looking to get one of these for the first time, I'm a big fan of the toothbrush but the replacement heads are very hard to come by at a reasonable price. If there is someone out there who knows how to get them at a good price, please let me know!

    • Shouldn't be an issue for aftermarket options via eBay, Amazon, AliExprees etc. I was able to get cheap alternatives yrs ago when I owned one, now I use an Oclean variant due to it being a cheaper option. The Phillips failed (like most) where the head connects, the rubber/plastic surround will eventual break & let water/crud in, damaging the internals.

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      I usually get the heads from the Shaver Shop when they are on special, got a couple of these last December for $48 per pack. Not super cheap, but best I've been able to find.
      I've tried the aftermarket ones before and they felt terrible in comparison.

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    For this price I’d rather not get it.
    I have a Oclean version and it’s great

    • +1 for the Oclean

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    I had three Philips Sonicare products over the years, they barley last a year, sure they replace them under warranty but not worth it in the long run,

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      Also Oral B technology is much better than sonicare from my experience

      • I went back to using a standard tooth brush, much cheaper in the long run,

    • Same with me, guaranteed to break

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      Odd, my one has lasted about 4 years now and still going strong. Battery holds a charge for approx 2weeks too

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      I got 2 over 9 years ago, one died after about 5 years, the other is still going fine, and the replacement for the first is also still going great 4+ years later.

    • Yes no need for it but I guess people like spending more to be unique or fancy. Just have a look at the dual handle bundles for oral b (i have the genius 8000), the Go on sale sometimes for much cheaper than $400. Even the Smart models or pro300 is fine and can get the genuine crystal brush heads much cheaper and easily. Oral-B have a patent over their brush heads which is why the Phillips ones look funny.

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    Using my first Philips Sonicare for at least 3 years now, so far so good. Even the battery lasts over 2 weeks with twice a day brush of 3 mins. Will never go back to Oral B. Quality replacement heads at a reasonable price is the main issue for me.

    • I will never buy another Oral-B. The last two I've bought I have to charge more than twice as long for half the runtime - I am not exaggerating - of the cheap Soocas toothbrushes I had before them. Did I get two duds in a row? Doesn't matter.

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    Serious question….. why would I buy these at over $300? Never having used one so no idea. How do they compare to the 'always on half price' specials for $20-$30 electric toothbrushes from Oral B etc? Considering I could buy a fair few of them before meeting this cost

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      I have not had any issues with my teeth and gums since moving to Sonicare (mid range model) from Oral B. Buy a cheaper base model. The functionality is the same but lacking in features, that's my understanding of how they work. Happy to be corrected.

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      A few friends who are dentists don’t recommend Sonicare since it’s expensive (head refills and the unit itself) and that the sonic movement isn’t as effective as a traditional physical brushing type like you get on an electric Oral B. Most of them recommend the base level Oral B one with the pressure sensor which you can get for $70-90. I got it from Woolworths in a sale for $50.

      • Oral B gives something to the dentist clinic as far as I am aware, clinic promotes Oral B products rather than Philip’s.

        • Marketing?

          • @wangsk: Free Oral B toothpaste from local dentist. Small one, not the usual size in the supermarket.

        • Yep, aware of that, hence why I mentioned they’re friends and didn’t have an ulterior motive to sell me Oral B products directly.

          They regarded the sonic motion effectiveness as not being as effective as marketing claims it to be.


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