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312 Finish Dish Washing Tablets for $49.95 Delivered 16c a Tablet


Saw this in my spam box, great deal just ordered one for myself. 16c a tab

Leave your dishes sparkling clean with Finish Powerball Value 312 Pack. This bulk value pack will save you money and time away from the sink!
What is a parallel import?
A parallel import product is a genuine branded product that has been sourced from overseas. It may differ in taste, fragrance, composition or performance from the local product.
Finish All-In-One Powerball Value Pack of 76 + 28 x3
Each contains a packet of 76 Classic Powerball tablets plus 28 All in One Powerball Tablets.
Total Classic Powerball tablets: 228.
Total All in One tablets: 84.
Overall total of Powerball Tablets: 312.
This product is a genuine parallel import.
Country of origin: Germany.

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  • 16 cents is good price.

  • Some people here suggesting that they still get good results breaking the tablets in half.


    For an F&P dishdrawer, this might be very appropriate.

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    What's the expiry date?

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    Thanks OP.

  • As 3/4 of the package is "Classic" you need to use separate rinse aid when you use those powerballs right?

    Another option if you only want the All-in-one type:

    Free shipping for $100 spend. Go in with family and friends for 10 packs and with free shipping it works out to 19c per wash.

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    I usually put dishwasher tablets in my dishwasher. I have never tasted one, so I wouldnt know if the parralel import tasted any better or worse than the local product

    • Perhaps you could do that taste test and report back.

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        there is a definite yet subtle flavour profile difference between the local and imported varietys with a rich full taste and a lovely floral aftertaste in the imported product. for those of you with a foreign palate or at least one that is akin to foreign flavours the imported may well be a welcome lighter diversion from the sometimes bland and heavy "meat and 3 veg" local product. i give it 4 stars.

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        After comparing the taste of both the 'local' and parallel imported Finish, I can report both had overpowering flavours of burning with severe astringency. No 'melts on your tongue' moments here: it's your tongue melting instead.

        Distinct tones of bleach, alkaline salts, and limonene. Each tasting session comes with a complementary visit to a local hospital. 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Good deal.

    btw if you use the Harvey Norman Big Buys price for the All-in-1's ($10 / 52 in the best case scenario where you buy > $100 worth to get free shipping), then it works out to 14.8c each for the Classics.

    (HNBB recently had a 10% off code, which would've made them 15.5c)

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