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Free Bounty Bag (Baby Products and Samples) @ Participating Pharmacies and Hospitals


Ignore the order link it's distributed for free
These are free at the pdf list of participating pharmacies like Priceline and Chemist Warehouse etc: https://acrobat.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:6…

They each came with a mini tub of sudocrem (10g ea) and a newborn Huggies nappy. I combined them so not sure what was in what bag, but there was also an eye wipe sample, Gaia hair and body wash sample, children's book about water safety, 10pk of Huggies wipes, and a 3 pack of tooshies newborn nappies (which are eco friendly).

There were also pamphlets about vaccinations, products, alcohol and two magazines.

They are either given out at hospitals or can be collected from participating pharmacies around Australia.

There are 2 types of bag; 'Mum to be' and 'New mum'. When they ask which one you would like, ask if you can get both (so far they have given me both each time).

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    I'm not going to comment on you getting a bunch of them, I've definitely ended up with probably half a dozen between the kids, but like, I will say, why would you bother?

    Sure, the Sudo lasts a little while, and sure, a small pack of wipes in your nappy bag is better than lugging a full pack around…but like, how much use can you really get out of a single nappy and some samples?

    Again, I'm not gonna comment on getting numerous ones of them, I don't think you're actually taking anything from anyone in need because those people 1 are gonna go somewhere to get more than one nappy and 2 aren't going to be saved by being given one nappy…but it's defintely something I fail to see the worth of doing multiple times. Nonetheless, it's a freebie, so I approve of the deal.

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      Thanks for your approval. Wasn't sure whether to get it but your approval seals the deal.

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        lmao, love it. Let me know how it goes for you!

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    I do not approve of this deal

  • We have these at our pharmacy and I grabbed both bags for family members that were expecting. New parent contains more products. Parent to be barely had anything. Our bags also didn't have any sudocreme. Anyway, I only grabbed them because I liked the bag itself and used it to fill it up with actual items a new parent might require from a pharmacy. As for the free stuff in there, it's not worth going out of your way to grab one. If you're there, no harm in grabbing one for someone who is expecting, but it's only a few samples of a few items, which I'm not sure would even be used.

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      99.9999% sure one of the bags we got with our boy last year had a fridge magnet of a jar of Sudocreme in it and no sample as if to reeeally say "go buy the damn thing"

  • Thought it was the Mandalorian’s bounty hunter bag for a sec…

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    You get way better ones staying in a private hospital for a birth…Dinner Ladies vouchers, nappies, rash cream, baby wash, rusks, massage voucher, swaddle, moisturiser etc etc

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      How much would it cost in private hospital lol

      • $750 plus pregnancy management fee, but you get a private room and an ob/gyn of your choosing. Our last rodeo we were in for 5 nights, 7 for the first one.

  • Was hoping for some choco

  • I got mine at a small local pharmacy that was participating and they had added some stuff to the bag. Including 300pc calcium tablets which was great, really helped with leg cramps. Maybe because they had 1 year left on expiry

  • The link to the distribution pdf isn’t working anymore?

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