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Logitech MX Anywhere 3S Graphite Compact Wireless Mouse $84 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Officeworks Price Beat $79.80)


Also comes in
Pale Grey


  • Pair and Play: With fast, easy Bluetooth wireless technology, you’re connected in seconds to this quiet cordless mouse —no dongle or port required
  • Less Noise, More Focus: Silent mouse with 90% reduced click sound and the same click feel, eliminating noise and distractions for you and others around you (1)
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life: Up to 18-month battery life with an energy-efficient auto sleep feature, so you can go longer between battery changes (2)
  • Comfortable, Travel-Friendly Design: Small enough to toss in a bag; this slim and ambidextrous portable compact mouse guides either your right or left hand into a natural position
  • Long-Range: Reliable, long-range Bluetooth wireless mouse works up to 10m/33 feet away from your computer (3)
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  • +5

    Love this mouse!
    Great price too

    • +1

      Agree. Bought one in Nov/Dec sale to use for travels and I keep using it despite having a MX Master. Love the quiet clicks. But don’t waste your money if you have mx anywhere 3 or 2. Not huge leaps in tech yet. Just a better quieter click lol

      • Usb c?

        • yes

          • @plentifoo: Sort of. Only for charging.

            • @Nukkels: Why else would a mouse need usb c for? Usb-a well capable of doing software, polling rates,etc.

              • +2

                @plentifoo: Nothing. Just convenient to use one cable if all your other devices are usb c as well.
                Mouse also works while plugged in which is great.

                • @Arcticfox: Was responding to nukkels because it seemed he was saying all usb-c was good for was to charge the mouse. Let's face it, usb-c for mice is just for convenience and compatibility like you said, any old standard usb does not hamper on performance on charging or otherwise.

                  • @plentifoo: Yeh, agree completely. Its a convenience thing only.
                    I do enjoy not having to guess if the plug is the right way up fumbling with the cable, but it wont make me upgrade a device I aleady own that works fine for that one reason alone. I will however choose a usb c device for new purchases going forward though.

                    • @Arcticfox: I got the same issue with my pro x superlight 1, wanted to update just so I can just have one usb c cable running to charge all my mices I rotate. Then I find out the superlight 2 is not even as good as the one. So there's that.

              • @plentifoo: Desktops. Not everything has Bluetooth you know. And gamers hate Bluetooth because of the high latency, so a cable is preferable… The new Logitech dongle is a USB-A connector, which needs an adaptor for most laptops nowadays.

                • @Nukkels: Gotcha - misunderstood your original comment when you said 'only for charging'. You also meant it did not support a wired connection.

                  That said I do find it odd anyone would buy an anywhere 3s for competitive gaming, whether on a desktop or laptop, especially when it's built and marketed for travel/mobility.

      • -1

        Does it have shitty new do gle with horrible range? My mx master 3 can't even go 30cmfrom the do gle without dropping out

        • No, Bluetooth.

        • -1

          It uses Logitech's new Bolt dongle (which isn't included anyway), rather than the older Unifying dongle. It's just like Apple - making new proprietary connectors just to get people to buy new stuff.

      • Anywhere 2 also has side scroll on the middle wheel, where as the 3 lost that function. So you have to choose whats more important to you, side scroll ability or usb c cable instead of the old micro cable.

  • +2

    Love my MX keys but the MX Master mouse gave me wrist problems. This looks like a much better design, so just bought one, cheers

    • +2

      What am I reading.

    • +1

      You sure you weren’t holding it wrong?

      • There's not a lot of ways to hold it. It wasnt actually wrist problems now I think of it but the bones in back of my hand. It's quite high for a mouse

      • +2

        Yep. Holding it wrong or too much of something that rhymes with master nation :D

    • Agree. The design of the MX Master is not for me too. I prefer a short mouse without a big hump

    • The anywhere is better for people with small hands. Prefer the larger mouse myself.

    • @Enterz Agree…

      I have chronic osteo arthritis in both my hands… this the only mouse I find comfortable for any periods of time without causing pain and distress. The MX Master was just awful. It was painful to use and cumbersome.

      Not everyone needs a mouse for gaming, but for productivity, this has been excellent, as was the older MX Anywhere 2S.

      Pros. Long operating time between recharging.
      USB-C charging. Don't have to hit and miss the connection like the older Micro-USB cable
      More precision and accurate scrolling than the older 2S
      Cons. Pricing is on the heavy side imho, (I have waited a long time for this price reduction. It's a good deal.)

  • +1

    I m waiting for the MX Master 3S to drop below $100 :0)

  • +5

    I own the MX Master 3S and this Anywhere 3S and much prefer the Anywhere as it is lighter and better for daily use. Both are great though.

  • -1

    I had recurrent driver problems with logitech mouses on W10 that would freeze my laptop. Don't know y BUT no problems with Anker mouses !? Just me ?

    • W11?

    • +1

      On a side note, when i was selling windows 3.1 pcs, i used to install logitech drivers, as they were better than ibm, amstrad, commodore, or microsoft drivers.

  • +2

    Thanks OP! just went to officework to pricematch and brought with giftcard.

  • +2

    Bought one first at this price. Recall the last time I was hunting for one it was ridiculously overpriced.

  • +3

    I miss when this tier of mouse was $50 on sale.

    Still got and love the MX Anywhere 2, just insane how $84 is now considered a deal.

  • Still not sure if I should pull the trigger on this or just wait for the MX master 4. How's the bluetooth latency on macs? I heard the MX Master 3S is horrible without the dongle on high refresh screens, is it the same with this one?

    • My mx master 3s is horrible WITH the new dongle. Though it was just a defect but reddit/forums have alot of similar issues.

  • believe it or not, my master 2s died on me last week, daily but not heavy user, couldnt justify the build quality for logitech anymore

  • So stupid you have to buy bolt dongle separately for this device. 2.4ghz dongles are just better than bluetooth IMO.

    Still using Anywhere 3 (non-S) with a unifying dongle - I've had to completely open up the left click switch and re-align the copper ribbon to fix a double click issue though.

    • Is the unifying dongle different to the dongle you mentioned you have to purchase? Or could you repurpose it from a previous mouse if you had one

      • Bolt is this new dongle from Logitech which supposedly is better due to security, but there is no backward compatability. Costs ~$30.

  • Bought this one today. Supposed to be good.


    -45% $72.00

  • I thought Officeworks only priced match physical stores? Last time I tried to do an online store they denied it (2021)

    Edit: Nvm.

    Our Price Beat Guarantee includes products you find online - as long as the item is identical and in stock. When assessing the PBG from online stores we also take into account the added cost of delivery to your location (if any). If the identical, in stock product can be purchased and delivered to your location via an online store for a total price lower than the one we are offering, we will beat that total price by 5%.

  • Got JB to price beat for $78, done over live chat.

  • is there a left-hand version of this?

  • +2

    What looks like a common issue with these logi mouse is that the left button will be faulty after over a year. It randomly register double click and won't stay clicked when doing a selection/drag-drop. I've had anywhere 2 & now the 3 having the same problem.

    • Logi have planned obsolescence down to a fine art. I've already got two anywhere(1)'s and two anywhere 2, all suffered the safe thing. I got it down to a fine art of pulling one apart and putting a piece of foil or tape to pack up the subsided plastic/peanut butter they use under the button, but it doesn't last long. I'd love to see a class action call them out on this particular fault, there's no way they don't (1) know about it and (2) know how to fix it for $0

      Nonetheless, I need to work on a bunch of dodgy surfaces quite often (originally a glass desk had me buy my first one) so there's very few options. I just proved that my home-bound anywhere1 is what causes my laptop to intermittently not respond to clicks, so I'm bending over and buying an anywhere 3

  • Almost got one of these at Officeworks until i noticed the JBurrows Elite MS310 for $29…

  • +1

    I have price matched for $80 and added JB's 2 years of extra care for another $16. What do you guys think about JB's extra care replacement plan and share your experience, if any

  • Thnx OP. bought one.

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