adidas Ultraboost 1.0 Core Black - Deals, Alternatives

Hey all,

Deals - I've got some notifications setup here to alert me to when these go on sale next and regularly do searches for price drops, but I was wondering if there's any other website that can help with this task? What do you guys use for deal alerts/price drops? Camel x 3 doesn't seem to be good for this type of product… Is there a time when these usually go on sale? Triple black seem to never go on sale… Can't bring myself to pay RRP obviously lol.

Alternatives - I've got the Ultraboost 19s (core black size 9 πŸ˜€) from a deal ages ago. Love them as a casual everyday sneaker (even use them for work) and have worn them into the ground! I use orthotics in them too. Found out that most like the 1.0s and are a more recommended pick. I have tested them in store, they seem to be pretty comfortable too and look like they'd hold their shape better than the 19s. But got me thinking if there are any alternatives you'd recommend? Apparently they're not a great running shoe but that doesn't bother me…I keep seeing NB 1080 recommended as a nice upgrade pick but I prefer the look for the Ultraboost tbh… but open to any suggestions!

Anyway any help much appreciated! πŸ˜„

Edit: better note I'm looking for a lifestyle sneaker… added a poll based on your recommendations…

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    Adidas Ultraboost (Other)
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    Adidas Ultraboost 1.0
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    Adidas Ultraboost 19
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    Adidas XPLR_BOOST
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    ASICS Gel Nimbus 26
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    New Balance 1080V13
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    Nike Invincible 3
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    Nike Vomero
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    I've spent the last few months obsessing over finding the most comfortable shoe after my UB21 completely worn through. I've read countless forums, Reddit, watched so much YouTube, and tried on soooooo many shoes.

    TLDR, my top pick is the NB1080V13 Ultra wide (it runs very narrow - I normally wear standard), followed by ASICS Gel Nimbus 25 or 26.

    Second tier is Nike Vomero (Nike Invincible 3 had heel slippage for me, but the version 4 is to be released in Feb 2024 - will try)

    I've tried hoka Clifton, hoka Bondi, Adidas ultraboost light, Adidas ultraboost 1.0, Nike Motiva.

    Still on my list to try is Brooks Ghost Max, On cloudsurfer, Adidas XPLR BOOST, and Sketchers Go Run Ride 11.

    • Awesome thanks so much for the recs! Super helpful and sounds like you're looking for a proper runner. I think I'll have to check out and try the NB1080V13, seems like a logical upgrade. Have you seen deals lately at all for them? I'm only after triple blacks so I can use them for work too.

      What did you think of the 1.0 coming from the 21? Also I tried the UB21s as an upgrade, but found that the tongue dug into me which was uncomfortable 😣 returned them! I've got bits of plastic sticking out of the sole of my UB cause of how much I've worn them πŸ˜‚ but everything I read on Reddit is that Ultraboost are so yesteryear, heavy etc… UB19s have been super comfortable for everyday wear as well as training… How much better can shoes get, I must be missing out πŸ˜†

      • +2

        Sorry I forgot to mention I don't run. I was looking for the most comfortable walking and travel shoe, and just all rounder day to day.

        I bought my NB1080V13 with the 15% code you get for signing up to the newsletter. It's a new release so I guess that was all I was gonna get. It's $175 full priced (after tax-free) in Japan if you're going there. I got the triple black version too

        I felt the UB light is a big downgrade for non runners from the UB19. The midsole felt thin, less bouncy/cushion, and the rocker was more pronounced. It was very obvious it is much more geared towards runners now.

        The UB1.0 didn't feel as comfy as the 19s to me I didn't like the tongue which was not detachable and build into the shoe, and the forefoot midsole felt rather thin. Or maybe I've just gotten more used to other max cushion shoes.

        If you had to try 3, I would most certainly try the NB1080V13, ASICS gel nimbus 25 or 26, and the Nike Invincible 3.

        Apparently the Adidas XPLR BOOST is very very good, I've got one coming tmr or Thurs (no stock in any store in Vic), will revert then.

        • Great, exactly what I'm after too then!

          Thanks for the Japan tip. Have some family there now so if I can find and test some out here then I might be able to get them to pick up a pair for me.

          Agree on the UB light. I felt the same with the pureboost too.

          Not sure if the 1.0 would be better durability wise but I found that they were pretty comfy with my orthotics in. That adds another spanner into the mix too. Does the NB have a removable insole?

          I'll def check those recs out too thank you!

          Keen to hear your experience on the XPLR BOOST. Didn't know they existed!

          • @Jolo: NB has removable insole yes. If you happen to be looking for the UK9 size and you're based in Vic - I'm actually selling the earlier pair I bought in Japan and worn for 1 week only because I rebought the X-wide here in size 10. In Japan, when I went in Dec, I was only able to find them in the larger NB flagship stores.

            got my Adidas XPLR_BOOST today.

            If you liked the UB19s - these might be for you too - they are COMFY. I'd rank it #3 behind the NB1080v13 and the Asics Gel Nimbus 25 or 26 - because of the dislikes below.

            There are some things I don't like - the tongue is fixed, and I'm not a fan of them. There is also no pull tab at the heel of the shoe. The fit is also on the narrow side, and it feels very snug in the upper, bordering on tight (i had already sized 1/2 size up) and no amount of loosening the laces help. I think I'll have to return it because of the narrow fit - and this is before a full day of walking or standing when the feet naturally swells up abit too.

            • @lawyerz: Thanks! Would have looked into your listing but I'm after triple black πŸ™

              Appreciate the review! Ill have to go check them out. The dislikes you mentioned sound like they would annoy me too tbh.

      • Sorry error, UB19 not 21. I had the UB19 as well

      • everything I read on Reddit is that Ultraboost are so yesteryear, heavy etc…

        These comments would be specific to running in Ultraboost (coming from someone who has left some of those comments on Reddit..). They're very average for a running shoe but still excellent as a lifestyle shoe, if they're comfy to you then why not stick with what works.

        They're no longer trendy or in with the sneakerhead crowd (circa 2014) but that's kinda irrelevant unless you're a clout chaser. UB DNA line still looks a lot better to me than most dedicated running shoes.

        That said, I do love the ASICS Nimbus 25 in the cloud white colourway..

        Tracksmith Eliot is probably the most classic looking running shoe but they're not easy to get in Aus and are expensive.

        • Yeah true! My thoughts also, great lifestyle shoe and I haven't found anything I really like the style of over them in that category tbh. My pair I purchased in 2020 so daily wear for 4 years I guess is pretty good?

          Don't really care for trendy (I wear them with jeans to work). Comfort, utility, versatility, triple black πŸ‘

    • i have the 1080v12. very comfy shoe for general wear and the light running i do . held up well on the durability front too, and found the wide fit good for me

    • I swapped extra wide to normal wide. I read some reviews that the black on white colour has a different fit than other colours on the official nb website. So maybe that's that.

    • New Balance FuelCell Rebel V4 are better for comfort. You should try them

      • I have. They're firmer, more stable but less cushy and definitely not what I would call cloud like soft and squishy. To me its trying to be Nike invincible v3 but isn't as bouncy.

        Id consider it if you like the Ultraboosts but want just a bit more bounce. I found the forefoot to be feeling a bit thin, similar to ultraboost actually.

        Not for me.

  • The only thing I hate about UB is the planned obsolescence of their soles. A f*king disgrace.

    • +1

      Yeah, 'continental'.

    • Oh so it is a thing. I've had a few ultraboost and the outsole is the thing that breaks/wears through every time after a few years.

  • These ones? Or the all black vers?…

    I have the all black vers (no white around the sole) love them

    • +1

      Yeah triple black is what I'm afterπŸ‘Œ

      • Slick looking shoe and comfy af imo
        I got them for about $165 when rebel had a sale
        Was about to pull trigger via adidas for full rrp (-cashback)

        • Agree! Paid $140 in 2020. I'd buy again around $160, not $260 πŸ˜…

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    Saw the Iconic having 40% off sale which include some of the shoes we talked bout here - see which I just posted:

    • Size 9 sold out of the XPLR and NB in triple black πŸ₯² thanks for the post!

      • triple black only had 25% discount anyway.

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      Hey so just to update I ended up purchasing the New Balance 1080V13 half a size up (9.5) in triple black from your post so we'll see how they go!

      • +1

        Let me know what you think of em!

        • Look what I just found πŸ˜‚

          • @Jolo: Haha! Limited sizes though

            Btw I swapped extra wide to normal wide. I read some reviews that the black on white colour has a different fit than other colours on the official nb website. So maybe that's that.

            • @lawyerz: 9.5s came today.

              They're great! Super cushy. One thing I feel didn't get enough mention is that they feel kind of unstable… Maybe that's a feature or just something that I'll have to get used to but they really are still great.

              Fit my ortho in sole after removing the factory in sole and they feel great! Will note that they are a bit squeaky with my in sole in though. Big step up from Ultraboost though that's for sure. I do really like the look of Ultraboost still but this comfort wise is far superior. You don't know what you don't know!

              I'll still check the fit on the 9s tomorrow when they come before I actually take them out but so far pretty happy with the choice! Thanks heaps for the recommendation!

              • @Jolo: I just kinda figured that max cushion comes with the inherent reduction in stability. But you're right - it is more unstable than most other shoes I've had and certainly over the Ultraboosts.

                I find that for purely urban walking it does alright but the moment I venture off anywhere with even a bit of grave, it isn't great. Figured that's the price to pay for max cushion squishy shoes.

                If it isn't for ya, then the asics gel nimbus has more stability. It isn't as soft or as squishy than the NB 1080V13 though.

                • @lawyerz: Yeah that makes total sense. I guess using the ub's for so many years just conditioned me lol. But walking around the house briefly in them really wowed me with the comfort… How does the foam hold up over use? I might still check out the nimbus but tbh the marshmallow feels have me hooked!

                  • @Jolo: Beats me on foam durability. Haven't had it long enough to say, doubt anyone has. So far so good other than expected wrinkles.

                    If I had to pick just one shoe to pop back over to Japan again doing 30k steps a day, I'd pick the NB 1080V13 for sure (over the nimbus). The nimbus has one massive advantage though, it has this stretchy rubber lining that makes it a joy to take off and put on the shoe without ever having to mess with the laces. Hard to explain, gotta try it to understand. It stretches as you slip in and out of the shoe yet it's very secure.

                    • @lawyerz: Hmm maybe I will still have to check out the nimbus then!

                      I got the 9s today and they don't fit, so glad I got the 9.5s from your post, thank you! Looking forward to testing them out properly now. I find that they are great even without my orthotics too with the provided insole. They're due for an upgrade anyway but yeah…

                      100% happy with them if anyone else is looking for an upgrade pair of daily trainers!

        • Guess what I ended up returning them! The material that connected the tongue to the sole of the shoe ended up tearing and making the rest of the shoe feel really unsupportive is the only way I can put it… Back on the hunt now! I think maybe Ultraboost or the XPLR boost you've mentioned might be the go…

          • @Jolo: Oooo! You could try the asics gel nimbus or new balance rebel v4 next

            • @lawyerz: Just an update - I tried the nimbus in store today, much more stable than the nb I thought. Would have been a good next option I think. Nowhere near as cushy as nb though, I think they've ruined me for that!

              I did something a quite a bit different though… because I'm trying to replace a few shoes, I ended up buying something more versatile that could be used as an only pair for travel - Adidas terrex free hiker 2.0:…

              Did you ever consider these? The research I did recommended them highly for a durable walking/hiking sneaker boot with the benefit of the boost midsole, ankle support and grippy tread. I just bought non GTX for breathability. Basically an Ultraboost trail sneaker with a bit of splash resistance. Keen to see how they go! Got them down to $270 after hunting around for some codes.

              Run repeat review:

              Older thread but great resource here:


  • +1

    Thanks to @michaelTito I finally got some triple black ultraboost 1.0s in size 9 for $182…. Thanks heaps for the pm!

    PS still loving the free hikers, great one-bag shoe which kinda started this journey, just wanted something easy to slip on and replace my ub 19s. Also found a cool version which I was keeping an eye out for… would have been my next pair but couldn't find in stock and in my size and on special: ultraboost 1.0 atr -…

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