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Rivers Clearance e.g. Men's Long Sleeve 100% Cotton Shirt $12 (was $54.99) +$12.95 Delivery ($0 over $120, $0 C&C) @ Rivers

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All clearance: https://www.rivers.com.au/wk20-bf-14fixed-clearance-oe

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Finding click and collect stock is difficult, however there are free returns in store.

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    May get couple shirts for my grandpa

    • The last time I bought 5 shirts from Rivers they came one at a time, drop shipped from different Chinese factories. Over a two month period. Plus the quality was nothing like it was years ago, since they were bought out. They are now owned by venture capital organisation Alceon Group https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alceon_Group

  • My Missus is wondering about the guy modelling the shirts, asking if he will be delivering the shirts as she said she will be home all day. Very strange :))

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    Negative vote for issue with retailer.

    Last time I mistakenly shopped at Rivers, it wasn't until I got home that I discovered part of the trim was missing off the garment I'd bought. There were no holes to show that the trim had been ripped away or otherwise removed, it simply hadn't been attached in the first place.

    When I took it back I was offered a replacement but there were no more of this particular garment in store, so I asked for a refund. Shop assistant refused, pointing out that as there were no holes from the missing trim, it technically wasn't a faulty garment and was still perfectly wearable with trim only on one side, and they therefore weren't obliged to refund. They offered store credit.

    They wouldn't budge from that position even after I pointed out the repair, replace, refund policy… shop assistant even got his manager on the phone to argue the toss. I emailed their customer satisfaction email address; they promised to follow up. Then followed six weeks of weekly emails from them explaining how busy they were. Their last email was Christmas Eve, asking if I had resolved my issue….

    It wasn't expensive (it was Rivers after all) and at that point I gave it away as the time and frustration wasn't worth it. But I will never shop from any Mosaic Brand store again.

  • looks like no gender filter available on the website

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