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Le Creuset Cast Iron Oval Casserole Cayenne 29cm $331 (Was $690), 27cm $288 (Was $600) Delivered @ Le Creuset


Deal seems to only be for cayenne in the 27cm and 29cm round oval casserole. Extra 20% is applied on checkout to achieve the prices in description.

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      I kind of remember seeing this brand usually heavily discounted at like 70% off.

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      Bit like comparing a Ford Falcon to a Mercedes

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        In terms of cost as well I guess.

        Anyway, everyone's requirements and mileage will vary.

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      Had a Baccarat - enamel chipped off from the rim down into the pot in about a year.

      Replaced it with a Le Creuset which I've been using for 3 years.

      So far the LC has been better value for me.

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    Buy once,cry once as they say….

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    how is this compared to peak design bags?

    • More or less same, you can't afford neither

  • Damn. The 29cm is tempting. I must admit though that my considerably cheaper 26cm BK Dutch oven has been awesome since I got it in June last year. Not sure if getting this LC will be much of a cooking differential in my kitchen.

    • I would ride the one you have until it's no good and then look for another deal on one of those.

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    Had the 29cm one for 30+ years and counting, no chips and as good as the day we bought it. You can't beat quality and that's a good price as well.

  • Very tempting, my experience with LC is very good, decent product. The disadvantage is that it's quite heavy so my wife didn't use it and I ended up using it all the time

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    I've had one of these for probably 25 years and it's been a real workhorse, I use it all the time.
    Just take their lifetime guarantee with a grain of salt. I had an issue with the underside of the lid losing its glossy enameled coating leaving a rough surface. Tried to claim the lid under warranty and they knocked it back saying the pot had been exposed to high heat, despite the pot itself being fine. Have heard from a couple of others who have had difficulty claiming on warranty.
    Aside from that, the pot has served me extremely well and I hope to get many more years out of it.

  • We have had one of these for 15 years (it was a present) and yes, they are really good.
    But we also have one of a different size from Aldi, which was $25.
    Is it as good? Not quite. But it works just as well for the level of the cooking we do in it

  • Waiting on the 27cm to arrive. Thanks OP!

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