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Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2 over-Ear Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones (Black) $398 + Delivery ($0 QLD C&C) @ Videopro


Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2 Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones feature custom-designed 40mm drive units, specifically created to suit the requirements of headphone listening. The drivers offer an ultra-fast response – allowing them to faithfully reproduce every nuance in a piece of music – while remaining supremely low in distortion, resulting in a more accurate, high-resolution presentation. The drive units are also carefully angled inside each earcup to ensure a consistent distance relative to the listener’s ear from every point across the surface of each driver, again producing a more natural and immersive.

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    yes not bad but px7 s2e is quite a step forward. I liked first version of px7, and s2 sounded a bit more restrained. which someone might like I guess? but s2e inherited px8 DSP while sounding in some ways even more exciting than px7 v1.

    long story short, upgraded to px7 s2e and can't be happier than that. wait for a good deal at David Jones (discount plus extra %% in cart which is how I bought both)

    plus s2e has that awesome "forest green" colorway, it's a killer! although I am conservative and went black lol

  • had to order. Will be flying a lot

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      Username checks out.

  • Hard pass, I've tried these they aren't worth, get the Sony XM5

    • but this should be compared with XM4 , xm4 or this?

      • sony has way better ANC, I give them that. I had XM4 for 2 months and returned. ANC is solid, but sound imaging suxx. I tried so many things on the equalizer and that new contraption they use to determine best sound for you, but it just ends up sounding lame every time you change a song or genre

        I mentioned above I wasn't a big fan of Px7 s2 and I skipped it (had Px7 first version, which was superb), but caved in and got Px7 s2e and it got DSP from Px8 and quite solid ANC (although it still won't match XM4), while sounding even more exciting than Px7 v1, it's that good. also uses new app which is step forward (that's also because of that Px8 DSP).

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