Printed Tees for Work

Hi community! I want to buy Black Printed Tees for my team at work (10 people) with our squad logo on it.

I had a look around on Google and they are quite pricey - around $20 cheapest. Has anyone had good experiences with anything a lot cheaper?


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    $20 for a custom printed T-shirt? You should post it in 'Deals'.

    • Sounds like a very tightarse employer too if they too stingy to pay $20 for a custom t-shirt that will probably also be tax deductible

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    Just curious what price you were expecting?

    • 10-15?

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        If you were getting thousands of shirts made then they get cheaper than that per shirt. But 10 shirts is a very low number. I'd check the quality of the $20 ones and go with that. And be prepared to replace them, when you logo starts fading or cracking it'll make your business look a little crummy.

  • Ps maybe it is possible sub 20 but not on clearance?


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    Rename your squad "OzBargain" and ask scotty for $0 freebie T-shirts.

    • Can totally put a sponsored by Ozbargain in if we can get $0 shirts with squad logo haha. Would actually be a hoot in a large corporation.

  • It could be worth going the other way and spending a bit more for printing on quality t-shirts(eg. AS colour).

    Depending on how the team feels about each other, it might be something the team continues to use.

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    Could do 10x custom 10cmx10cm logo iron on transfers for ~$29…

    Then 10x Kmart black tshirts at $4.50 ea…

    Puts you all in at ~$74 (or $7.40 per tshirt)… Assuming you have your own iron

    • Thats actually pretty good!

    • Done the same for a bucks party. Did the trick. Recall finding the iron on transfers at Officeworks of all places.

  • Signup to red bubble, upload your design, set your price (cheap as possible), sign up with new account to get 20% off, and it should be in the range of $10ish dollar per tee.

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