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Logitech G203 Lightsync Wired Gaming Mouse - Black $34.50 ($34.50 off) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $65 Order) @ BIG W

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If you’re looking for a budget gaming mouse for your setup, you should buy the Logitech G203 wired.

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    Same price on Amazon

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      Same as Officeworks too

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    Or get 4x blue ones for $69 less discounts

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      Yeah, these used to be $25 for one. Not sure why they removed the single listing.

    • $69. Nice.

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      Purchased a blue one from this store 10 months ago, now experiencing a double-click problem. However, the warranty service is unresponsive. Therefore, it is important for everyone to consider the lack of warranty support before making a purchase.

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      Rubber or Teflon? Rubber would make it stick, Teflon makes it move smoothly. Anyway, try eBay by searching for ‘Logitech G203 skates’. I replaced the skates on my Razer Ouroboros once with something I got off eBay. Worked a treat, the mouse moved again like it did when new.

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    Coming from the old Microsoft and later Logitech rechargeable gaming mouse with weights, happy with the price/performance of these including size and fit in hand. I have bought four for work from home and casual gaming setup and usually find they last one and a half to three years before the left clicker wears out and registers each press as a double tap. Partner who does not game has had theirs for four years without issue.

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    Tempted to buy multiples of those for my colleagues at work. I don't understand how anyone can use standard tree-fiddi Dell mouse to work with. I have converted a few people but still many left.

  • I cant recommend this mouse. The buttons click far too easily unless you make a consicous effort to not have your finger resting on the buttons.

  • Given the g305 gets close to this price regularly and I've been running off a lithium double A for like a year now. I see little reason to get this cabled version.

    • Is that the shape and style but wireless?

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        Yes. But I replace my batteries more often.

    • If the battery lasts that long, is it one of those ones that goes to sleep and you have to wiggle it to wake it up?
      (so it misses the first part of every movement if you're not using it continuously)

      • Can't say sorry. I always turn it off when not in use. It rarely sits standby (probably what contributes to it lasting so long for me.)

      • I never turn mine off and it wakes immediately, I don't notice any delay.

      • I haven't noticed anything like that.

        That said, I do leave mine in performance mode… (Higher report rate, less battery. Not a concern for me as I just alternate between two Ladda)

        • Do you notice how long does it lasts per battery? 1900mAh or 2450mAh?

          • @Hiphopopotamus: Not really, I just swap it when I see the notification or the blinking light.

            2450mAh, but you can easily fit a AAA battery instead if weight is a concern. (Either use a cheap plastic adapter or easier yet… a ball of foil)

            • @Namidairo: No problem. I have some expiring AA/AAAs I'm working through, and already had some adapters lying around.

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    I've bought this mouse and I think it's horrible. Doesn't fit my hand comfortably at all and found it wasn't quite the right speed despite messing around in the Logitech settings.

  • I've had this mouse for little over a year and don't find it any better than the $8 mice I used to buy for decades, and worse in some ways. I basically live on my PC and game, 3D model, touch up art, move files, etc, for hours every day with a mouse.

    This one has a bright light which can't be turned off unless the background software is running, so if say your PC is on but you're not logged onto windows, the mouse will always be glowing like a beacon of dumb design decisions in a dark room.

    The higher DPI or whatever turned out to be of no benefit which was the entire reason I bought it, because it makes the cursor move so fast that you need to turn down cursor speed to compensate and I don't feel it's any more precise when moving at the same speeds. The options for various speed settings also isn't that useful, I ended up removing them all except one super slow one which has never turned out useful, so it I ever need super precision I can toggle. However it's been over a year of heavy art work and gaming with this mouse, and that's never proven useful.

    When it breaks, I'm just going back to cheap mice, and then I can get rid of the associated bloatware needed to turn off the annoying bright lights on this.

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        How do the RGB lights assist in smooth gliding? Do they have some kind of hoverboard effect?

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          rgb = more fps

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    I have one and love this mouse.

  • Just bought this mouse from Amazon (same price, free delivery with Prime).
    Happy with it.
    Every thing feels like good quality, good tracking and pleasant buttons, and isn't too small for medium hands.
    Very flexible cord so it doesn't have that dragging feeling that many corded mice have.
    Works fine with Linux.

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