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[PS5, Preorder, PS Plus] STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection $47.65 @ PlayStation Store


Still hoping there will be a physical copy of this but for now it is digital only.

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  • Do i have to rebuy this on steam?

    • I own them both on steam and it shows as available to purchase, may change down the line, but doubt it.

      • Since you own both on Steam, did you get a -20% "LOYALTY DISCOUNT! Offer ends 14 March"?

        • +2

          I think so. I remember it was a bit cheaper but didn't look too hard into why.

          Rather a 100 percent tbh

  • +1

    Glad it's coming to other platforms, switch specifically,

    But can someone please (profanity) acknowledge that ALL the "new" content mentioned so far is already in the back compat original Xbox versions? Hero assault on new planets, check. The 4 or 5 BF1 maps in Bf2, check. Ventress and kit fisto, check.

    Sure they don't have online. But they have crazy fast loading, super pretty upscaling, and are only 15 a piece RRP very often on sale for half that.

    Again, glad this is coming in general, I (profanity) ADORE classic battlefront and Bf2 is one of my most played Xbox games, and I mean the back compat version, that's ignoring the hundreds of hours on PS2 in the day. More classic battlefront is always a good thing. But if you're on Xbox, IDK if it's it's worth it tbh

  • Should be $124.95

  • +1

    Is there a way to filter out RRP / preorder posts?

    P.S. The listed price is for ps plus subscribers only

    • i'd rather digtial purchases get seperated from the gaming section.

      Digital isn't owning, it's renting.

  • +1

    Physical is coming, aspyr have a multi star wars deal with limited run with 3 unannounced star wars games coming.

    I'd imagine this is two of them.

    They're also doing nightdive's dark forces remaster.

    They're always radio silent on physical until the last minute in the hopes idiots buy digital and then buy physical after.

    It will also likely get a combo pack release later, but it will likely only have a few of the games on the disc / cart and the rest as code like the last sets they did that went retail.

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