Opticomm Fibre or NBN Fixed Wireless in My Area

So I have abit of a problem with my home location.

My current address shows I can only get Opticomm, which is shite in all seriousness. I'm on my 3rd NTD and have issues till no end. The estate is about 80% full with maybe 20% still in construction phase.

I recently put my address into NBNco, which is still not showing up, but upon closer inspection of the map, if I put my next door neighbour's address, it shows I can get NBN Fixed Wireless! Then I noticed the address 4 houses the other direction, they can also get Fixed Wireless!

What's going on?! I mean, is there someone I can contact to get more information??

4G/5G coverage is also non-existent as soon as I am inside the house, and here's the thing, as soon as I step out of my house with my mobile phone and be outside wifi range, it's 3G. If I take 5 more steps away from my house, I'll get 4G on Telstra on mobile.


  • You can't contact NBN Co yourself, a telco will enquire on your behalf. This happened to me, every other address in my street had NBN but mine got missed.

    • Would a telco talk to me if I'm not their customer?

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        You're a prospective customer. Otherwise you'd be in a chicken vs egg snafu. I got Optus to sort out my status with NBN Co, then chose another retailer.

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        Yes certainly NBNCo and Opticomm are both Wholesale only providers so you need to talk to an RSP, Registered Service provider, Previously known as an ISP, well they kind of still are everywhere else in the world.
        I can tell you though as the owner of an RSP that Opticomm can be a pain to deal with as they do jobs when they feel like it and when they can be arsed getting around to them. So this doesn't work as well for single connections. Having teeth pulled was easier to organise.
        You will have either NBN or Opticomm not both.
        Might also have Swoop fixed Wireless available to order as well.
        If the job is small and inforstructure is their Opticomm should be able to get you up and running but sometimes the charges from them for install can be quite high. So us retail service providers need to pass that on.
        Certainly happy to take a look free of charge.
        No obligation.

        • Chaddy, I'd appreciate that.

          The RSP I'm with at the moment, does their job sometimes, other times not so great. The last time their own technician came out, they were going to report back to their department that I need a SamKnows device but after a month, I still hear nothing. I bet they are probably waiting for me to yell that I've got problems again.

          On the days that I WFH, I quite often would experienced dropouts 6 or 7 times during the day, I have lost count. And then the weekend or afterhours, it would be OK. I mean I don't have time to call them and sit in the queue, right. Even that, mobile calls are flaky as I'm heavily reliant on WiFi-calling. If I move a meter from a working spot, I would lose the call. Sometimes the RSP would call me back, other times, I just suck it up and whine at them after work, to which they see no problem (of course!)

          They then try to blame my router lol, man, everytime I move, I buy a new router, you can look up my other posts about Asus routers lol. Sometimes I wonder what is going on in the pits (pun intended)

          • @supersaintly: Hi Certainly happy to take a look at what services are available. You can either Private message me hear or email [email protected] with some details and i'll get back to you with what our portals show.

  • it's 3G.

    About to be shut down in a few months…

  • You won’t be eligible for fixed wireless

    • so you are saying my neighbour is, but i'm not? are you telling me it's more than just reception? lol

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        That sounds odd as normally fixed Wireless for NBN is provisioned in the middle of no-where such as rural properties or in bush areas where no fixed infrastructure has been installed.
        Are you sure you don't mean Skymuster which is satellite and its shit, and that is putting it politely.
        The 600Ms laytency makes pretty much the modern day internet unusable.
        I mean I have sold it in the past to customers in the middle of no-where but even most providers don't recommend it as its trash. NBN Co would of been better off doing a deal with OneWeb or Starlink.

        • Yeah, I don't mean Skymuster, I meant, Mate, More and Superloop Fixed Wireless.

          I've looked up Starlink and they are available to me, but I think cost is a factor, particularly upfront installation.

          Is OneWeb available yet?

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            @supersaintly: OneWeb is available but its aimed at business customers Telstra are playing with it currently from what i've read.
            Looks like its mostly being used for powering mobile networks in remote areas at the moment.
            In terms of Fixed Wireless superloop have their own fixed Wireless product offering as well and not sure on Mate, they probably resell Swoop I would suspect or even have their own offering I've heard a lot of negative reviews about them but can't comment too much on that for obvious reasons.
            Generally you won't get NBN Co anything in an Opticomm estate as they are exclusive.
            If you message me an address I can look up what is available.
            That said Ozbargain users aren't afraid of giving feedback good or bad.
            Certainly helps with knowing if deals you put together are any good really quickly.

            • @[Deactivated]: Aussiebroadband checker can't even find my address lol. Telstra checker says I can only get ADSL2! lol

              Without giving too much away, have a look at 53 Ashbourne Bvd, Donnybrook VIC 3064 and then have a look at 49 Ashbourne Bvd, Donnybrook VIC 3064, I'm close enough to these addresses. I would only imagined #49 would suffer the pain I am.

              • @supersaintly: Well bugger me, our portal doesn't give me much at all for number 53 no NBN or Telstra (well it lists Telstra as being available but its got no bandwidth listed.
                Its zone 3 so Telstra would want a lot of $$$ to connect anything as its classed as regional.
                ADSL is classed as legacy anyway.
                But when putting in the number 49 address it did come back with Fixed Wireless from NBN Co being available.
                But as you can get Fibre from Opticomm would be worth getting that looked at as you will get better speeds with a decent provider.
                We can do Opticomm as well as NBN fixed wireless at CPK Web Services but as each address has its own Lock ID with NBN i'd need you to email some details through for me to go any further.
                Could even do both Opticomm and NBN on the same bill.

                • @[Deactivated]: Just having another look at our other portal, and you can get NBNEE Enterprise Ethernet at your address as well which is the business grade symmetrical service so you can get up to 1000Mbps both upload and download. However NBNEE isn't cheap but certainly if you have the budget happy to discuss options as being connected all the time does seam important particularly as you want to work from home.
                  We can give you business grade Service Level Agreements from NBN co as well which will give you guaranteed restore points so no waiting around for Opticomm to decide if the issue is important enough for them to worry about.
                  Certainly happy to assist if you get in touch.
                  Can also do Telstra Fibre as well so a stack of options.

  • I've been on Opticomm for over 10 years now and its been great. Your issues are probably related to it being a new estate. What's the issue exactly? Is it hardware or the provider?

    • I'm on my 3rd NTD or ONT box (as Opticomm calls it), Opticomm has came out 4 times to my house. I've also on my 2nd provider. So it's probably the estate, which is kinda annoying, as all the other new estates popping up appears on the NBN map :/

      • Yeah you're on an Opticomm estate so NBN is usually not an option. Once you do get it sorted I can recommend Leaptel. I'm on a 50/20 plan but constantly get over 80 for some reason.

        I suspect you're experiencing issues as more houses get connected to the fibre exhange.

        • Nah, if its the NTD playing up its whatever shit hardware Opticomm have given them. Nothing to do with congestion. I would talk to the Opticomm provider about getting say a 250Mbps or higher plan and then they Opticomm will be forced to give them the latest hardware and upgrade the Fibre.
          Get a couple of others in the estate to upgrade as well, will push things along a bit.
          Also the way the OP was talking in this thread I thought it was another Opticomm user that they had refused to connect, a few of those around.
          Hence my previous comments as they can be a pain to deal with hence my suggestion of getting a few in the estate to upgrade.

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