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LEGO Icons McLaren MP4/4 & Ayrton Senna 10330 $78 (RRP $99.99) Delivered / C&C / in-Store @ Kmart


BRAND NEW set released TODAY!

$99.99 at the LEGO store. Thought I'd check other usual sellers and Kmart has it for $78!

Along with the other 3 F1 Sets Released Today:

LEGO Technic Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance Pull-Back 42165 $35 (RRP $39.99)

LEGO Speed Champions 2023 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car 76919 $35 (RRP $39.99)

LEGO Technic Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance 42171 $249.00 (RRP $299.99)

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    wow so early there'sn't yet even a photo on kmart website

    • Yeah I already onepass'd C&C, will update how that goes. I didn't get the big boi W14 though, ill wait for that to dip below $200 like the McLaren did ($168-ish?).

  • Damn I bought it earlier from Target for $89. Too impatient for the set!

    • +1

      return it and get refund

  • got a THEMEHAWK ping last night.

  • +5

    Bloody hell, I did not need to be spending more money on Lego, but here we are…

  • +4

    The new Speed Champions sets are cheaper at BigW ($29 vs $40):

    • And only 25 if you are a member

      • Not the new ones

    • bought all the new ones on the 29th at kmart for 35 each

      spent 18 dollars too much..

  • +2

    Lego Mclaren 76919 is $29 at Big W too, maybe use it to price match… https://www.bigw.com.au/product/lego-speed-champions-2023-mc…

  • Got the Senna, speed champion Mclaren and the big Merc… Theres Animal Crossing Lego now too

  • OOS in SA

  • +1

    Yeah, my wife click and collected the brand new Animal Crossing sets last night at a nice discount off RRP - K-Mart tends to have the best regular prices for the Lego they get in.

  • Thanks ordered one

  • +2

    That…does not seem like much Lego for $78

  • +1

    The back tyres are so skinny it looks weird.

    • +1

      Yeah saw a youtube vid showing how wrong the rear dimensions are

    • +2

      Now I'm just waiting for someone to produce better wheels and some tobacco stickers

  • -2

    Sold Out Online

    • +2

      Worked for me.. I just bought one

    • Location? Check nearby stores. Still plenty around me.

  • As a big Senna fan, could not let this one pass. Thanks

    • Same here. Thanks

  • Planned to get two at the 99 rrp at the Lego store. This sounds like a better deal even though the spider wrap creases the boxes.

    • Wasn't any wrap on the Senna, mint condition. Although the Speed Champ & Technic had the spider anti-theft stick on one corner.

    • Well LEGO is the most stolen toy item in many department chains. Their losses are horrific!

  • Jeez everyone's on it. Sold out on Kmart, quickly jumped over to Target and snagged one for $89 inc. delivery. Not ideal with a budget but bloody happy!

  • Seems expensive for what it is.
    Is it the size of the Ferrari one years ago?

  • Thanks, bought

  • If only the W14 wasn't such a crap car

    • +1

      Turned out F1 cars did need pods after all lol

  • Ooof order yesterday on eBay for basically RRP… Ah well

  • MP4/4 out of stock at Kmart this morning, so ordered from Target, and now they're back at Kmart for online orders. Oh well, ordered again and hopefully Target can cancel my first order before it dispatches.

  • There’s no Senna left at Rhodes. I grabbed the last one. But loads of the McLaren and Mercedes left. No damage from the spider either on the Senna.

  • Thanks for this. Misus wanted one, grabbed :)

  • I would've bought it if those rear wheels didn't look so bad! how did LEGO get it so wrong?

  • ordered yesterday, got instant cancellation this morning

  • +3

    Mine arrived today !!! Thanks OP… huuuuuuuge Senna Fan !!!

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