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[PC, Steam] Free - Demons Infernalize @ Steam


🚨Freebie 🚨
One more game that from paid game gone to free.
You can see SteamDB price history

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  • +4

    Gameplay looks similar to Vampire Survivors

  • +7

    Looks like a new game with few players yet.

    Free is free, it might be good…

    If I'm honest with myself, it will probably just join the massive collection of mostly free games I already have and never be played, the real game is collecting the games lol.

  • Thanks OP. I am a sucker for Vampire Survivor clones.

    • +3

      Check this game out, it's still pretty cheap and has been a blast so far.


      Also if you haven't played halls of torment it is another great one that will keep you busy.


      • +3

        Thanks for the suggestions! I've actually been playing through both of those games. Loving them so far. They are great games for the steam deck.

        Death Must Die is another one occupying my time.

        • +1

          Cheers wasn't aware of death must die.

          I'll get into that after deep rock

      • How does deep rock galactic survivor compare to 20 Minutes Till Dawn, if you've played the latter?
        DRGS has superior graphics for sure, but how does gamplay compare?

        • DRGS isn't an endless run type of game, there is 5 "stages" per run and you have to kill a boss at the end of the run. During the runs, you grab xp from monster you kill and level up your guns, and you can mine rocks during your run that helps upgrade your overall level, there is also 3 separate missions to complete every run.

          It's still addictive like all the others haha.

    • Isn't VS a clone of way older games itself?

    • +1

      Death must die is ok in that genre. Has diablo style loot which is interesting.

  • +2


    The Devs confirmed in the forum of their new game that this game in their words "failed".

    • It only took 2 months for them to abandon ship lol

  • +2

    hasn't anyone played this yet? Why does it have 200+ upvotes. This game is horrible. No achievements or goals. Very buggy as well. Powerups repeat themselves and don't do much. There is no point in earning gold as it does nothing. How did it get so many upvotes?

    • +3

      I think the vast majority of the upvotes for any/all of the free games you can claim on here is just for letting us know we can get the game for free. I'd be very surprised if there are more than just a handful of people that actually fire up even just some of the games. For the most part people just add them to their pile of shame.

      • +1

        Yeah makes sense now. Thought it would be worth playing based on upvotes but when I tried it myself, it was really bad!

  • A mediocra game. I played for about 15 mins and don't think I'm gonna play it again.

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