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TARRAMARRA Men Cloud Slides $11.90 ($11.62 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Ugg-Express via eBay


If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable slides to live in during the summer months, this is it. The Cliffie Cloud Slide with its thick EVA foam properties moulds to your feet like a hug and provides the ultimate comfort for the entire day. The slides are also fitted with a textured anti-slip sole to prevent you from slipping on dry or wet surfaces.
Wear them at the beach, by the pool or while heading to the shops and we can guarantee your feet will thank you.
Available in three classic colours to match with any everyday outfit.

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  • +6

    At this price-point, I am looking forward to some feedback on these slides.

  • +31

    $8 on shein and $5 on temu. thats about a 100% markup from buying it on temu.

    • +44

      In other words, let this deal slide?

      • +4

        Adding GST and shipping should come out to the same price or close, I doubt they’ll refund the difference lol

      • +10

        Why would they pay you their margin for reselling to people who want to buy via ebay?

        • -1

          If they don't refund the difference, I'll return the item. If you purchased a branded item and received an unbranded item, would you keep it? I don't think you will keep the item and say nothing. Is this a double standard? What happened to the people who negged?

          • +1

            @jimojr: it will most likely be branded. brand says nothing about a product. they all come from the same factory. it will cost them extra few cents per product to request manufacturers to slap a logo onto their product.
            because they buy in bulk and is aussie ebay ur paying for aussie postage and storage space and ebay tax + some other costs. there are many companies buying $2 off alibaba, slap their brand on and selling it for 10-20x the price of cost. this is only about 2x the cost and keep in mind that aus post postage is notoriously expensive for $10 per item and even sendle is still $5 per item. so if u see it as a way of supporting local businesses its quite worth it. im a cheapo so i will probs get it from temu.

            tldr: brands dont matter. same factory. $11 aint that bad to support local businesses


    • +3

      $8 on AliExpress as well, a relative got one to wear around on hard floors.

    • I wonder if the ebay sellers have to charge local gst?

    • +2

      Have ones with same design and sole pattern from Shein.
      They are comfortable.
      Just be aware they add some height and some additional length in front of the toes. So I've had a few toe drag incidences which can cause tripping

      • +1

        add some height and some additional length in front of the toes. So I've had a few toe drag incidences which can cause tripping

        You must trip a lot in shoes then.

        • Maybe….
          Being sneakerhead I don't wear shoes of any type I can't bear creasing themso they all just stay in shoe boxes.
          But no doubt from listening to all the YTers, they are all true to size, with great step in comfort and the best traction ever. Just cry that the leather grain is different compared to the left to the right.
          All these shoes waiting to re-sell and the hypebeasts aren't copping anymore

    • +1
      • GST from Shein or Aliexpress would bump the price to $10-11. Or the cheaper ones would take weeks to arrive. Temu requires $35 minimum to even buy things.

      Given the deal here is $12, it's far better to take this deal.

  • -2

    Do me thanks

  • +16

    Similar or better quality available at kmart for $4-$8 - https://www.kmart.com.au/product/flatform-pool-slides-s16238…

    • Great find! Thanks

    • I have one of these, quite comfortable. The bottom of the Kmart slides looks identical to the one on this post.

    • Kmart - says suitable for women, does that mean not suitable for men???

    • why is black twice as much as other colours?

  • +3

    I've always been wary of slides with no velcro to open the middle to modify sizing/comfort…any issues with that for anyone?

  • +1

    Anyone know where you can get us size 13/14 ones? I got a similar set on sale for $12 at Harris Scarfe a few months ago and am kicking myself I didn't get more. They are so comfortable.

    Only bought them to use temporary as I busted a plug walking into the store, but they have now replaced my thongs and I wear them daily.

    • https://www.bigw.com.au/product/wave-zone-women-s-buckle-pla…

      Try this but run the buckle all the way to the end.

      It does US 12 (I confirm this), so may just very snugly fit US 13/14

      I run the front buckle to the 3rd hole and the back buckle to the last hole.

      Edit: make sure you buy the L size

    • +2

      I swear shoe sizes have gone down for most models. Im 15 in sneakers and 14 fitted. Almost no cheap slippers or shoes in my size. Yeah 10 in mens is supposed to be the average but why dont they make stuff for real men lol. Its like being back in the 90s as a teenager. Only thing available is basketball shoes again

  • +5

    Just went thru Temu account creation etc for the A$6.00 price, only to find they have minimum orders of $15 for app and $35 for desktop.

  • +3

    These are all way too small they never have anything larger than 44/45 and they run smaller than size deacription

  • -1

    Exact same product, put a nice 'aussie' shop front, whack on a beach name, and 200% markup, that is called capitalism!

    • +3

      Don't most shops (if not all), do that? It's called a 'business' for me…

  • Are these more comfortable than the river ones ?

  • +2

    I got a pair from Temu and they generate so much static electricity.. Get little shocks around the house.. Stopped wearing because of it
    Would these do the same?

    • Thats the PRC microphone 🎤 🤣 JJ

  • Are they good with socks?

    • You should be asking if your socks are good with these

  • can never find anything for a US size 13/14

  • Ahhh i just bought these this morning via ever ugg outlet store….$18 +$10 del…sad face

    • rekt

      • …I'll never truly be comfortable in them…😔

  • +1

    These look good for sending people to Jesus:


  • Buy a size UP . Small fit . Damn

  • Anyone find these a bit too small?

    Can't be bothered returning them but they are crushing my feet.
    Any ideas for stretching them? I thought wearing them might help stretch them but so far no luck

    • Doubt you will have any luck with that, I'd just give em away I guess.

      • Actually I did.
        Quick google showed how people were stretching or shrinking their yeezys which are made from the same Eva material.

        I left in the sun for about 15 mins then they went soft and I was able to wear them with a pair of socks to stretch them till they cooled down

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