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Rivers Slides: 2 for $20 + $12.95 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $120 Order) @ Rivers (Online Only)

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size small to large.

Bouncy feel on sole…


Rivers Bard Comfort Slide

This is part of Valentine's Day Sales for 2024.

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  • +3

    Would you trust buying from Rivers !

    • I won't trust anything other than rivers

    • +9

      not a chance, their quality is so atrocious. They make Kmart look upmarket.

    • +1

      Was $49.99, sure… These are worth about $5 each.

  • +8

    Avoid delivery orders. In my experience they took over a month.

    ACCC are investigating due to a high volume of complaints

    • mine was on time.

      • Are they comfortable?

        • they not broad enough for me. but bouncy. veery nice layer.

    • Didn't receive half my order. Nor any email back to when/why/what would be shipped.

  • +9

    Rivers' (online) MO seems to be

    1- accept the order and money
    2- don't communicate back to the purchaser
    3- don't process order
    4- ignore customers' "Where's my order?" inquiries
    5- after six to eight weeks send customer an email that goods are not available and a refund will be issued in due course and the fullness of time.

    In my experience the refund did always arrive a week or two later, but I have to ask, what is the point? Are they that cash strapped.

    • In store is not much better, they had a sale that forced you to sign up as a free member. My wife still get's email and SMSs from them and there's no easy way to end the membership.

  • +10

    are these good for walking around sydney at 4am hurling insults

    • +6

      username checks out

    • they don't seem red enough for that

  • +2

    What socks should I wear with these to match that green

  • Good price, I used to buy Adidas slides but they warp in car heat. Bought Mambos from Big W, going strong!

  • +2

    https://www.shop-reef.com.au/products/fanning-slide-black-si… get yourself a pair of these on sale instead will be the only pair you need, picked mine up for $25 using a city beach $25 email voucher.

  • I bought them last time. Looks decent but it peeled my foot skin from the side only in first use. Do not recommend.

    • What. Maybe that's a good skin peel treatment 😂

      • Painful one for sure

  • Is that 2x slippers (left+right)? Or enough to kit out a horse (left+left+right+right)?

    • +1

      four for $20.

  • wait.. its valentines day again?

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