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New Balance 2002R 'Native Dynamics' Sizes US 7-12 $149.99 Delivered @ Hype DC


Great price for a pair of 2002Rs in an exclusive cw that is awesome

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Hype DC
Hype DC

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    Saw someone wearing these the other day with the blue laces and I rubbernecked. Great shoe

    • I'm currently wearing them with blue laces; probably my favourite 2002R, and I have a lot.

      • I am seriously tempted

        BTW do you have any 1906Rs? Curious how they compare comfortwise since they share a midsole

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          Yeah I have a lot of 1909Rs. Trying them on side-by-side and they're about the same

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    My wallet says no but my feet say yes

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      I think they'll look good on you

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    Damn already bought too many shoes recently including Jjjjound 2002r's and 990v3s amethyst

    Still looking to pick up 990v6 at a good price

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      You can get v6s for about $250, I think I posted one for a bit lower but Made in USA ones don't get discounted beyond that.

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        v6 in grey can be bought from the Iconic using 30% off deal from Origin rewards code. Combine with a discounted Iconic gift card when available and you'll have them for around $210

        • Good shout thanks
          Will probably wait for a new GR colourway as I missed out on the cream v6

          • @Khartoum: waiting for triple black v6's coming out later this year!

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    Noticed HypeDC had a sale and wanted to use up some rewards dollars before they discontinue the program, end of May as per an email

    Picked up these, previously never under ~$170

    Nike Blazer mid 77 vintage, $69.99

    These are also a great price and comfy, REEBOK CLUB C 85 VINTAGE, $69.99

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      The AM1s are a great deal

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        Yep done, got 3 of them now (chilli Red and those PRM '86 from DFO $85)

  • I haven't owned New Balance sneakers before, is the 2002R a good entry point? I also like the 990v6 and have heard that they are the most comfortable, but they are a bit steep.

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      Yes, 2002R is a great entry point and comfortable. I also have a few 990v6 and the comfort level isn't significantly better

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