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Moccona Instant Coffee 400g $19.50 @ Coles


Instant Coffee.


Moccona Brand. 10 char. 10 char. WAS 25 buck plus

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    i remember the normal price was $16, guess not anymore?

    • I remember house prices were 150,000.

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    • Best I can do is $17.55 Amazon S&S

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    Come on. Are we calling this a deal now?

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      Save 8.50 -inflation/prouce gouging aside prob still one of the better value decent tasting instants

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        My go to. Moccona Espresso.

        • Ah the espresso one not available on s and s

          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Damn it. I will sit and wait. I have another 2 weeks of supply. It better hurry up and put it on. šŸ˜„

            • @Scrooge McDeal: Got another two level 5 classics for the office. I do prefer the espresso one but gotta go for mass appeal

              • @Jimothy Wongingtons: The level 5 Classic I find it too weak. Looks like Amazon it's out of the 400g Espresso. Alternatively I might go for the dark roast level 8.

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                  @Scrooge McDeal:

                  too weak

                  Ordinarily yeah I usually go 4-5 teaspoons and a bit of water. Just to make sure Iā€™m not dead inside yet

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    Come Amazon! Pricematch it and we can get it cheaper with S&S.

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      Looks like it is available? 17.55

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      It's mostly this price on Amazon all year round, I've been getting from them since the past 2 years or so

  • I have found that one can buy these jars (without coffee contents) for $2 or so on FB Marketplace

    • Really, my partner gives them away on FB. Wouldn't even think to sell them, interesting.

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      I've re-used some for keyboard switches/caps etc

  • Aldi has something VERY similar for $3.90/100g. Has been my default instant since Moccona went feral.
    Coles Organic @ $4 is nearly as good (no dark roast iirc).

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