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I'm looking for some awesome affordable t-shirts. like Threadless, but preferably better quality/fit value… are there any online Australian stores or international stores that feature good designs, quality and price?


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    I don't know about "threadless" (presumably a brand name) but Big W does great basics at really cheap prices. Pick the ones that have elastane - not rib. Cared for well, they last a few seasons. If you want a print, just apply a transfer.

  • I usually get mine from www.designbyhumans.com
    I generally wait till the have some kind of special and buy a bunch of shirts all once, because shipping can be expensive if you only get one shirt.
    As for the quality, imo they are worth around $20 a piece.

  • I know i'm a little late, but if your still after some tees check us out www.arctictees.com.au we are Australian based.

  • cafepress.com

    wide selection of humerous prints, or design your own.

    sign up to their newletter. there are usually 2-3 different discount codes valid at any time.
    several shirt ranges and styles that differ in price, as does double sided printing.
    so it's a bit hard to state cost. about AU$12-16 per shirt. postage seems to be by weight, but i couldn't work out the algorythm. 20 tshirts cost me about $14 in postage.

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