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Up to $330 off Various Items + Delivery: e.g. Secretlab TITAN Evo Classic from $649 @ Secret Lab Chairs


Hunting for a new Office/Gaming Chair and noticed Secret Labs is doing an Easter Sale of up to $330 off various items.
Items include:
Up to $150 OFF Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series
Up to $159 OFF Secretlab MAGNUS Desks
Up to $330 OFF Secretlab Classics
Up to 15% OFF Secretlab SKINS
Up to 20% OFF Accessories and Merchandise

Delivery to WA ~$89

See previous posts for all the other details, discussion, review/experiences and price history.

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    They are on sale all the time.

    I have tried 2 secret labs chair, one was Secretlab Titan with fabric skin (they deteriorate fast and get torned too), the other was the NeueChairTM and it wasn't comfortable.

    Right now I'm waiting for Razer Iskur V2 to be made available in Australia. Anyone have any suggestions at alternatives in the mean time? Or should I do another Secretlab TITAN 2020 for 330$ off? 🤣

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      Get a second hand Aeron or Mirra, or any decent office chair… DIY RGB if required.

      I've got a new Aeron that's now 6+ years old, and a second hand one that I've had for 4 years, both absolutely rock solid & will no doubt last 10+ easy.

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        I have a Mirra that I bought second hand over 10 years ago, it’s only just developed an issue, the mesh has torn on the seat. I don’t think it was my fault but maybe it was.

        Either way, it’s had a damn good run.

        Hanging out on Marketplace to replace it now lol

    • I have a Secretlab Titan fabric aswell and it is by far the best chair so far I have used. still looks new after 4 years.

      How long has yours lasted before fabric was torn?

      • Like a year, I often sit with my legs on the chair.

        • uh ok, I spend most of my days on mine but don't put my feet on my chair, my brother does that and he's chairs gets ruined quickly no matter what material it is, he just gets cheap chairs now as expensive chairs are basically a waste of money for him.

  • Would be interested to know if people's experience with these are good or not - anecdotal reviews in recent years seems to be the quality has gone down?

    What other chairs would you say are in this league and worth the price? Ideally cloth, with a wide base and where the upper backrest area doesn't slope forwards so your hunched all the time.

    • I bought the original Titan back at the beginning of 2018, and it's been pretty awesome. Was bought just before they released the cloth version, so it's the PU leather, which did start peeling a couple years ago, but I just put a generic cover on it from Amazon and it's removed the issue. Structurally it's still rock solid, can't see myself buying anything but another Secretlab chair when I eventually look to replace it

  • Gone through about 4-5 chairs over the past 10-12 years, my last purchase was at start of covid for Secretlab titan in the Fabric.. it's been used more than the previous 7-8 years of chairs combined i'd say with WFH and stuff, it's a great chair and was a scary purchase as never really bought a chair for more than 200-300 before as couldn't see the value. For me it's been a solid seat and id prob buy the bigger XL one next time around but i'm overall happy with the purchase.

    • 2-3 lifespan does not seem good for furniture. Feels like you are replacing the chair more often than upgrading the PC. Heck, even ATO expects a 10 year life depreciation on office furniture.

      • +1

        the officeworks ones and 100+KG chairs lasted 2 years before cushion wasn't a thing or they had build quality issues etc.

        the Secretlab one has been 3ish years now and still like new minus some food spill on the fabric that's not noticiable unless your looking for it..

        bascially was hesitant to "invest" in a good expensive chair and glad i ended up getting one..

  • +2

    I have the steelcase leap V2, it's a very comfy chair and I am quite picky. I've tried so many chairs

    • Can I ask, does your chair make a lot of noise when you move around it in? The current $500 office chair I have makes a lot of noise when leaning back or sitting up - getting out of the chair makes a clunking kind of sound, and it's quite loud at night. Apparently that's not a good enough reason to return it under warranty, so I'm looking for a new "quiet" chair (I know that sounds silly). Wondering if you or other people have this issue with noisy chairs lol.

      • I think all chairs start to creak after a while, although some are definitely clunkier than others. I had one that I was afraid to lean back in, but my current 2 i can lean back in and not be worried during teams calls.

        Grab some silicone lube spray and spray the metal parts

  • anyone have experience with their standing desks? i seen in the flesh and i like it but never tested its stability?
    I was looking at at flexispot E7 frame but by the time i source a timber top, its close enoguh in price and hassle for me to consider this.

    • +1

      I have a magnus pro XL, its awesome. Would definitely recommend.

  • Without checking, is the "special" for the fabric regular chair $804?

    • Yep $804

      • I'm not sure how ACCC hasn't picked up on it (yet?). They always say $150 off or something similar but it's always the same price.

        Edit: tbf - I think it might have been 840 but still

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