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Philips Fidelio X2HR/00 over-Ear Headphones $124.48 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU

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I got this alert and believe it's the lowest price ever but could be wrong.

I ended up getting a pair of Sony WH-1000XM4 so don't think I'll get a pair of these unless you convince me it's a good deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • These are open-back, right?

    • yes

    • +8

      Open backs that is superb in soundstage. You can hear everything in FPS directionally… I wish i had a need for the new ones as my original X2's still kicking strong. Pair with Vmoda BoomPro and away you go.

      • +2

        Yep I also got a X2HR with boompro, if I had a need I'd get another at this price. though I did EQ mine a little bit as I found the treble a little too tinny. Mine is 3+ years old and still great. bought for $178

      • So you use these for gaming? Connected to a DAC? How are they for music?

    • +1

      Yes, these are the open backs for people who've never heard a good headphone before. Reddit and molepeople/gamers love them.

      They're not horrific, but I could make an argument that you shouldn't pay more than $60 for their audio quality.

      • +1

        What would you recommend for non-audiophiles in terms of bang for buck sub $100, $200 and $300?

        • +1

          For open back headphones?

          HIFIMAN HE400SE non-Stealth (AliExpress sales)
          Sennheiser HD560S (Amazon sales)
          Sennheiser HD6XX (Drop sales)

      • +1

        They’re not bad at all at the price-point.

        Personally, I think their response sounds a bit v-shaped, and the highs can be metallic. But I can’t for the life of me think of a better option to use unamped (with typical sources like phones and laptops) at the $120 price point.

        The Grado SR60x is a bit more expensive, and has some advantages (e.g. less recessed vocals), but I wouldn’t say it’s “better”. The SHP9500 is similarly more expensive, and more neutral, but feels cheaper all-round. The AD500x, HE400SE and HD600 are all significantly more expensive.

        I’m not sure what I’d recommend over these at the $125 price point, let alone $60.

        • HE400SE without the stealth magnets is $80 on AliExpress with regular sales and codes. Loses a tiny bit of resolution but has a smoother upper treble.

          Blows everything else you would be looking at out of the water until you get to maybe the HD560S, but they are basically direct competitors despite most people typically paying triple for the HD560S.

  • +1

    Good timing my shp9500 just broke and was about to buy 9600’s but this might be better

    • +2

      Mine is still going strong, I totally love the shp9500.

      • +1

        Same, mine lasted 5 years might just get another 9500 rather than risk changing

  • +5

    Amazing headphones. They fit really nicely on your head. They feel like they are hard to break. Ive had mine for years and ended up buying replacement ear pads to keep them going.

    • -8

      They feel like they are hard to break <> I had to buy replacement parts in under a year

      Which is it!

      • +5

        Ive owned them for 4 or so years and I replaced the ear pads because they were too dirty to use and they were looking a bit thin. They have probably been used for over 10,000 hours.

      • +1

        They said they'd had them for "years"

        Nobody said "under a year"

      • +1

        Reading is hard

        • +1


          • +1

            @caitsith01: Apologising is harder than reading so you’re alright in my book.

    • @ginormousgiraffe
      Good for ppl with small head?

      • +1

        I have a big head unfortunately.

        • Profile avatar checks out!

  • +9

    Great headphones that are easy to drive, the only issue with them is the earpads are dust magnets.

    Really good deal at that price.

    • +6

      I just run a pet lint roller over mine, fixes them up quickly. I'd rather need to give them the occasional clean than have them fall apart faux leather style

      • +1

        Oh yeah it's definitely not a showstopper for me, but some people get a little precious about things like dust and fingerprints on things. Personally I love the stock pads, the lint roller is a good idea to tidy them up

    • This and my headband has developed a layer of hair wax crust on it 😅

      • 🤮

      • Same, it’s hard to clean and it’s not replaceable like the earpads

  • good price

  • Good price for a good entry into open back headphones, I still use my set here and there despite moving up the chain to Focals. They really suit certain music like R&B, and are good for certain games due to the soundstage, but obviously lack a mic.

  • +2

    don't think I'll get a pair of these

    I'm not sure about these headphones, but I generally use my open-backed headphones more than my BT/ANC sets. However, your usage pattern may be different.

    Owning a decent set of open-backed headphones is well worth it as they will complement your BT/ANC set.

  • +2

    Amazing cans. I have 2 pairs. My absolutely fav.

    • nice one. what else have you had/got as against these?

      • +1

        HD555, HD565, ATH-AD700X. X2HR easier to drive, comfier, better bass, jack of all trades.

        Not sure if the newer X3 would be worth the upgrade at this stage.

        Still have KPH40 for out and about and travelling. Love those too.

  • +10

    Very well built headphones but sounded fairly muddy stock to me.

    I use them with this EqualizerAPO config and it really opens them up. Second EQ line is for a little more bass if wanted.

    Preamp: -10 dB
    GraphicEQ: 20 10; 25 8; 31.5 4.9; 40 3; 50 1; 63 0; 80 0; 100 0; 125 0; 160 0; 200 0; 250 0; 315 0; 400 0; 500 0; 630 0; 800 0; 1000 0; 1250 1; 1600 0; 2000 0; 2500 0; 3150 2; 4000 2.5; 5000 0; 6300 3.5; 8000 0; 10000 0; 12500 6; 16000 4; 20000 4
    GraphicEQ: 20 3; 25 3; 31.5 3; 40 3; 50 3; 63 3; 80 3; 100 3; 125 0; 160 0; 200 0; 250 0; 315 0; 400 0; 500 0; 630 0; 800 0; 1000 0; 1250 0; 1600 0; 2000 0; 2500 0; 3150 0; 4000 0; 5000 0; 6300 0; 8000 0; 10000 0; 12500 0; 16000 0; 20000 0

    My motherboard 3.5mm lacked a bit of power so am running them with an Apple USB-C to 3.5mm and sounds great.

    • -1

      can you re-write everything you just spoke about in English please?

      • -5

        Can you re-write everything you just wrote in a less condescending tone?

        • +3

          something tells me sarcasm is not your strong suit?

          • -3

            @Roe Jogan: I understood it, but it remains tasteless and easily misconstrued.

            • +2

              @jasswolf: stop lying it flew over your head, you must be fun at parties

            • @jasswolf: You’re certain they were being condescending <> you understood it was sarcasm.

              Which is it!

              • -1

                @alcadive: It's both: it's a cruddy joke that you should steer clear from using with strangers in text. All the wit of a school bully.

                My sarcastic retorts haven't registered for you either.

      • +4

        Very well built headphones but sounded fairly muddy stock to me.

        By "muddy" they mean not as clear sounding as they should be.

        I use them with this EqualizerAPO config and it really opens them up.

        They use them with an application called "EqualizerAPO" and it really improves their sound.

        The next bit is two configurations for EqualizerAPO

        My motherboard 3.5mm lacked a bit of power so am running them with an Apple USB-C to 3.5mm and sounds great.

        Their PC sound card wasn't loud enough, so they bought a Apple USB adapter, which is better.

        • +1

          The goat

    • How can I apply this to PeaceAPO?

      • +2

        Peace is a GUI for EquializerAPO, you have everything you need, you just need to google how to drop this into a config file.

  • Excellent cans. Had mine for years but I paid $300 when they initially came out. They would beat the pants off anything open back at that price.

    • Same, I recall paying $300 for these and still love them. Great headphones. They leak a lot of sound, but sound amazing for pretty much any purpose.

  • Great deal. Perfect timing! Thank you OP.

  • This or Hifiman HE400se from Ali ? Would like to know what planar speakers sound like.

    • +5

      Probably depends on how much you'd enjoy going through the Aliexpress warranty process when they break

    • +1

      Careful buying from Ali.
      There are many fakes

      • There are no fakes of he400se

        • How do you know?

          • -3

            @congo: Because it will likely cost the manufacturers of the fakes more to make the fake than it costs for hifiman to make the actual headphone. Plus this market is too niche and they won't generate enough sales.

            • -1

              @zjz93: These are all assumptions, thought you had more concrete information.

              • -1

                @congo: find me online a single report of a confirmed fake he400se. I'm waiting.

                You wont.

              • @congo: Further to zjz putting the onus on you proving your claims, a common practice in China is what they call the 'third shift', where a manufacturing line is used overnight to push out a similar good of lesser quality.

                Sometimes this is done without consent from the owner, and sometimes this is done without notifying the consumer there's any difference.

                In the case of the two HE400SE models, this is authorised for sale in China - probably as the bulk of the goods produced - and the difference is clearly noted in the naming and packaging.

                • @jasswolf: I didn't want to say it, but I may have a fake he400se from Ali.
                  I am in the process of lodging a PayPal dispute.

                  • @congo: If you're absolute certain it's not a pair of poorly matched drivers creating issues - a more common problem with planar drivers and a byproduct of Hifiman's automated assembly and testing in this price range - then please do name and shame the specific seller and any others that resemble them.

                    You can see here that this is an official Hifiman product in China, priced at $82 AUD there with 13% sales tax.

                    • @jasswolf: I am still gathering evidence, testing etc..

  • how to tell if these are the ones with the removable earpads or the ones that are glued on

    • +1

      By Googling the model and reading a couple of the many pages and posts discussing it

      • +4

        Say the answer instead of being obtuse

  • bad timing, just bought Sony 7506 last month.

    • Don't worry, you got a better headphone for a long term collection.

  • Would this be worth buying if I have a HD600?

    The only this is that I'm looking for a complimenting pair that has good soundstage, which the HD600 does not have.

    • Dont think so.

    • +1

      If you are using this par for movie, gaming due to the soundstage, it is a bargain. For music or hifi, HD 600 is better.


      • movie, gaming

        Still probably not, and RTings rating system takes limited objective data and makes it seem subjectively capable for specific use cases. Don't trust the points system.

        • +1

          In fairness these cans really are aimed for gaming and movies and excel at that.

          • @Typical16-bitEnjoyer: For movies, I've heard better headphones and earphones above and below this price point, and for gaming I've heard better below for imaging, and much better sound quality for little extra outlay.

            They are the headphone for people who think their onboard 3.5mm jack is the pinnacle of audio output, and should not be questioned when every headphone they buy sounds decidedly dull out of it.

            Thankfully bluetooth tech is finally getting to the point where the internet is no longer going to be bothered by their opinions.

            • @jasswolf: Probably a suitable post and time to share those recommendations then?

              • @Typical16-bitEnjoyer: I've done this many times on this website, it's like writing it on sand.

                Doubly so for a Fidelio or Beyerdynamic deal post.

                • @jasswolf: link?

                    • @jasswolf:

                      with the savings I make living rent free in people's heads

                      God, that's hilarious coming from the terminal-stage-4-Philips-derangement-syndrome-patient who almost certainly has a search alert setup in his OzBargain account for the keywords "Fidelo X2HR" just so that he can spam his copypasta verbal diarrhoea garbage onto each new post for these headphones, who has been engaging in this obsessively petty fanboy feud for probably 5 years at this point?

                      Philips N.V. could probably create an offshore tax haven inside your neurotic little head at this point and write-off millions of dollars in taxes.

                      • +1

                        @Gnostikos: He hasn't set up an alert, but thanks for not charging rent

    • If you're looking for good soundstage, check out the AKG K702. I haven't tried them personally, but I've heard amazing things.

      • This gives the impression you haven't heard the HD600 either.

        • +1

          It's still worth checking them out to make a comparison themself. It doesn't really matter if I've heard them or not (I could even gasp lie on the internet!) but I have heard a lot of praise for both, but for different reasons. In general, from what I've read, people seem to say that the HD600's are more detailed, accurate, and have a better tonal quality, while the K702 has a much wider soundstage but doesn't meet the same standard of sound quality that the Sennheisers do.

          In the end, like I said at the start, it doesn't matter what I say. It's another option they might not have heard of, and could compliment an HD600 quite well if they're after specifically soundstage, but you can't really tell until you listen yourself.

          • @Wooluff: One upgrade for several downgrades is an accurate assessment

            • @jasswolf: I agree, but if he's already looking at the X2HR it seems like an overall downgrade isn't off the table.

    • +1

      Assuming that you want better detail and imaging to go with that (in order of price):

      Hifman Edition XS
      Hifiman Ananda Nano
      Mr Anan's Nan-7
      Hifiman Arya Stealth or Organic
      Sennheiser HD 800S

      Maybe the upcoming Grell Audio OEA1, but I'm hearing mixed impressions out of a recent NYC trade show about their tonal balance.

  • Excellent price for excellent headphones. I paid $190 a few years ago.

  • +5

    I ended up getting a pair of Sony WH-1000XM4 so don't think I'll get a pair of these unless you convince me it's a good deal.

    That's a bit of an apples and bowling balls comparison as one is a circumaural, wired open-back headphone and the other is a BT ANC headphone.

    Any entry-level audiophile headphones such as these will have far better sound quality than any BT ANC headphones, regardless of the BT codecs being used.

    You buy the Fidelio X2HRs for quiet listening at home, not for use while travelling or in noisy environments.

    Having both the WH-1000XM3 and the Fidelio X2HR myself, there's no comparison in terms of sound quality or comfort/ergonomics.
    The Fidelios are simply lightyears ahead of the XM3s/XM4s and far more premium in terms of build quality/materials.

    • Yeah agreed, take portability out of the equation and the X2s are brilliant compared to the Sonys (I've also got the 1000XM3s), plus you don't have to worry about batteries crapping themselves and making them useless in a few years.

    • Thanks for the info, I bought a pair to try and will keep them for home use.

  • +2

    the only pair of open backs i have heard actually have bass.

    • new-ish corsair virtuoso pros can push a bit more, given I think they're not quite as open as other open backs! better with some EQ though

    • Almost like the enclosure of a headphone involves balancing act between bass intensity and bass distortion, and opening the enclosure makes it harder. Lo and behold, the X2HR have louder bass, at the expense of bass quality.

      There are open back and associated driver designs which do a better job than most, but not in this price range.

  • All the posts here finally convinced me to replace my aging ATH-ADG1X. Thanks OP

  • how the hell do these guys sell it for 480 dollars?
    i bought it just based on the crazy inflated prices that its selling for.

    • Crazy price, remind me not to use that webiste. It might be full retail. You can probably buy and flip these for an easy $20+ profit on Ebay but prob not worth the time.

      • i just watched a few reviews and im leaning in to cancelling my order, just because i know im going to need wireless more.
        and other main reasons are its heavy, 380 grams, and i hate heavy headphones,
        second reason is i can only use these on my pc or tv in bed with a dangling wire.
        third reason is two youtuber reviewers said the head clamp is quite firm, meaning it grips tight.

        does anyone actually own this to confirm if the above is an issue?

        • I own the fidelio x3's. I hear the clamp force is lighter than the x2hr's though. Still, i think it's relevant because the x3's have the same fundamental design.
          1. The velour pads tend cushion the ears and are really soft, so It's good with glasses and breatheable on hot days.
          2. The hand band actually takes a lot of the weight off as it feels completely attached to my head. Note the x3's are lighter at 345g. Compared to my m40x's (around 240g), IT IS heavier, but still comfortable.Clamp force can be loosened if you keep the headphone on a stand or stretch it with a few books. I guess it also helps to have a strong neck.

          At $200 it was a steal, the fidelios have great soundstage and i hear with eq sounds better than almost anything under $300. I wouldn't use these in public or for commute though, open backs leak sound and don't isolate ambient noise. If you want fantastic sound, go for it, if you want convenience, just go bluetooth or get a closed back headphone.

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