Boost nbn Broadband Coming Soon

Boost Mobile is going to be offering nbn internet

Will be interesting to see what prices come our way.

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    Boost Mobile has partnered with BTB Australia – a telecommunications services wholesaler in Australia to become an internet service provider (ISP) and access the NBN delivery platform.

    BTB uses Optus network.

    Interesting when Boost Mobile is on the Telstra network.

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    Meh, probably $65/mth for 50/20 plan, maybe introductory 6 month offer

  • From how I interpret the marketing on the btbaustralia website is that they are touting their b2b/Optus network as being like Telstra's mobile phone network. If you are a mobile user its hard to beat Telstra's network. Sounds like b2baustralia marketing is trying to say the same for Optus inside Australia for internet.

    Its a moot point how good a network is inside Australia. Most of my internet usage is international traffic (eg. PC games, Facebook, Youtube). For an ISP the most expensive internet traffic is international.

    I'm currently an official Optus mobile customer on a phone contract and I hate Optus' internet speeds on mobile 4G.

    However the Optus NBN customers might be having a different experience hence the b2b marketing about Optus is consistently ranked as one of the top nbn providers for high bandwidth streaming video via Netflix

    • also all of those netflix speeds are based of user counts. and local caching.

    • Optus ranks high on netflix because when netflix launched they gave major isps their own netflix hardware to place in their data centers.
      So youre just streaming from the optus data center.

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        Its the Optus network your streaming from not the Datacentre itself, Optus don't own any Datacentres they just rent space in existing ones.

        • Optus may not own the physical buildings but they do "own" datacentres by leasing buildings - not just space within existing datacentres.

          The edge facility in Ultimo is one such example.

          • @jason andrade: Yeah Telstra and Optus tend to do a bit of both owning and leasing, Would depend on requirements.
            They both have facilities in the larger DCs as well.

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    Actually they use Swoop Wholesale otherwise known as Anycast. bit of a worry that they only have one network provider hence no redundancy.
    I'd say all the talk about Optus is for their mobile offerings as most providers go with them as they offer cheap deals for wholesale.
    Optus is ok for data but Telstra has far better voice quality and still has better coverage in most regional areas.
    That said Telstra wholesale has opened up the 5G offerings now so actually has pretty good offerings available from most retailers.
    Just getting back to the network comparison most decent networks will have at least 2 or 3 providers for redundancy the really good ones will have a stack of them say over 10 different providers in a lot of cases.

  • Oh actually boost use Telstra for the mobile side of things so buggered if I know why they reference Optus so much when they don't appear to be using them for anything.
    Unless they are using them for some backup stuff which would make sense.

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