Dock Suggestion for MacBook Air m3

Hello OzBargainers,

After some suggestions for a dock/setup for my MacBook Air m3(base model) with 2 x 4K monitors.

I thought it would be easy to find a dock for my set up but I haven’t had much luck.

I have 2 x Dell G3223Q Monitors which support 4k @ 144hz refresh rate. The new MacBook Airs finally support dual monitors and if I read things correctly I should be able to utilise my monitors to both run at 4k @ 100hz. I have 2 x usb-c to DP cables coming tomorrow to test it out but ultimately I would want/need a dock as I need to use 1 of the 2 thunderbolt ports for a smaller dock to add keyboard and other devices.

Are there any good docks that would support both my monitors to run at 4k @ 100hz or am I going to be stuck at 60hz?



  • I’m running 2x 2k @ 165hz with a single cable on an m3 mba with a Caldigit TS3+

    Not sure what refresh it would support at 4K.

    What cables did you buy? I’ve played around with this a lot in the past and cable quality really matters at high refresh rates.

    • Thanks, I'll have a look and see if it can do 4k, it's been so much harder than I thought to find a dock that can do high refresh rates at 4k.

      I got 2 of these cables, coming tomorrow… I'll report back how they go nativley, but I think I should be able to get 4k @ 100hz on both monitors, just wont be able to plug anything else in, lol.…

      Any issues/bugs with your dock or does it just run as it should?

      • I’ve had every possible combination of cables and docks over the years with MacBooks and Mac desktops. The Caldigit is the gold standard by far. I previously had it running 3x 2k @ 165hz with a single cable on an MBP.

        They have a TS4 now which I haven’t used or needed, but assume it could do even high res and refresh rates.

        • Thanks for that. They do look very premium. From what I’m reading, they seem to only do 4k @ 60hz which seems to be how it is for most docks. Not too terrible but it just wouldn’t feel right when I can go 100hz. I may need to just try some off Amazon and return it if it doesn’t work. Caldigit have some smaller docks too that also do 4k @ 60 so if I can’t get the high refresh rate i might go something like that.

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