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[PS5] Robocop Rogue City $60.67 Delivered @ Amazon.UK via AU

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Become the iconic part man, part machine, all cop hero as you attempt to bring justice to the dangerous, crime-ridden streets of Old Detroit

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Also currently on sale digitally on PSN:
    $50.97 if you are a PS+ member or $55.21 without.

    • can people just quit it with digital….. if theres a physical theres no comparisson.

      Paying near full price for a rental… nah

      • -1

        I mean, I'll buy digital if it's like 1/4 the price of physical. I can sell or trade a physical copy if i get bored of it. A digital copy Nintendo I mean Nintendo, I mean Sony could just decide to stop giving you access to at some point.

      • +2

        Dude nearly 80% of all PS5 and PS4 games are bought digitally.

        80% of music is now digital also.

        No need to hate on something just because you don’t enjoy it.

        • -7

          keep your opinion to yourself. No need to piss on someones deal post because you think digital is the new fetch.

          • +4

            @typhoonadventure: Ironic how you put your opinion forward but dont like that someone else has theirs…

            • -5

              @Damannation: Don't like a physical deal don't comment on it.

              Want to bang on about a digital title put your own post up, pretty simple.

              Don't compare apples to oranges, it's the same crap as when someone whines "BUT IT'S ON GAMEPASS".

              Sick to death of hearing about digital, it's not comparable.

              • -1

                @typhoonadventure: Its not an apple and oranges situation at all though. Its literally the same end product just stored and supplied in a different way. Its more like flying or taking a boat overseas. The end result is the same just how you get there is different.
                Honestly not sure why you are so worked up about someone saying there is a cheaper digital offering when this isnt even your post. This site is about getting a bargain not what everyone else should consider a better way of having a product.

        • +1

          Dude nearly 80% of all PS5 and PS4 games are bought digitally.

          That doesn't sound at all correct. Where did you pluck that figure from?

  • +1

    .. but can you shoot a criminal's d**k off?

  • dam i paid $65 on ebay auction few weeks back this is pretty good price

  • I remember reading/hearing that the PS5 port of the game was pretty screwed up, with frame rate issues and messed up cutscenes, that still hasn't been fully fixed as at around a month or so ago.

  • those graphics look so good for a ps5

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