Huawei Y5 2019 CALL-problem after Vodafone 3G Shut Down

Hi Tech-savy Users,

Likely a potential solution from mobile tech-savy users.

Huawei Y5 2019->
Purchased via Big-W & hence Huawei-AU backed-it. Naughty of Huawei-AU to distribute a 4G phone in 2019 that have VoLTE compatibility-issue with AU-carriers…they blames the AU-carriers off-course.

The solution is likely more-than 'turn on VoLTE from phone's settings'.

Came across solutions that work for other brand-model but can't seems to get it working for mine,

I can't overcome 'This assumes that you have ADB and drivers properly setup beforehand' &/or 'It should say Shizuku is running' ->…

Ideally, step-by-step instructions & note if it has been proven to work for Huawei Y5 2019.

Thanks SO much.


  • Ok thanks

  • Huawei is a bit expensive at the moment due to the $US

  • Lebara indicate that the model is supported (and they re-sell Vodafone service)

    According to…

    Go to Settings > Mobile network > Mobile data . In the network settings area of SIM 1 or SIM 2, turn on the VoLTE calls switch.
    Then restart the phone.

    It should be this simple on Vodafone or Optus.
    If there is no "VoLTE calls switch", it probably flat out doesn't support VoLTE.

  • Probably the easiest fix is just to churn to Boost.

    • until Telstra switch off 3G in a few months

      • Optus are keeping 3G until September I recall?

        • Yes, the good news is just because PHONE is not compatible on Vodafone doesn't mean it isn't compatible on Optus. You just have to borrow a SIM and try it out. My Xiaomi 11 LIte NE is not compatible with VoLTE on Vodafone but works fine on Optus.

          • @bobokingdom: Didn't think Vodafone was a problem for compatibility?
            I've switched to Optus on my Xiaomi Mi9T cause VoLTE didn't work on Telstra anymore.

  • Time to upgrade phone ???
    That would be easiest fix.

    I had the exact same model as you … phone was VERY laggy in the end.
    Even things like typing SMS - there was a slight delay between pressing button + text on screen … BUT phone only has 2GB RAM !!!

    2GB RAM just doesn't cut it these days.
    I upgraded afew months ago.

    Personally - do like Huawei phones (would go back to one again in future) +++ camera sensor/photos … but ever since US gov crippled google services from them … basically made owning a Huawei phone useless in AU.

    Sorry - doesn't sort out your initial problem ,,, but just saying - since I had same model/phone as you.

    [EDIT] : just to add … had phone on Optus network (amaysim) - right up until i upgraded.

    • May be more people should call-out companies that MIS-lead consumers….tire of being mis-lead & standing up.

      Businesses has an obligation to distribute good that is 'fit-for-purpose'. But Huawei-AU asked me-to-prove that they falsely advertise 'Huawei-Y5-2019 support VoLTE'….hellooooo ? What do you think is on Huawei's Executive mind in 2019 when they distributed a phone here that don't support VoLTE, see below ?

      CALL was (& still-current today) my main reason for buying a 4G phone: upgraded from a dumb-phone. When Huawei-AU distibute a 4G phone in 2019, isn't it reasonable for consumer to expect that CALL-function (the most basic-feature) to work, be it 2019 or today ?

      My use of smart-phone is basic: map, petrol, communication, eg WhatsApp. I bought it knowing that this phone is slightly slow as per noted in some-reviews & users' comments back-in-2019 & still ok with it today. But I can't accept it NOT being able to CALL, or receive call.

      VOLTE first commercial release,
      1.Globally 2012->
      2.Australia 2014->…

      • It's unclear whether this is a manufacturer issue or a carrier issue (quite possibly it's both), but what is clear is that longevity of software support is the killer feature. Premium handset customers aren't experiencing these issues. When you choose a handset with limited software support, you expose yourself to software support issues like this.
        It seems like the rollout of VoLTE was botched by the carriers and handset manufacturers, quite possibly in both of their interests, to encourage an increased turnover of handsets.

        The handset DOES support VoLTE and VoWiFi, at least according to the manual…

        The issue is that hardware support ≠ support for every carrier

        Each carrier has their own settings and for some reason these are pre-programmed in non-user accessible parts of the software.

        This is best exemplified by my experience. My handset used to have VoLTE (but not VoWiFi) working on Telstra, but a software update broke that and it was never fixed.
        I switched to Optus earlier this year and have VoLTE (and VoWiFi) working again.

        • The handset DOES support VoLTE and VoWiFi, at least according to the manual

          Huawei claimed VoLTE-support may be true in ANOTHER-country (whatever their technical-requirements), but they distributed it in Australia, & should be 'fit-for-purpose' HERE ? May be it's their obligation to work with AU-carriers ?

          NOT hide behind technicality, technology, blame-game etc…hence I'm calling them out.

          A quote in their email 'kindly provide me with the advertisement you are referring to so that I can escalate your complaint internally for further assessment'…sincere ?

          • @ab c: Dunno what email you;re referring to. It appears to be the first you've mentioned of any contact with Huawei.
            I don't necessarily disagree with you, like I said it's a manufacturer and/or carrier problem.
            Both have a vested interest in forcing an upgrade, so I suspect both.

            But it sounded like you were looking for a solution, not just to yell at the void…
            The potential solution is to try an Optus SIM, see if VoLTE works. If it does, problem solved, if not, Optus are keeping 3G alive until September this year at least which will extend the useful life of the phone for another 4 months from today.

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